Since its inception in 2009, The Fish & Chip Co has grown into one of South Africa’s favorite fish and chips franchise brands. With over 110 take-away franchise restaurants, they are market leaders known for generous portions of quality fish and fresh-cut chips at affordable prices. Their success story is marked by 14 years of delivering delicious meals to thousands of satisfied customers daily.

United Fish & Chips Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameUnited Fish & Chips
Cuisine TypeSea food
Opening Hours8 am – 5 pm
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United Fish & Chips Menu

The Fish & Chip Co offers a menu centered on fresh, hot, and generous portions of sustainably caught fish, hand-cut slap chips, and signature russians. With options for single meals and sharing meals, their carefully crafted menu and promotions focus on value, catering to friends, families, and larger groups alike.

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TypeSizePrice (R)
200gR 22.90
320gR 31.90
470gR 42.90
750gR 62.90
1.2kgR 82.90
2kgR 114.90
TypeSizePrice (R)
SmallR 24.00
MediumR 39.00
LargeR 58.00
JumboR 94.00
Sailor’sR 20.00
Captain’sR 25.00


ComboComponentsPrice (R)
Small Hake & Mini chips (200g)Small Hake, Mini chipsR 36.90
Small Hake & Small chips (320g)Small Hake, Small chipsR 44.90
Captain’s Fish & Small chips (320g)Captain’s Fish, Small chipsR 43.90
Medium Hake & Small chips (320g)Medium Hake, Small chipsR 59.90
Large Hake & Small chips (320g)Large Hake, Small chipsR 74.90


ComboComponentsPrice (R)
Half Portion (125g)R 44.90
Full Portion (250g)R 74.90
Calamari Half Portion (125g), Small Hake & Small chips (320g)Calamari (Half Portion), Small Hake, Small chipsR 79.90
Calamari Full Portion (250g) & Small chips (320g)Calamari (Full Portion), Small chipsR 94.90


ItemPrice (R)
SmallR 18.00
LargeR 25.00
FootlongR 37.00
ViennaR 13.00
FrankfurtherR 17.00
Cheese RussianR 29.00


ItemPrice (R)
Portuguese RollR 6.90
AtcharR 9.90
Sauces (assorted)R 9.90
Fish CakeR 12.90
Onion RingsR 14.90


ItemPrice (R)
Russian & Chip RollR 32.90
Small Russian & Mini Chips (200g)R 32.90
Small Russian & Small Chips (320g)R 38.90
2 Viennas & Small Chips (320g)R 38.90
Large Russian & Small Chips (320g)R 44.90
Cheese Russian & Small Chips (320g)R 46.90
Footlong & Small Chips (320g)R 58.90


ItemPrice (R)
2 Small Russians & Small Chips (320g)R 52.90
Small Hake, Small Russian & Small Chips (320g)R 58.90
2 Small Hake & Small Chips (320g)R 64.90


MealContentsPrice (R)
Value Buddie Meal2 Small Hake, 2 Small Russians, Medium Chips (470g)R 104.90
Mad Buddie Meal2 Small Hake, 2 Large Russians, Medium Chips (470g)R 114.90
Big Buddie Meal2 Small Hake, 2 Footlong Russians, Medium Chips (470g)R 134.90


MealContentsPrice (R)
Value Share2 Medium Hake, 2 Footlong Russians, Large Chips (750g)R194.90
Village Share4 Small Hake, 4 Rolls, 4 Small Russians, Village Chips (1.2kg)R 224.90
Issabig Share4 Medium Hake, 4 Large Russians, Village Chips (1.2kg)R 274.90

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