Bellezar is a renowned restaurant situated in Umhlanga, KZN, known for its vibrant atmosphere and beachside location. With a focus on creating memorable experiences and a leisurely ambiance, Bellezar offers alfresco dining with views of the Indian Ocean. The friendly and attentive staff ensure guests feel welcome and well-served throughout their visit.

Bellezar Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameBellezar
Cuisine TypeIndian food
Opening Hours6 am – 9 pm
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Bellezar Menu

Bellézar in Umhlanga promises fresh, delicious cuisine that tantalizes the taste buds with each bite, from succulent seafood platters to juicy steaks. Whether lounging on the deck, enjoying live music on the sand, or by the fireplace at sunset, Bellézar offers a symphony of flavors and beachside happiness.

Bellezar Breakfast Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Mushroom PestoR173.40
Bellezar BreakfastR170.85
Classic French ToastR149.18
Hash-Brown Benedictfrom R165.75
Healthy WholenessR153.00
Fullhouse OmeletteR175.95

Bellezar All-Day Avo Smash

ItemPrice (R)
Avo SmashR102.00
2 Eggs Avo SmashR121.13
Cucumber & Salmon Avo SmashR215.48
Brie & Bacon Avo SmashR184.88
Balsamic Tomato & Feta Avo SmashR121.13

Bellezar Tramezzini’s

ItemPrice (R)
Cheese & Tomato TramezziniR107.10
Pesto Chicken & Tomato TramezziniR159.38
Ham, Cheese & Tomato TramezziniR130.05
Chicken Mayo TramezziniR140.25
Bacon & Cheese TramezziniR159.38

Bellezar Pastas

PastaPrice (R)
Penne Arrabiatta PastaR146.63
Oriental Chicken PastaR191.25
Prawn Penne PastaR267.75
Chicken Pesto Penne PastaR172.13

Bellezar Meat on the Grill Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Fillet Steak (300G)R318.75
Rump Steak (300G)R286.88
Sirloin Steak (300G)R286.88
T-Bone Steak (500G)R344.25
Beef Ribsfrom R261.38
Lamb Ribsfrom R306.00

Bellezar Salads

SaladPrice (R)
Caprese SaladR153.00
Chicken SaladR165.75
Calamari SaladR210.38
Beetroot & Danish Feta SaladR159.38
Quinoa SaladR172.13

Bellezar Burgers

BurgerPrice (R)
Bellezar BurgerR146.63
Cabana BurgerR153.00
Crown BurgerR172.13
BZ Buttermilk BurgerR150.45
Halloumi BurgerR197.63
Line Fish BurgerR294.53

Bellezar Wraps

WrapPrice (R)
Roasted Veg & Quinoa Wrapfrom R159.38
Avocado & Halloumi WrapR165.75
Cajun Chicken & Avocado Wrapfrom R159.38
Smoked Salmon & Avocado WrapR223.13

Bellezar Sharing Platters

PlatterPrice (R)
BZ Seafood Platterfrom R586.5
Meat PlatterR905.25
Bellezar Executive PlatterR1912.5

Bellezar Light Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Calamari Steak TrioR184.88
Fresh Mussel PotR172.13
Peri Peri Chicken LiversR146.63
Grilled King Prawnsfrom R237.15
Crumbed MushroomsR153.00
BBQ Basted Chicken WingsR191.25
Fish & ChipsR165.75
Beef Fillet TrinchadoR196.35

Bellezar From the Grill Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken SchnitzelR223.13
Traditional Durban CurryR248.63
Fresh Line Fish of the DayR318.75
Fresh Norwegian SalmonR337.88
Patagonian CalamariR255.00
8 King PrawnsR376.13
Whole Roasted Red SnapperR420.75
Langoustine PlatterR828.75
King Prawn PlatterR1083.75
Crayfish PlatterR1211.25
Hake & Prawn ComboR344.25
Hake & Calamari ComboR306.00
Prawn & Calamari ComboR363.38
Ribs & Wings ComboR341.70

Bellezar Pizzas

PizzaPrice (R)
Margherita (Veg) – Fresh tomatoes and mozzarella topped with basil oil.R127.50
Chicken & Mushroom PizzaR159.38
Light House Pizza – Sundried tomato, pepper, artichoke slices, peppadews, feta & avocado.R191.25
Surfs Up Pizza – Tomato, diced ham and fresh pineappleR165.75
Cabana Beach – Ham & MushroomR172.13
Umhlanga Rocks PizzaR178.50
Mighty Meats Pizza – Pepperoni sausage, chicken strips, ham, black olives topped with a BBQ sauce.R159.38
Mighty Meats PizzaR191.25
Mexicana PizzaR178.50
The Bellezar Pizza – Bacon, feta, avocado, BBQ SauceR197.63
The Prawn Pizza – Baby prawns, cocktails sauce and avocadoR248.63
Club PizzaR172.13
4 Seasons PizzaR191.25
Tikka Chicken PizzaR178.50

