Experience vibrant Pretoria flavors at AA Sushi Chinese Food and Sushi in Moreleta Park, offering a fusion of Chinese cuisine and exquisite sushi. Enjoy a diverse menu with vegetarian options, quality dishes, and warm, family-friendly atmosphere for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Benefit from accessible services including no-contact delivery, takeaway, and catering for special occasions.

AA Sushi Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameAA Sushi
Cuisine TypeChinese food
Opening Hours10:00 am – 08:30 pm
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AA Sushi Menu

At AA Sushi Chinese Food and Sushi, indulge in a menu featuring sushi, filet américain, and chicken with appealing staff and professional service. Enjoy adequate prices and an exotic atmosphere, making each visit a flavorful experience. Explore a world of flavors in a casual yet inviting setting that promises memorable culinary journeys.

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Soup NameDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Chicken Sweet Corn SoupChicken, sweet corn, and eggR35.50
Hot & Sour SoupTofu, chili vinegar, and vegetablesR35.50
Wun Tun SoupPork and vegetables in wonton brothR39.50
Chicken Noodle SoupRamen noodles and chickenR39.50
Vegetable SoupChinese vegetables and mushroomR29.50
Miso SoupMiso paste, seaweed, and tofuR39.50


AppetizerDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Prawn Spring RollPrawn, vegetables, and curryR43.00
Chicken Spring RollChicken, vegetables, and curryR38.00
Beef Spring RollBeef, vegetables, and curryR38.00
Vegetable Spring RollVegetables and curryR32.00
Crab Cheese Spring RollCrab, cheese, and vegetablesR38.00
Cheese Veg Spring RollCheese and vegetablesR38.00
Deep Fried Wuntun 8Pcs (Pork)Deep-fried pork dumplings (8 pieces)R49.50
Thai Prawn Spring Roll 4PcsThai-style prawn spring rolls (4 pieces)R60.00
Deep Fried Dumpling 6pcsPork and vegetables dumplings (6 pieces)R55.00
Pan Fried Dumpling 6PcsPork and vegetables dumplings (6 pieces)R55.00
Boiled Dumpling 12pcsPork and vegetables dumplings (12 pieces)R79.50
BBQ Pork Bun 2pcsBBQ pork buns (2 pieces)R45.50
Prawn Tempura 5pcsPrawns with bread crumbs (5 pieces)R83.00


DishDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Chicken Sweet & SourFlour-coated chicken deep-friedR89.50
Chicken Chop SueyStir-fried chicken with vegetablesR89.50
Chicken CurryThai curry stir-fried with vegetablesR89.50
Chicken MushroomMushroom stir-fried with chickenR95.50
Chicken Cashew NutChicken stir-fried with vegetables and cashew nutsR95.50
Chicken Foo YongChicken, egg, and vegetablesR95.50
Spicy Crispy ChickenSpicy sauce chicken without vegetablesR105.50
Sticky ChickenSweet and sour sauce chicken without vegetablesR105.50
Kung Pao ChickenChicken in chili sauce with vegetablesR105.50
Thai Green Curry ChickenThai green curry stir-fried chickenR99.50


DishDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Sticky DuckSweet and sour sauce duck without vegetablesR119.50
Spicy Crispy DuckSpicy sauce duck without vegetablesR119.50
Duck Chop SueyStir-fried vegetables with duckR109.50
Duck MushroomMushroom stir-fried with duckR109.50
Duck Cashew NutStir-fried vegetables, cashew nuts, and duckR115.50
Duck CurryThai curry stir-fried with vegetables and duckR109.50
Duck Oyster SauceStir-fried vegetables with duck in oyster sauceR109.50


DishDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Beef Chop SueyStir-fried vegetables with beefR95.50
Beef Green PepperStir-fried beef with green pepper and vegetablesR95.50
Beef CurryThai curry stir-fried with vegetables and beefR95.50
Beef Oyster SauceStir-fried vegetables with beef in oyster sauceR95.50
Beef Cashew NutStir-fried vegetables with beef and cashew nutsR99.50
Beef Foo YongStir-fried beef, egg, and vegetablesR99.50
Spicy Crispy BeefCrispy beef in spicy sauce without vegetablesR106.50
Sticky BeefCrispy beef with sweet and sour sauce, no vegetablesR106.50
Thai Green Curry BeefThai green curry stir-fried with vegetables and beefR99.50
Sizzling BeefBeef stir-fried with black pepper and vegetablesR119.50


DishDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Pork Sweet & SourFlour-coated pork deep fried in sweet and sour sauceR93.50
Chinese Style PorkFried pork with sweet and sour sauce and vegetablesR106.50
Pork Chop SueyStir-fried vegetables with porkR93.50
Pork Cashew NutStir-fried vegetables with pork and cashew nutsR99.50
Pork CurryThai curry with vegetables and porkR93.50
Spicy Crispy PorkCrispy pork in spicy sauce without vegetablesR106.50
Sticky PorkCrispy pork with sweet and sour sauce, no vegetablesR106.50
Thai Green Curry PorkThai green curry with vegetables and porkR99.50


DishDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Prawn Sweet & SourFried tempura prawn with sweet and sour sauceR109.50
Prawn CurryThai curry with prawns and vegetablesR109.50
Prawn Chop SueyStir-fried vegetables with prawnsR109.50
Prawn Cashew NutStir-fried vegetables with prawns and cashew nutsR116.50
Prawn Foo YongPrawns, egg, and vegetables stir-friedR116.50
Thai Green Curry PrawnThai green curry with prawns and vegetablesR109.50
Calamari Chop SueyStir-fried baby calamari with vegetablesR116.00
Calamari CurryThai curry with baby calamari and vegetablesR116.00
Thai Green Curry CalamariThai green curry with baby calamari and vegetablesR115.00


DishDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Mapo TofuFresh tofu in hot sauceR95
Tofu Chop SueyStir-fried vegetables with fried tofuR95
Vegetable Chop SueyStir-fried mixed vegetablesR79
Vegetable Foo YongStir-fried vegetables with eggR79
Fried Chinese VegetableStir-fried vegetables with garlicR95


DishDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Sizzling ChickenStir-fried chicken with black pepper, sizzlingR119.5
Sizzling BeefStir-fried beef with black pepper, sizzlingR119.5
Sizzling CalamariStir-fried baby calamari with black pepper, sizzlingR139
Sizzling DuckStir-fried duck with black pepper, sizzlingR119.5
Sizzling PrawnStir-fried prawn with black pepper, sizzlingR119.5
Beef Ginger Spring OnionBeef with ginger and spring onionR119.5
Salt & Pepper BeefCrispy beef with vegetables, no sauceR109.5
Salt & Pepper ChickenCrispy chicken with vegetables, no sauceR109.5
Salt & Pepper PrawnCrispy prawn with vegetables, no sauceR139
Calamari With GarlicBaby calamari with garlicR139
Seafood Fried TofuSeafood stir-fried with deep-fried tofuR139


DishDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Chicken Chow MeinChicken, vegetables, and fried egg noodleR89.5
Beef Chow MeinBeef, vegetables, and fried egg noodleR93.5
Pork Chow MeinPork, vegetables, and fried egg noodleR93.5
Prawn Chow MeinPrawn, vegetables, and fried egg noodleR105
Vegetable Chow MeinVegetables and fried egg noodleR79.5
Assorted Chow MeinChicken, beef, prawn, vegetables, and fried egg noodleR105
Seafood Chow MeinSeafood, vegetables, and fried egg noodleR115
Duck Chow MeinDuck, vegetables, and fried egg noodleR115
Calamari Chow MeinBaby calamari, vegetables, and fried egg noodleR115
Singapore Style ChickenRice noodle fried with curry chickenR105
Singapore Style AssortedRice noodle fried with curry, prawn, chicken, and beefR115
Seafood Udon NoodleSeafood, vegetables, and udon noodleR125
Chicken Udon NoodleChicken, vegetables, and udon noodleR115
Chicken Roman NoodleChicken, roman noodle, and vegetablesR105
Assorted Roman NoodleRoman noodle, chicken, beef, and prawnR115
Beef Fried PhoBeef fat rice noodle with spring onion and garlic, no sauceR119


DishDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Chicken Chow FaanChicken, vegetables, and egg fried riceR89.5
Beef Chow FaanBeef, vegetables, and egg fried riceR93.5
Pork Chow FaanPork, vegetables, and egg fried riceR93.5
Prawn Chow FaanPrawn, vegetables, and egg fried riceR105
Vegetable Chow FaanVegetables and egg fried riceR79.5
Assorted Chow FaanChicken, beef, prawn, vegetables, and egg fried riceR105
Seafood Chow FaanSeafood, vegetables, and egg fried riceR115
Duck Chow FaanDuck, vegetables, and egg fried riceR115
Calamari Chow FaanCalamari, vegetables, and egg fried riceR115
Thai Pineapple Chicken Chow FaanChicken, pineapple, vegetables, egg, Thai green curry fried riceR115
Salmon Chow FaanSalmon, egg, and vegetable fried riceR179


ItemDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Sweet & Sour Sauce70mlR15
Fried NoodleR35
Fried RiceR35
Steamed RiceR25
Shrimp ChipsR25
Bowties (3pcs)R39
Fortune CookieR9
White Rabbit Sweet108gR45
Deep Fried Ice Cream(2pcs)R45
Mayo (500g)R129
Kim Lan Soy Sauce300mlR69
Sushi Ginger (Bottle)R79
Mayo (Tub)R18
Sushi Soy Sauce (Tub)R16
Sushi Ginger (Tub)R16
Wasabi (Tub)R16


ItemPrice Range (Rands)
California Roll (8pcs)from R69
Fashion Sandwich (8pcs)from R69
Nigiri (2pcs)from R39
Hand Roll (1pcs)from R39.5
Cucumber Hand Roll (1pcs)R59.5
Sashimi (3pcs)R83.5
Rainbow Roll (8pcs)from R96.5
Dragon Roll (8pcs)from R89.5
Deep Fried Cheese Roll (4pcs)from R49.5
Deep Fried Sandwich (4 Pcs)from R49.5
Battleship (2pcs)from R49.5
Salad (1 Boat)from R95.5
Maki (8pcs)from R39.5


ItemDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Rock Prawn 4PcsVeg California roll on top with tempura prawn.R63
A&A Rainbow 8pcsPrawn California roll top salmon tuna avocado.R105.5
Bean Curd Rose 4PcsSweet tofu rice on top mayo caviar.R59.5
Tempura Rose 4pcsTempura prawn avocado in outside salmon mayo and caviar.R99.5
Lovies Roll 6pcsCheese rice in outside salmon on top caviar mayo.R149.5
Gift Sushi 4pcsSalmon sandwich on top salmon caviar.R69.5
Teriyaki Prawn 4pcsTempura prawn roll on top salmon and teriyaki sauce.R63
Prawn Tempura 5pcsPrawn fried with bread crumbs.R83.5
Rainbow Sandwich 8pcsSalmon sandwich on top salmon avocado.R109.5
Deluxe Sandwich 9pcsRice pepper salmon sandwich with prawn mayo.R159
Salmon Sushi Cake 9pcsRice pepper salmon strawberry honey.R109
Bamboo Roll 4pcsCucumber salmon avocado.R69.5
Wasabi Parcel 9pcsWasabi salmon avocado in top salmon mayo caviar.R109.5
Strawberry Cheese RollCheese rice pepper strawberry honey.R95
Cucumber Rose 6pcsIn rice outside salmon cucumber.R99
Salmon Rose 3pcsRice in salmon outside top mayo caviar.R79.5
Spicy Prawn Roll 4pcsPrawn California roll on top deep fried prawn spicy.R85.5
Sushi Hoses 4pcsSalmon avocado mayo.R69.5
Golden Roll 8pcsSeared Tuna Avo cheese mayo spicy.R109.5
Flower Maki 6pcsSalmon prawn avocado.R66
Prawn Roof Roll 5pcsSalmon Roll on top prawn avocado.R99
YumYum Roll 8pcsFried salmon in top salmon cheese and teriyaki sauce.R109.5
K F C Roll 8pcsTempura chicken roll top avocado tempura chicken spicy sauce.R99.5
Honey Chicken Bao 4pcsDeep fried chicken roll top deep fried chicken.R59.5
Tempura Prawn Maki 5pcsTempura prawn avocado.R69
Tempura Prawn Sweet ChilliTempura prawn mayo sweet chili sauce.R95
Caviar Salmon Roll 8pcsSalmon California roll top caviar.R99
Fried Salmon Roll 8pcsFried salmon California roll with mayo sweet chili sauce.R85
Monster Shrimp Roll 8pcsSpicy mayo prawn California on top prawn and spicy mayo sauce.R139
AA Dragon Roll 8pcsTempura prawn roll top salmon avocado.R119
Deluxe Roll 4pcsSalmon California top prawn avocado.R69
Rock Tempura RollTempura prawn roll Top deep fried prawn.R88
Jussie’s Roll 8pcsTempura prawn roll with rice pepper outside salmon top mayo caviar.R139
Crazy Salmon Roll 8pcsFried salmon in salmon spicy sauce on top.R99
Lobster Roll 8pcsCalifornia roll on Top with spicy mayo prawn.R139
Wasabi Mayo Prawn 12pcsDeep fried prawn with mayo wasabi no rice.R159
Vegas Roll 5pcsSalmon prawn crab avocado cucumber roll deep fried with eel sauce.R99
Seared Tuna Roll 8pcsSeared Tuna in on top Tuna avocado mayo caviar.R109.5
Tuna Hot N Roll 8pcsSpicy Tuna California roll top tuna spicy teriyaki sauce.R109.5
AASushi Roof Roll 4pcsSalmon avocado mayo caviar.R69
Angry Dragon Roll 4pcsFried salmon roll top avocado mayo teriyaki sauce.R59
Crunch Roll Tuna 4pcsSeared tuna onion avocado roll deep fried top sweet chili sauce mayo.R63.6


ItemDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Special Combo A 25pcs1 salmon Rose, 4 salmon roof tool, 4 special sandwich, 4 salmon sandwich, 4 salmon California, 8 Avo.R295
Special Combo B 24pcs8 salmon sandwich, 8 Tempura prawn sweet chilli, 8 deep fried salmon California.R295
Special Combo C 25pcs8 Rock prawn, 8 salmon sandwich, 8 Avocado maki.R269
Special Combo D 28pcs4 salmon Rose, 8 salmon California, 8 Teriyaki salmon skin, 8 avocado maki.R329
Special Combo E 16pcs8 avocado maki, 4 salmon rainbow, 4 salmon sandwich.R149
Special Combo F 11pcs4 salmon maki, 4 salmon Rainbow, 2 salmon nigiri, 1 salmon Rose.R149
Fantasy Combo 16pcs4 salmon Rainbow, 4 deep fried prawn roll, 4 Rock prawn, 4 salmon Dragon.R219
AA Sushi Platter 28pcs4 salmon Rose, 8 Deep Fried salmon Roll, 8 salmon California, 8 Avocado maki.R349
Deep Fried Platter 16pcs8 Deep Fried salmon sandwich, 4 Rock Prawn, 4 deep fried prawn cheese roll.R249
Deep Fried Combo 24pcs4 salmon Rose, 4 Rock prawn, 8 Tuna maki, 8 Tempura prawn sweet chilli.R319
Prawn Combo 16pcs8 prawn sandwich, 8 prawn Rainbow, 4 deep fried prawn cheese roll.R239
Rainbow Combo 32 PCs16 salmon Rainbow, 4 salmon Rose, 4 salmon sandwich, 8 avocado maki.R369
California Roll Combo4 salmon California, 4 prawn California, 4 smoked salmon California, 4 veg California, 4 Crab California.R199
Roses Combo 24pcs6 salmon Rose, 8 salmon sandwich, 8 salmon maki, 2 salmon nigiri.R349
Salmon Lunch 18pcs8 salmon maki, 4 salmon Rainbow, 4 salmon California, 2 salmon Rose.R189
Vegetable Combo 15pcs8 vegetable sandwich, 4 veg California, 1 veg hand roll, 2 veg battleship.R179
Assorted Combo 32 Pcs8 salmon sandwich, 8 tuna maki, 8 crab maki, 4 salmon California, 4 prawn California.R269
Salmon Combo 28pcs8 salmon Rainbow, 8 salmon sandwich, 8 salmon maki, 4 salmon California.R289
Maki Combo 24pcs8 salmon maki, 8 Avo maki, 4 crab maki, 4 tuna maki.R159
Combo Roll 28pcs8 salmon Rainbow, 8 salmon maki, 8 avocado maki, 4 crab California.R199
Lunch Special 20 pcs3 salmon Rose, 8 salmon Rainbow, 4 Rock prawn, 3 salmon sashimi, 2 prawn battleship.R339
Lunch Box 15pcs8 avocado maki, 3 salmon Rose, 4 salmon Rainbow.R159
Salmon Platter 15pcs8 salmon California, 3 salmon sashimi, 4 salmon Nigiri.R239
Valentine Platter 22pcs6 salmon Rose, 8 salmon maki, 4 salmon sandwich, 4 salmon rainbow.R299
