Streatery is a renowned all-day eatery in South Africa, serving a fusion of local and global flavors inspired by street foods worldwide. Initially offering Neapolitan Pizzas, it now specializes in traditional handcrafted pizzas, welcoming patrons with warm hospitality and attentive service from well-trained staff. With its fast-casual dining concept, Streatery promises a delightful culinary experience for all.

Streatery Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameStreatery
Cuisine TypeAfrican food
Opening Hours7 am – 7 pm
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Streatery Menu

Streatery’s pizza dough undergoes a 24 to 48-hour proofing process, ensuring delicious and authentic flavors. With a New York-style pizza option and a safe outdoor terrace setting featuring music, it provides a calm and cozy environment for diners to enjoy.

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Featured Items

ItemPrice (R)
Bac’N Cheese BurgerR130.00
Mexicali BowlR110.00
Chicken QuesadillaR130.00
Full WingsR95.00
Pork Belly Mac and CheeseR130.00
Crying Beef NoodlesR120.00
Thunderbird PizzaR170.00
S.T.R.E.A.T Cheese BurgerR125.00
Bac’N Cheese BurgerR90.00
Proper Fish and ChipsR165.00
Lambo PizzaR195.00

Limited Time Offer

ItemPrice (R)
Peri Chicken LiversR90.00
350g T-boneR170.00
Pollo Pablo ChickenR175.00
Monster Energy Assorted FlavoursR30.00

Street Burgers

ItemPrice (R)
S.T.R.E.A.T Cheese BurgerR125.00
Bac’N Cheese BurgerR130.00
Hot Mess BurgerR150.00
The Dude BurgerR170.00
Woodstock BurgerR125.00
Notorious P.I.G BurgerR155.00
Chicken & Cheese BurgerR120.00
Korean Fried Chicken BurgerR125.00

Neo York Pizza

ItemPrice (R)
Thunderbird PizzaR170.00
Margherita PizzaR125.00
F.A.B PizzaR160.00
Panic Shroom PizzaR145.00
Bolo Ragu PizzaR160.00
Sweet Cheeses PizzaR155.00
Swineapple PizzaR180.00
Lambo PizzaR195.00
Quattro Stagioni PizzaR160.00
Veggie Disco PizzaR125.00
Build Your Own PizzaR75.00

Fish & Chipper

ItemPrice (R)
Jungle CalamariR170.00
Line Fish ComboR255.00
Proper Fish and ChipsR165.00

Nacho Libre

ItemPrice (R)
Dos TacosR80.00
Chicken QuesadillaR130.00
Mucho NachosR110.00

Bowls for Days

ItemPrice (R)
Mexicali BowlR110.00
Aloha Poke BowlR180.00
Laughing BuddhaR130.00
Waikiki BowlR190.00

Street Noods

ItemPrice (R)
Crying Beef NoodlesR120.00
Miso HappyR120.00
Kung Pow ChickenR145.00
Singapore SlingerR105.00

Holy Chicken

ItemPrice (R)
Full WingsR95.00
Pot ‘O GoldR180.00

All Day Items

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken WafflesR115.00
Brekkie BurgerR95.00
Steak, Egg & ChipsR135.00

Street Classics

ItemPrice (R)
Pork Belly Mac and CheeseR130.00
Loaded Bac‘N FriesR90.00

Kiddies Happiness Mains

ItemPrice (R)
Kiddies Crispy Chicken WrapR65.00
Kiddies Fish & ChipsR65.00
Kiddies Cheese BurgerR65.00
Kiddies Chicken BurgerR65.00
Spaghetti AlfredoR75.00
Kiddies Mac ‘n CheeseR70.00
Kiddies Sushi BowlR80.00

Kiddies Pizzas

ItemPrice (R)
Kiddies Margherita PizzaR62.00
Kiddies BBQ Chicken PizzaR85.00
Kiddies Bacon & Avo PizzaR85.00
Kiddies Ham & Mushroom PizzaR85.00
Kiddies Pork Spare Rib & PineappleR85.00

Mr. Miyagi

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Cobra Kai (20 pieces)Salmon Rainbow 8pc, Salmon Roses 4pc, Tiger Roll 4pc, Prawn Fashion 4pcR460.00
Green Dream (18 pieces)Avo Maki 6pc, Veg Fashion 4pc, Veg California 4pc, Tofu Futo Maki 4pcR250.00
Daniel Son (24 pieces)Salmon Fashion 4pc, Philadelphia Roll 4pc, Avo Maki 6pc, Salmon Maki 6pc, Prawn Fashion 4pcR475.00
Leaping Salmon/Tuna (14 pieces)Salmon Fashion 4pc, Salmon California 4pc, Salmon Roses 3pc, Salmon Nigiri 3pcR435.00