Bellezar Treats & Desserts

ItemPrice (R)
Chocolate FondantR95.63
Creme BruleR82.88
Chocolate MousseR82.88
Home-Made Waffles (Plain)R63.75
Toffee & BananaR76.5
Chocolate BrownieR76.5
Mixed BerriesR76.5

Bellezar Kiddies Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Kids Burger & ChipsR82.88
Kids Fish Fingers & ChipsR82.88
Kids Chicken Strips & ChipsR82.88
Kids Creamy Ham & Cheese PastaR95.63
Kids Cheese ToastR63.75

Bellezar Toasted Sandwiches

Toasted SandwichPrice (R)
Cheese & Tomato SandwichR76.5
Ham & Cheese SandwichR82.88
Ham, Cheese & Tomato SandwichR89.25
Chicken & Mayo SandwichR89.25
Bacon & Cheese SandwichR89.25
Bacon, Egg & Cheese SandwichR95.63

Bellezar Hot Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Espressofrom R31.88
Café LatteR38.25
Chai LatteR38.25
Hot ChocolateR38.25

Bellezar Smoothies

SmoothiePrice (R)
Mixed Seasonal FruitR63.75
Mixed BerryR63.75
Peanut butterR63.75

Bellezar Milkshakes

MilkshakePrice (R)
Strawberry MilkshakeR70.13
Lime MilkshakeR70.13
Bubblegum MilkshakeR70.13
Vanilla MilkshakeR70.13
Chocolate MilkshakeR70.13
Milk tart Milkshake (Large)R70.13
Turkish Delight Milkshake (Large)R70.13
Cookies & Cream Milkshake (Large)R70.13

Bellezar Sushi Menu

Sushi ItemPrice (R)
Californian Rolls (8 Pcs)from R89.25
Sashimi (3 Pcs)from R127.5
Nigiri (2 Pcs)from R89.25
Handrolls Cucumber (1 Pcs)R95.62
Handrolls Seaweedfrom R70.13
Fashion Sandwich (4 Pcs)from R82.88
Maki (8 Pcs)from R76.5
Roses (3 Pcs)R121.13

Bellezar Sushi Platter Combos

Platter ComboContentsPrice (R)
Salmon Platter (26Pc)8 Salmon California, 4 Roses, 2 Nigiri, 4 Fashion Sandwich, 8 Salmon MakiR459
Veg Platter (22pc)8 Avo California, 8 Avo Maki, 4 Avo Fashion Sandwich, 2 Avo Bean CurdR229.5
BZ Platter (20Pc)4 Salmon Rose, 4 Spicy Tuna Fashion Sandwich, 4 Salmon Rainbow, 4 Tuna Teriyaki, 4 Prawn RainbowR459
Rainbow Roll Platter (12Pc)4 Salmon Rainbow, 4 Tuna Rainbow, 4 Prawn RainbowR446.25
Deluxe Platter (12pc)4 Salmon Rainbow, 4 Tuna Rainbow & 4 Prawn RainbowR408
Fusion Sushifrom R89.25

Bellezar Sushi Poke Bowl

Poke BowlPrice (R)
Sushi Poke Bowlfrom R191.25

Bellezar Mocktails

MocktailPrice (R)
Margarita MocktailR76.5
Mojito MocktailR76.5
Sex On The Beach MocktailR76.5
Strawberry Daiquiri MocktailR76.5
Strawberry MojitoR76.5

Bellezar Non-Alcoholic Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Wine – Alcohol FreeR57.37
Savannah – Alcohol FreeR57.37
Castle – Alcohol FreeR57.37
Hunters – Alcohol FreeR57.37
Heineken – Alcohol FreeR57.37
J.C Le Roux La Fleurette – Alcohol FreeR51
J.C Le Roux Le Domaine – Alcohol-FreeR51

Bellezar Cold Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Cold DrinksR31.87

Bellezar Cocktails

CocktailPrice (R)
Absolut Strawberry DaiquiriR175
Absolut Dry MartiniR135
Amaretto Amarula AperolR135
Absolut Bloody MaryR85
Absolut CosmopolitanR80
Absolut Sex on the BeachR85
Aperol SpritzR100
Classic NegroniR100
Espolon Blueberry Frozen PopR130
Havanna Club SunsetR100
Havanna Strawberry MojitoR80
Jameson Caskmates editionR155
Long Island Ice TeaR100
Malibu Pina ColadaR185
Malibu Sea BreezeR80
Olmeca Frozen/Shaken MargaritaR80
Olmeca Tequila SunriseR90
Pongracz MimosaR165
Savannah Angry lemonR135
Savannah Dry/Light/FreeR35
Sex On The Beach MocktailR76.5
Strawberry Daiquiri MocktailR76.5
Strawberry MojitoR76.5