Rainbow platter 24pcs8 salmon Rainbow, 8 prawn Rainbow, 8 veg Dragon Roll.R249
Mixed Platter 32pcs8 salmon Rainbow, 8 tuna maki, 8 Avo maki, 4 salmon sandwich, 4 crab California.R249
Tuna Platter 21pcs8 seared tuna Roll, 8 tuna hot n roll, 2 tuna Rose, 4 tuna nigiri.R329
Tuna & Salmon Platter 30Pcs8 salmon Rainbow, 8 seared tuna roll, 8 tuna maki, 4 tuna nigiri, 2 salmon nigiri.R399
Assorted Nigiri 8 pcs2 salmon nigiri, 3 prawn nigiri, 3 tuna nigiri.R189
AA special Platter 25 pcs8 special salmon sandwich 8 salmon sandwich 8 salmon RainbowR299
Vegetable Platter 26 pcs8 veg sandwich, 8 Avo maki, 8 veg Dragon roll, 2 veg nigiri.R209
Lunch Special A 12pcs4 salmon Rose, 4 Rock prawn, 4 salmon California.R189
Lunch Special B 16 pcs 4 Rock Tempura Roll, 4 deep fried prawn cheese, 8 AA Dragon Roll.R229
Lunch Special C 12pcs4 salmon Rainbow, 4 tuna Rainbow, 2 salmon nigiri, 2 tuna nigiri. R199
Lunch Special D 27pcs8 salmon sandwich, 3 salmon Rose, 8 salmon maki, 8 Avo maki.R249
Tempura Platter 24pcs8 KFC Roll, 8 Tempura prawn Dragon Roll, 8 Rock Prawn.R289
AA SUSHI Combo 40pcs 6 lovers Roll, 6 salmon Rose, 4 deep fried salmon sandwich, 4 salmon Roof Roll, 4 salmon nigir.R777
Party Platter 86 pcs16 salmon Rainbow 8 prawn Rainbow 8 vegetable Dragon Roll 8 salmon sandwich 8 prawn sandwCalifornia 8 salmon maki 8 Tuna maki 6 salmon Rose.R999


ItemDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Soft Drink Can 300mlSoft drink in a canR28
500ml WaterBottle of waterR28
300ml Ice TeaIce tea in a bottleR28
Liqui Fruit Juice 300mlFruit juice in a bottleR28
Tisers 330mlTisers drinkR33
Aloe Juice 500mlAloe juiceR39.9
Aloe Original 500mlOriginal flavor aloe juiceR39.9
Aloe Suger Free 500mlSugar-free aloe juiceR39.9
Aloe Mango 500mlMango-flavored aloe juiceR39.9
Aloe Blueberry 500mlBlueberry-flavored aloe juiceR39.9
Aloe Lychee 500mlLychee-flavored aloe juiceR39.9
Aloe Pomegranate 500mlPomegranate-flavored aloe juiceR39.9


ItemDescriptionPrice (Rands)
Chinese Mango Juice 300mlMango juiceR36
Chinese Coco Lychee Juice 300mlCoconut lychee juiceR36
Taiwan Coconut 500mlCoconut drink from TaiwanR39.9
Chinese Ice Tea 500mlIce teaR36
Chinese Green Tea 500mlGreen teaR36
Coconut Milk 245mlCoconut milkR36
Wangwang Milk 245 mlWangwang milkR36

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