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Mimmos Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameMimmos
Cuisine Type Italian cuisine
Opening Hours11:00 am – 8:30 pm
ReviewsSee Reviews

Mimmos Menu

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Picked For You

Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Chicken Maestro (Medium)R140,00
Chicken Maestro (Large)R164,00


Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Hake and Starter CalamariR207,00
Hake and 4 Queen PrawnsR207,00
Main Calamari and 4 Queen PrawnsR232,00
200g Sirloin and 4 Queen PrawnsR207,00
300g Rump and 4 Queen PrawnsR232,00
Ribs 400g and 4 Queen PrawnsR268,00
Ribs 400g and 8 Buffalo WingsR268,00


Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Chicken StripsR85,00
Chicken Wings – 8 BuffaloR85,00
Haloumi CheeseR85,00
Crumbed MushroomsR85,00
Calamari HeadsR85,00
Starter CalamariR91,00


Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Foccaccia – MediumR56,00
Foccaccia – LargeR63,00
Foccaccia – CheeseR88,00
Chicken Mayo Loaded FoccacciaR154,00
Meaty Cream Cheese FoccacciaR154,00
Vegetarian Cream Cheese FoccacciaR154,00

Salads Medium

Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Greek SaladR100,00
Mimmos SaladR112,00
Sorrento SaladR112,00
Haloumi SaladR122,00
Fillet SaladR134,00

Classic Pizzas

Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Vegetarian (Classic Pizzas)R110,00
Marinated ChickenR110,00
BBQ ChickenR110,00
Tikka ChickenR110,00
Chicken MayoR110,00
Bacon and FetaR110,00
Bacon and BananaR110,00
Four SeasonsR110,00
Spare RibR110,00
Pulled PorkR110,00

Gourmet Pizzas

Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Seafood (Medium)R183,00
Seafood (Large)R207,00
Chicken Maestro (Medium) (Gourmet Pizzas)R140,00
Chicken Maestro (Large) (Gourmet Pizzas)R164,00
Tutto (Medium)R156,00
Tutto (Large)R180,00
Pompeii (Double Cheese) (Medium)R162,00
Pompeii (Double Cheese) (Large)R186,00
Meat Lovers (Medium)R150,00
Meat Lovers (Large)R174,00
Nacho Cajun Chicken (Medium)R150,00
Nacho Cajun Chicken (Large)R174,00
Nacho Mince (Medium)R150,00
Nacho Mince (Large)R174,00
Nacho Vegetarian (Medium)R150,00
Nacho Vegetarian (Large)R174,00
Pork Lovers (Medium)R156,00
Pork Lovers (Large)R180,00
Sausage and Squash (Medium)R144,00
Sausage and Squash (Large)R168,00
Halloumi and Beet (Medium)R144,00
Halloumi and Beet (Large)R168,00
Beet Best (Medium)R122,00
Beet Best (Large)R146,00
Bacon and Corn (Medium)R144,00
Bacon and Corn (Large)R168,00

Classic Pastas

Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Mexicana (Classic Pastas)R138,00
Alfredo HamR138,00
Alfredo ChickenR138,00
Pulled Pork 140g PortionR138,00
Macaroni Cheese Al Forno PlusR138,00

Gourmet Pastas

Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Alla LucaR152,00
Carni AmoreR158,00
Seafood Ala CremaR195,00
Tikka Chicken (Gourmet Pastas)R152,00
Butternut CurryR146,00

Wood Fired Pasta

Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Macaroni Cheese Al FornoR138,00
Lasagne Al FornoR152,00
Cajun Chicken PastaR152,00


Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Ribs (400gm)R207,00
Ribs (600gm)R268,00
1/2 ChickenR122,00
Grilled Hake 10/12ozR146,00
Sirloin Steak 200gmR171,00
Chicken SchnitzelR146,00
Calamari MainR183,00
Fillet 200gmR211,00

Kiddies Food

Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Spaghetti BologneseR73,00
Chicken Strips (Kiddies Food)R73,00
Kiddies PizzaR73,00
Alfredo Ham (Kiddies Food)R73,00
Alfredo Chicken (Kiddies Food)R73,00


Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Gourmet Shake Death by ChocolateR73,00
Cans 200mlR28,00
Cans 300mlR34,00
Cans Zero 300mlR34,00
Appletiser 330mlR40,00
Mineral Water Still – 500mlR28,00
Mineral Water Sparkling – 500mlR28,00
Lipton Iced TeaR36,00
Freezo CoffeeR73,00


Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Ice Cream and Chocolate SauceR49,00
Waffle Classic Half with Ice CreamR36,00
Waffle Classic Full with Ice CreamR49,00
Waffle Death by ChocolateR73,00

Monday & Tuesday Special

Menu ItemsPrice (R)
2 x Classic Pizza Large (30cm)R183,00
3 x Classic PastaR183,00


Menu ItemsPrice (R)
Cheese BurgerR122,00
Chicken Cheese Schnitzel BurgerR122,00
Cheese Bacon and Onion BurgerR134,00
Mushroom, Cheese and Avo Chicken Schnitzel BurgerR134,00
Fillet BurgerR146,00

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