Milk on the Beach, located in Onrus near Hermanus, offers idyllic dining in a nature conservation area with panoramic beach views. Situated on the Onrus River Estuary, guests can enjoy observing wildlife while relishing the fabulous ocean view from the outdoor wooden deck, perfect for sundowners.

Milk On The Beach Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameMilk On The Beach
Cuisine TypeAfrican food
Opening Hours8 am – 9 pm
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Milk On The Beach Menu

Milkwood restaurant offers perfectly cooked hake, fish & chips, and calamari, complemented by good beer, wine, and cappuccino. Despite some mixed reviews on Google, it’s praised for its professional staff, prompt service, democratic prices, and charming atmosphere.

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Milk on the Beach Breakfast Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fresh Simple Vibes VSeasonal fruit, granola, yogurt & honeyR75.00
Peanut & Coco Smoothie Bowl VMixed berries, coco nibs, coconut, peanut & coco powderR85.00
English BreakfastEggs, half roasted tomatoes, cheese griller, streaky bacon, mixed beans & toastR125.00
Waffle CroissantSpiced bacon, syrup, sesame & caramelized bananaR110.00

Eggs Benedict

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Wild Mushrooms VGoats cheese & truffle oilR120.00
Bacon & AvoSpiced bacon, sundried tomato & crushed avoR135.00

Breakfast Toast

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Avo VPoached egg, avo, za’atar spiced hummus, lemon crunch, fennel dressing & sesameR78.00
ScrambledScrambled egg, anchovy butter, crumbled goats cheese & marinated peppersR75.00
Med Style VFeta, spring onion, sundried tomato, olives & rocketR70.00
Add On
Poached eggR8.00
5 spiced maple baconR30.00

Milk on the Beach Main Menu

Something from the Kitchen

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Beer Battered Hake & ChipsWith turmeric & ginger tartare sauceR145.00
Spiced Sesame CalamariPeppadew mayo served with chips/sweet potato friesR140.00
OystersSpiced apple & cucumber salsa EachR30.00
Fresh MusselsHerb sour cream & roasted garlic ciabattaR215.00
Local Fresh LinefishGinger, tomato sauce, hummus, edamame & tzatziki served with chips/sweet potato friesR225.00
Hand Pressed Beef BurgerSundried tomato puree & Klein River matured cheese served with chips/sweet potato friesR145.00
Steak, Mushroom & Chips5 Weeks matured sirloin, wild mushroom & crispy onionsR225.00
Milk Salad VHalf dried tomato, croutons, caesar style dressing, cheese, crushed avo & seedsR95.00
Add: chicken/white baitR45.00
Loaded Sweet Potato Fries VRoasted peppers, feta, avo & olives with sundried tomato puree & wasabi mayoR110
Sardines On ToastGremolata & noriR95.00
Blue Cheese & Apple Salad VWith caramelised peanutsR95.00

Toasted Wraps

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Veggie VFeta, olive, half dried tomato, rocket & avoR105.00
ChickenYoghurt & sumac marinated peppers, bacon, mature cheese & beansR110.00

Zen Bowls

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Seared TunaSushi rice, ginger, edamame, sesame, avo, & wasabi mayoR145.00
Hawaiian ChickenSushi rice, chicken, pineapple, coconut, peppadew, crispy onions & cucumberR140.00
Harvest VibesSushi rice, quinoa, avo, shimeji, carrot, cucumber, edamame, cherry tomatoes & spring onionR130.00
Salmon and MelonSushi rice, avo, nori, peppadew, coriander, edamame, lemon crunch & sriracha mayoR145.00
Calamari (Hand Roll)Sushi rice, sesame, avo & wasabi mayoR130.00

Something Sweet

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Selection of CakesFreshly baked & delicious!R68.00
Peppermint Crisp TiramisuWith choc seed soilR70.00
Strawberries & CreamVanilla pana cottaR70.00
Baked AppleGoats cheese & honeycombR70.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken StripsWith chipsR65.00
Hake StripsWith chipsR65.00
CalamariWith chipsR65.00

