Bibi’s Kitchen, established in November 1991, began as a take-away before evolving into a restaurant. Chandbibi and Noorodien Brey infused passion and creativity into the business, known for their homemade pastries and award-winning desserts. Noorodien introduced signature dishes like Prawn Chaat and Chicken Shahi, beloved by visitors worldwide. Bibi’s Kitchen boasts over 25 years of delivering delicious North Indian cuisine and a variety of desserts, cakes, and faloodas.

Bibi's Kitchen Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameBibi’s Kitchen
Cuisine TypeIndian food
Opening Hours11:00 am – 07:00 pm
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Bibi’s Kitchen Menu

Bibi’s Kitchen in South Africa offers an Indian menu that is Vegetarian Friendly and Halal-certified. Enjoy a variety of vegetarian dishes alongside Halal options, showcasing authentic North Indian flavors. Prices are reasonable, catering to different tastes and dietary preferences.

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DishDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Mince SalomieMince meat salomieR99
Lamb SalomieLamb salomieR109
Lamb Chilli Fry SalomieLamb chilli fry salomieR112
Lamb Bhuna SalomieLamb bhuna salomieR112
Chicken SalomieChicken salomieR109
Chicken Tikka Masala SalomieChicken tikka masala salomieR112
Chicken Takatan SalomieChicken takatan salomieR112
Braised Steak SalomieBraised steak salomieR113
Shrimp SalomieShrimp salomieR113


DishDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Chicken Biryani BonelessBoneless chicken biryaniR162
Chicken Tikka BiryaniChicken tikka biryaniR167
Lamb Biryani BonelessBoneless lamb biryaniR170


DishPrice (Rands)
Chicken BiryaniR143
Lamb BiryaniR153
Fish BiryaniR225
Prawn BiryaniR233


DishDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Rogan JoshKashmiri lamb curry, off the bone.R193
Lamb VindalooHotter than normal, with potatoes.R193
Bhuna GoshtChef’s favourite – delicious.R193
Lamb Chilli FryWith brown onion and extra chillies.R193
Daal GoshtLamb off the bone in a yellow daal base.R193
Lamb KormaLamb in a mild cashew nut base.R193


DishDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Mince CurryServed with tomato & onion salad.R127
Lamb CurryServed with tomato & onion salad.R140
Chicken CurryServed with tomato & onion salad.R138
Shrimp CurryServed with tomato & onion salad.R141


DishDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Takatan ChickenIn a spicy yoghurt based sauce with rice or chapatiR121


Burger TypeDescriptionPrice Range (Rands)
Beef Burgerfrom R68
Fillet Steak BurgerServed with salad & chips.from R90
Chicken Burgerfrom R86
Masala Steak Burgerfrom R97


Sandwich NameDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Masala Steak SandwichMasala steak served in a sandwich.R97
Chicken & Mayonnaise SandwichChicken with mayonnaise in a sandwich.R86
Cheese & Tomato SandwichSandwich with cheese and tomato.R45


Dish NameDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Butter ChickenIn a rich tomato and cashew nut gravy.R190
Chicken Tikka MasalaChicken in a spicy, tangy gravy.R190
Chicken VindalooHotter than normal, with potatoes.R190
Chicken ShahiOn the bone, in a cheesy gravy.R196
Chicken Shahi (Boneless)Off the bone.R190
Chicken KormaIn a mild cashew nut base.R190


ItemDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Hot ChipsFried potato chipsR43
Single Hot DogOne hot dog in a bunR54
Double Hot DogTwo hot dogs in a bunR62
ChapatiIndian flatbreadR15
Aloo ParathaIndian flatbread stuffed with spiced potatoesR48
Aloo Cheese ParathaAloo Paratha with added cheeseR51
PapadamThin, crisp Indian crackerR8


ItemDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Sabzi MakhniMixed vegetables in tomato and cashew gravyR153
Mattar PaneerHomemade cheese and peas in gravyR154
Sabzi ShabnamMushroom and green peas curryR154
Sabzi JalfreziVegetables in a green pepper and tomato gravyR154
Paneer JalfreziPaneer in a green pepper and tomato gravyR154
Aaloo Chana MasalaPotatoes and chickpeas curryR120
Aaloo JeeraPotato cubes with cumin seedsR85
DaalLentil curryR88


ItemDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Prawn ChaatPrawn chaat (main dish)R215
Prawn MoghlaiCreamy masala prawnsR215
Prawn CurryPrawn curryR215
Fish CurryKinglip fish curryR209


ItemDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Mixed GrillServed with mushroom or BBQ sauceR220
Tandoori Mixed GrillCuts of beef fillet, chop, chicken breast, and seesh keebab, served with tandoori sauce, chips, and hot vegR220
Grilled Fillet300g fillet served with chips and hot vegR236
BBQ Lamb ChopsLamb chops served with chips and hot vegR236
Grilled Prawns6 prawns served with garlic butter sauce, hot veg, and rice or chipsR215


ItemDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Mince SamoosaMince-filled samoosaR8.6
Puri Patta Starter4 spiced spinach squares with srikhundR47
Chicken SamoosaChicken-filled samoosaR8.6
Veg SamoosaVegetable-filled samoosaR7.7
Chicken Half MoonsHalf-moon shaped pastry with chicken fillingR10.5
Steak Half MoonsHalf-moon shaped pastry with steak fillingR10.5
Prawn Half MoonsHalf-moon shaped pastry with prawn fillingR12.5
Jalapeno CroquetsCroquettes with jalapenoR11
Chicken & Feta BallsChicken and feta cheese ballsR9.9


ItemDescriptionPrice (from Rands)
Frozen Samoosas (12)Frozen samoosasR79
Frozen Half Moons (12)Frozen half moonsR107
Frozen Pies (12)Frozen piesR133
Chicken Feta Balls (12)Frozen chicken and feta cheese ballsR97
Jalapeno Croquets (12)Frozen jalapeno croquettesR113
Baskets (6)BasketsR77
Sausage Rolls (12pc)Frozen sausage rollsR130
Mini Chicken Pizza (6pc)Frozen mini chicken pizzasR69


ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
Jeera PulaoCumin riceR46
Mattar PulaoPeas riceR48
Veg PulaoMixed vegetable riceR95


ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
Basmati RiceBasmati riceR44
Savoury RiceFlavoured riceR49


ItemDescriptionPrice (in Rands)
NaanTraditional Indian breadR39
Butter NaanNaan bread brushed with butterR43
Garlic NaanNaan bread with garlic seasoningR44
Chicken Tikka5 cubes of tandoori chickenR88
Chicken Malai KebabChicken kebab in creamy marinadeR88
Reshmi KebabGrilled kebab with a silky textureR88
Seekh KebabSpiced minced meat skewersR105
Chicken Tikka NaanNaan bread topped with chicken tikkaR105
Seekh Kebab NaanNaan bread with seekh kebabR112
Half TandooriHalf portion of tandoori mixed grillR119
Whole TandooriFull portion of tandoori mixed grillR209
Half BBQ TandooriHalf portion of BBQ tandoori mixed grillR123
Whole BBQ TandooriFull portion of BBQ tandoori mixed grillR215
Half Schezwan TandooriHalf portion of Schezwan tandoori mixed grillR123
Whole Schezwan TandooriFull portion of Schezwan tandoori mixed grillR215


ItemDescriptionPrice (from in Rands)
Cold BeveragesVarious cold drinksR36
SodasAssorted sodasR16

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