Bellezar Whiskey

WhiskeyPrice (R)
Ballentine 12yrR175
Chivas 12yrR150
Chivas 15yrR160
Chivas 18yrR190
Glenlivet 12yrR148
Glenlivet 15yrR190
Glenlivet 18yrR1125
Glenlivet 21yrR1350
Klipdrift exportR135
Klipdrift PremiumR155
Red heart classicR135
Red heart spiceR135
Wild TurkeyR40

Bellezar Ciders & Beers

Ciders and BeersPrice (R)
Brutal fruitR135
Castle Draught 300mlR38
Castle Draught 500mlR150
Castle FreeR35
Castle LiteR35
Castle Lite Draught 300mlR38
Castle Lite Draught 500mlR148
Flying Fish LemonR135
Flying fishR1175
Hansa PilsnerR135
Hunters DryR135
Hunters Dry Draught 500mlR150
Hunters GoldR135
Olmeca Gold TequilaR135
Olmeca Silver TequilaR135
Savanna DryR145
Savanna LocoR190
Savanna LiteR1190
Stella Draught 300mlR135
Stella Draught 500mlR150
Castle Lite Draught 300mlR38.25

Bellezar Brandy / Rum / Cognac

Brandy / Rum / CognacPrice (R)
Bisquit soursR130
Bisquit VSR155
Bisquit VSOPR166
Bisquit XOR250
Classic NegroniR100
Martell vsR150
Martell XOR230
Remy MartinR160
Remy Martin XOR300
Remy Martin Louis XIIIR5000

Bellezar Red Wines

WinePrice (R)
GH MummR1350
Zonnebloem MerlotR60
Durbanville Hills MerlotR160
Nederburg 56 Hundred MerlotR60
JC Le Roux Demi Sec NectarR220
GH Mumm Olympe RoséR1700
Nederburg BaronneR1150
Boschendal Brut NVR1380
Two Oceans Cabernet MerlotR1150
Boschendal Rose NVR400
Landmark Railroad redR180
Boschendal Luxe Nectar Demi SecR400
Zonnebloem ShirazR190
Cinzano ProseccoR380
Cinzano Pro SpritzR380
Nederburg Wine Masters Cabs SauvignonR220
Fleur Du Cap CabernetR250
Pongracz RoseR230
Boschendal 1685 MerlotR380
Pongracz Noble NectorR255
Alto Cabernet SauvignonR1315
Pongracz Brut by the glassR65
Durbanville Hills BrutR350
Durbanville Hills Collectors Reserve PinotageR320
Old Road Wine Co Elgin Pinot NoirR1340
Durbanville Hills RoséR320
Durbanville Hills Demi SecR370
Allesverloren Tinta barrocaR280
Allesverloren shirazR280
Sartori Prosecco Brut LallierR280
Allesverloren cabernet sauvignonR280
Allesverloren touriga NacionalR300
Allesverloren 1704R280
Allesverloren Tres vermelhosR11100

Bellezar White Wines

WinePrice (R)
Nederburg Sauvignon BlancR60
Zonnebloem Blanc De BlancR60
Zonnebloem Sauvignon BlancR60
Nederburg SteinR1130
Two Oceans Sauvignon BlancR1140
The Beachhouse Sauvignon BlancR1140
Boschendal Le BouquetR160
Durbanville Hills ChardonnayR160
Allesverloren Chenin BlancR1160
Morgenhof Sauvignon BlancR160
Durbanville Hills Sauv BlancR1165
Klein Zalze Chenin BlancR1180
Klein Zalze Sauvignon BlancR1180
Sophie The BlancR1220
Boschendal 1685 ChardonnayR260
Le Courier Chenin BlancR160
Elgin Highlands Sauvignon BlancR210

Bellezar Aperol Infused

Aperol Infused DrinkPrice (R)
Aperol infused with homemade sugar-free cordials, topped with sparkling dry and Valpré sparkling water on ice.R100

Bellezar Absolut Infused

Absolut Infused DrinkPrice (R)
Absolut Vodka infused with homemade sugar-free cordials, topped with Valpré sparkling water, served with ice, flavors: Granadilla, Watermelon.R100

Bellezar Valpré Infused Non-Alcoholic

Valpré Infused Non-Alcoholic DrinkPrice (R)
Valpré sparkling water infused with homemade sugar-free cordials served on ice, flavors: Granadilla, Watermelon, Strawberry, Pineapple, Lime, Cranberry, Orange Blossom, Blueberry, Pomegranate.R60

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