Milk on the Beach Sushi Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Maki – 6 PiecesSalmonR60.00
Sashimi – 3 PiecesSalmonR65.00
California Rolls – 4 PiecesSalmonR60.00
Add Cream CheeseR15.00
Salmon Roses4 PiecesR95.00
Rainbow Rolls5 PiecesR95.00
Rock Shrimp4 PiecesR95.00
Veg Rainbow Rolls5 PiecesR65.00


PlatterDescriptionPrice (R)
Platter 14 Salmon Roses, 6 Salmon Maki, 4 Rainbow RollR185.00
Platter 22 Rock Shrimp, 4 Salmon Roses, 4 California RollR185.00
Platter 35 Rock Shrimp, 5 Rainbow RollR195.00
Platter 44 Sandwich tower, 4 Salmon Nigiri, 4 Wasabi Mayo SandwichR195.00

Milk Kitchen Bar Small Plates

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Seared TunaTomato, olives & edamameR80.00
Loaded Sweet Potato FriesWild mushrooms, spring onion & peppadew mayoR65.00
Deep Fried Prawn SushiSweet oriental dressingR70.00
White BaitGinger dipping sauceR60.00
Moroccan Style MeatballsRoasted red peppers & hummusR65.00
3 Cheese Jalapeno Wonton PoppersSundried peppadew dipR70.00
Peri-Peri Prawns4 grilled prawns in a peri-peri sauceR80.00

Milk on the Beach Cocktail Menu

CocktailIngredientsPrice (R)
Milk on the BeachMalibu, Bacardi, pineapple juice, grenadine & coconut creamR65.00
Classic Mojito – Happy HourBacardi, Mint & LimeR65.00
CosmoSkyy Vodka, Triple sec, cranberry juice & limeR68.00
Dissorano SoursAmaretto, Wild Turkey, sour mix & egg whiteR70.00
Strawberry Daquiri – Happy HourBacardi, strawberries, sour mix & syrupR65.00
Long Island Ice TeaSkyy Vodka, Bacardi, Espolon Tequila, Triple Sec, Bulldog & colaR75.00
Pina Colada Gin On Tap – Happy HourTriple 3 gin, pineapple & coconutR65.00
Skyy Berry VibesSkyy Vodka, seasonal berries & kombuchaR75.00
Innocent Passion – Virgin CocktailPassion Fruit, kombucha & pineappleR65.00
Aperol SpritzAperol, bubbles & sodaR70.00

Milk on the Beach Bar Menu


On Tap

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DrinkSizePrice (R)
Old Harbour Lager300mlR45.00
Old Harbour Lager500mlR55.00
Onrus Ale300mlR45.00
Onrus Ale500mlR55.00
Kombucha (Wild Dagga)R55.00
Triple 3 Gin & TonicR55.00


DrinkPrice (R)
Castle LiteR35.00
Heineken 0.0R35.00
Windhoek DraughtR40.00
Savanna Angry LemonR38.00
Savanna Dry / LightR38.00
Hunters DryR38.00

White Spirits

DrinkPrice (R)
Skyy VodkaR25.00
Skyy Blood OrangeR25.00
Mainstay CaneR20.00


DrinkPrice (R)
100 ReserveR25.00
Oude Molen XORR80.00
Joseph Barry VSOPR55.00


DrinkPrice (R)
Spiced GoldR25.00
Don PapaR40.00
Floating Dutchman Cape RumR25.00
Floating Dutchman Spiced RumR25.00


DrinkPrice (R)
Famous GrouseR22.00
Johnny Walker BlackR35.00
Jack DanielsR30.00
Wild Turkey BourbonR35.00


DrinkPrice (R)
Vale CucumberR38.00
Triple 3 RaspberryR38.00
Triple 3 CitrusR38.00
Cape Saint BlazeR40.00


DrinkPrice (R)
Don JulioR65.00
El JimadorR30.00
Leonista HoneyR45.00
Espolon ReposadoR45.00

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