Signature Plates

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Futomaki6pc with Tuna, Salmon, Prawn & CrabR100.00
Hand Roll1pc with your choice of Salmon, Tuna, Prawn, or CrabR85.00
Rainbow Roses4pc salmon & tuna roses | 2 of eachR85.00
Deep Fried Inari2pc Spicy Prawn / TunaR85.00
Dragon VS The Tigre4pc Dragon & 4pc Tiger RollR85.00
Tuna Crunch4pc Tempura Cali Roll, Cream cheese, Tuna, Fried Rice, garnish & Sweet Chilli MayoR105.00
Tigre Rolls6pc Prawn California RollR95.00
Wasabi Parcel4pc Salmon, wasabi & NoriR75.00
Seared Tuna Roses4pc Seared Tuna Roses & Wasabi MayoR85.00

Old Fashioned Sushi

ItemPrice (R)
California RollR80.00
Fashion SandwichR85.00
Bamboo Rice Paper RollR80.00

Small Plates Izakaya

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Rice Paper Spring RollCrunchy veg slaw with a choice of Salmon, Tuna, or Prawn with a spicy dipping sauce.R130.00
Crispy TofuCrispy panko-coated marinated tofu, Sesame & ponzu sauce.R95.00
Tempura Prawns4pc tempura prawn with sticky soya dip.R120.00
Soya Glazed Edamame BeansFlash fried Edamame beans with soya glaze & sesame seeds.R75.00
Sashimi & Pickled Cucumber Salad3pc Tuna or Salmon sashimi & pickled cucumber ribbons.R120.00
Rainbow Spring RollAvo, peppers, baby spinach, beansprouts, red cabbage & sesame seeds.R90.00
Spicy Crab SaladSpicy mayo, cucumber & fish roe.R75.00

Soft Drinks

ItemPrice (R)
Sprite/Sprite ZeroR30.00
Craft Rooibos Coolades – Organic rooibos infused syrup with lemonade, soda & crushed ice.R52.00
Creme SodaR30.00
Ginger Shirley – Lime juice, club soda, ginger ale, grenadine & cherries.R80.00
Still/Sparkling Water – Still Water/Sparkling water 500mlR30.00
Red BullR45.00
Fanta OrangeR30.00
Blueberry Moji – Pineapple, banana, orange, mixed frozen blueberries, agave syrup, fresh mint, lime, pineapple juice & club sodaR80.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Rooibos CappuccinoRooibos espresso topped with frothed milk.R47.00
Caffe LatteEspresso with hot milk.R37.00
Cappuccino SingleSingle espresso topped with frothed milk.R37.00
Cappuccino DoubleDouble espresso topped with frothed milk.R42.00
Espresso SingleSingle shot.R24.00
Espresso DoubleDouble shot.R35.00
AmericanoLong black coffee.R30.00

Freezos & Smoothies

ItemPrice (R)
Coffee & Hazelnut FreezoR75.00
Berry Swinga Smoothie’- Mixed berries, yogurt, coconut, oats, honey & cinnamon.R70.00
Chocolate & Almond FreezoR75.00
Caramel & Coconut FreezoR75.00

The Big Squeeze

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pink LadyWatermelon/Peach/Grapefruit & StrawberryR50.00
Golden SunOrange/Carrot/Lemon/Pineapple & GingerR50.00
Green GoddessApple/Kale/Spinach/Cucumber & CeleryR50.00
Sweet BeetsBeetroot/Apple/Cucumber/Lemon & GingerR50.00

Streat Shakes

ItemPrice (R)
Chocolate Cookies ShakeR80.00
Banana Peanut Buttercup ShakeR80.00
Turkish Delight ShakeR80.00
Strawberry Cheesecake ShakeR80.00
Bubble-gum Blues ShakeR80.00

Streatery Sweets

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CustardsHomemade Vanilla Frozen custard mixed with a choice of toppings. (Please note we try our best to keep the ice cream as cold as possible before collection; the trips sometimes take longer than expected, so the ice cream is not frozen on arrival. Please keep that in mind when ordering a frozen custard.R60.00
Ice Cream SandwichChocolate frozen custard layered between two wafers dipped in chocolate & crushed peanuts.R70.00

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