Kara Nichha’s is a popular Indian restaurant located in South Africa, known for its authentic and flavorful Indian cuisine. They offer a diverse menu featuring traditional dishes like roti, biryani, and tapas, as well as delightful desserts such as tasty jalebi. Guests enjoy the cool atmosphere and friendly service provided by the staff, making it a great dining choice for those seeking delicious Indian food in a welcoming setting.

Kara Nichha's Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameKara Nichha’s
Cuisine TypeIndian food
Opening Hours9:30 AM -7 PM
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Kara Nichha’s Menu

Kara Nichha’s specializes in Indian and vegetarian cuisines, serving perfectly cooked roti, tapas, and biryani alongside tasty jalebi. Visitors appreciate the cool staff and enjoyable service, with reasonable prices. The menu features a variety of dishes including curry, light meals, burgers, sandwiches, and roti rolls.

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DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Thursday SpecialChoose any meal with any curry of your choiceR31


DishPrice (R)
Plain Roti (Pack of 5)R18


DishPrice (R)
Special SandwichR25.5
Cheese, Chips & Tomato Sauce SandwichR25.5
Cheese & Tomato SandwichR25.5


DishPrice (R)
Puri Patha (Pack of 3)R25.5
Vedde (Pack of 4)R25.5
Potato Samoosas (Pack of 4)R25.5
Cheese & Sweetcorn Samoosas (Pack of 4)R25.5
Chilli Bites (100g)R20


DishPrice (R)
Soya BurgerR31


DishPrice (R)
Brown Jumbo (Pack of 5)R35
Red Jumbo (Pack of 5)R35
Burfee (Pack of 4)R35
Red Jalebee (Pack of 5)R35
Orange Jalebee (Pack of 5)R35
Ladoo (Pack of 5)R35
Channa Magaj (Pack of 5)R35
Sev (50g)R21.5
Fried Peanuts (50g)R21.5
Boondie (50g)R21.5
Fried Peas (50g)R21.5
Chevra (50g)R21.5
Round Ghatia (50g)R21.5
Square Ghatia (50g)R21.5
Sugar Biscuits (50g)R21.5
Tea Biscuits (50g)R21.5
Coloured Sticks (50g)R21.5
Roth (Pack of 5)R37.5

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