The Sushiary is a premier sushi seafood restaurant nestled in South Africa, offering a delectable array of sushi delights. Specializing in halaal sushi, it caters to discerning seafood enthusiasts with its fresh and flavorful menu. Guests can indulge in a variety of sushi rolls, tempura specialties, and succulent calamari, all served with a side of enjoyable service and a pleasant atmosphere. Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or simply seeking a memorable dining experience, The Sushiary promises to satisfy your cravings for exquisite seafood cuisine.

Sushiary Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameSushiary
Cuisine TypeSeafood
Opening Hours11:30 am – 10:00 pm
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Sushiary Menu

The Sushiary offers good sushi, tempura rolls, and calamari, with food delivery as a notable feature. Guests praise the pleasant staff and enjoyable service, making it a must-visit for halaal sushi enthusiasts. With fair prices and a pretty atmosphere, it promises a delightful dining experience.

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ItemsPrice (R)
Maki (6 Pcs)from R45
Nigiri (2 Pcs)from R50
California Rolls (4 Pcs)from R44
Hand Rolls (1 Pc)from R55
Roses (4 Pcs)from R69
Sashimifrom R62
Sandwiches (4 Pcs)from R40


ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
EdamameEdamame beans served with sea salt.R60
Asian FriesFried chips with sweet chilli sauce.R39
Prawn Pops (200g)Prawn pops served with chilli bean mayoR82
Tempura Prawns (3 Pcs)Deep fried prawns with sweet chilli and mayo.R50
Tempura Avocado 4pcsTempura avoR45
Prawn & Cheese Spring Roll 3pcsPrawn & cheese spring rolls served with mayo and sweet chilliR48
Tuna Crunch 5pcsTuna, cream cheese topped with mayo & sweet chilliR63
Salmon Crunch 5pcsSalmon, cream cheese topped with mayo & sweet chilliR65
Prawn Crunch 5pcsTempura prawns, cheddar cheese topped with mayo & sweet chilliR64
Smoked Salmon Crunch 5pcsSmoked salmon & cream cheese topped with chilli bean mayo & teriyaki sauceR70


ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Tuna Crunch (5 Pcs)Tuna, cream cheese topped with mayo and sweet chilliR64
Salmon Crunch (5 Pcs)Salmon, cream cheese topped with mayo and sweet chilliR65
Prawn Crunch (5 Pcs)Prawn, cheddar cheese topped with mayo and sweet chilliR64
Smoked Salmon Crunch (5 Pcs)Smoked salmon and cream cheese topped with chillibean mayo and teriyaki sauce.R70


ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Salmon Salad6 Pieces of salmon, rocket, carrots, cucumber, seaweed and avo.R122
Tuna Salad6 Pieces of tuna with rocket, cucumber, carrots, seaweed and avo.R112
Seared Tuna Salad6 Pieces of seared tuna with rocket, cucumber, seaweed, carrots, 7 spices and avo.R115
Crabstick SaladChopped crabstick with cucumber, sesame seeds, seaweed and mayo.R89
Green SaladLettuce, cucumber, avo, baby tomatoes, olives & feta cheeseR70


ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Salmon Poke BowlSalmon, avo, cucumber, spring onion, carrots, seaweed and sesame seeds.R129
Tuna Poke BowlTuna, avo, cucumber, spring onion, carrots, seaweed and sesame seeds.R121
Prawn Poke BowlSteamed prawns, avo, cucumber, spring onion, carrots, seaweed and sesame seeds.R121


ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
4×4 (8 Pcs)Rainbow rolls (4 pcs), dragon roll (4 pcs) topped with mayo, caviar and teriyaki sauce.R128
Deluxe Combo (10 Pcs)Rainbow roll (4 pcs), prawn tempura roll (4 pcs) and roses (2 pcs). Topped with mayo, caviar & teriyaki sauceR157
Bakes Combo (10 Pcs)Fried futo maki (6 pcs), roses reloaded (4 pcs) with chilli bean and teriyaki sauce.R155
California Mix 12pcs4pcs Prawn california, 4pcs salmon california & 4pcs tuna californiaR132
The Golden Combo 15pcs5pcs Prawn crunch, 5 smoked salmon crunch & 5pcs tuna crunchR172
Prawn Ten 10pcs4pcs Prawn california rolls & 6pcs maki prawnR94
Cracker Mix 14pcs5pcs Prawn crunch, 5pcs salmon crunch, 4pcs fire crackerR158
Zig Zag 12pcs4pcs Avo roll, 4pcs tempura prawnR167
Salmon Ten 10pcs4pcs Salmon California Rolls, 4pcs salmon roses & 2pcs salmon nigiriR165
Sandwich Mix 12pcs4pcs Prawn sandwich, 4pcs salmon sandwich, 4pcs tuna sandwichR148
Classic Combo 12pcs4pcs Prawn california with shrimp topped with chilli bean mayo, spring onion & sesame seeds and 8pcs wasabi parcelR160


ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Emmanuel’s Platter (35pcs)4pcs Rainbow roll, 4pcs avo roll, 4pcs tempura prawn roll, 8pcs tuna sandwich, 6pcs maki avo, 4pcs california prawn & 5pcs tuna crunchR450
Tuna Platter (17 Pcs)Salmon roses (4 pcs), California tuna (4 pcs), sashimi (4 pcs) and tuna crunch (5 pcs).R250
Salmon Platter (17 Pcs)Salmon roses (4 pcs), California salmon (4 pcs), sashimi (4 pcs) and salmon crunch (5 pcs).R260
The Sushiary Platter (56pcs)8pcs prawn sandwich, 8pcs salmon & tuna tempura roll, 6pcs fried futo maki, 8pcs rainbow, 8pcs wasabi parcel, 10pcs tuna crunch & 8pcs avo rollsR620
Guppy’s Platter (22 Pcs)4pcs California salmon, 4pcs dragon roll, 4pcs assorted nigiri, 6pcs avo maki & 4pcs salmon rosesR299
Crunch Munch Platter (26 Pcs)5pcs Salmon crunch, 5pcs tuna crunch, 5pcs prawn crunch, 5pcs smoked salmon crunch, 6pcs fried futo makiR287
Prawn Platter (22pcs)4pcs Steamed prawn california, 4pcs tempura prawn california, 6pcs avo roll prawn, 3pcs prawn nigiri & 5pcs prawn crunchR270
Standard Platter 31pcs4pcs Sandwich Prawn/Tuna. 4pcs california tuna, 4pcs rainbow rolls, 5pcs prawn crunch, 5pcs tuna crunch, 5pcs salmon crunch & 4pcs avo rollR430
Party Platter 70pcsChef’s Selection Of SushiR745
Platinum Platter 120pcsChef’s Selection Of SushiR1300


ItemsPrice (R)


ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Firecrackers (4 Pcs)Steamed prawns and cream cheese, 7 spices on the outside topped with mayoR51
Dragon Roll (4 Pcs)Steamed prawn with avo. Topped with mayo, caviar and sesame seeds.R63
Wasabi Parcel (8 Pcs)Salmon and tuna layers. Topped with mayo and sesame seeds.R105
Fried Futo Maki (6 Pcs)Tempura salmon with spring onion. Topped with chillli bean mayo, teriyaki sauce, chives & breadcrumbs.R98
Reloaded Rose (4 Pcs)Salmon roses. Topped with chopped prawn meat. Dressed with chilli bean mayo, teriyaki sauce and Breadcrumbs.R89
Calamari Tempura Roll (4pcs)Tempura calamari with avo. Topped with mayo, caviar, spring onion & sesame seedsR49
Tempura Prawn Roll (4pcs)Tempura prawn with avo. Topped with chopped prawn meat & teriyaki sauce & sesame seeds.R68
Smoked Salmon Roll (4pcs)Smoked salmon & cream cheese roll. Topped with chilli bean mayo & spring onionR57
Salmon & Tuna Tempura Roll (8pcs)Tempura salmon and tuna with avo. Topped with mayo and spicy mayo.R82
Rainbow Roll (4 Pcs)Salmon and avo. Topped with mayo and caviar and teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds.R72
Avo Roll (4pcs)Salmon, tempura prawn radish topped with avoR70
Mystery Roll (8pcs)Tempura calamari, cucumber, cream cheese & jalapeño topped with mayoR93
Rockshrimp (4pcs)Prawn tempura california topped with prawn shrimp served with chilli bean mayo & sesame seedsR74
Spicy Prawn Bean Curd (2pcs)Spicy prawn meat mixed with mayo, 7 spices & spring onion. topped with teriyaki sauceR61
Salmon Dragon Roll (4pcs)Salmon with cucumber, avocado, chives, topped with salmon sashimi & teriyaki sauceR84
Avo Roll Prawn (6pcs)Steamed prawn, tempura prawn, pickled radish & avo on top served with teriyaki sauceR71


ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Calamari & ChipsCalamari strips & chips served with tomato sauce & tartar sauceR135
HakeDeep fried or grilled with chips or rice.R92
Queen Prawns (6 Pcs)Queen prawns (6 pcs) with mayo and tartar sauce with chips or rice.R157
Hake & Prawn ComboQueen prawns (4 pcs) with hake deep fried or grilled, served with chips or rice.R170
Calamari & Prawn ComboCalamari deep fried and queen prawns (4 pcs) with chips or rice.R180
Calamari & Hake ComboCalamari tubes and one hake fillet deep fried or grilled, served with chips or rice.R160
Small Platter1 Hake fillet grilled or deep fried, calamari strips, tubes, heads, prawns (4 pcs) with chips or rice.R225
Medium Platter2 Hake fillets grilled or deep fried, queen prawns (8 pcs), calamari strips, heads and tubes with chips or rice.R375
Large Platter3 Hake fillets grilled or deep fried, queen prawns (10 pcs), calamari strips, heads and tubes with chips & rice.R515


ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
Nutella & Banana Spring RollsWith nutella and banana topped with chocolate sauce.R39
Lindt Chocolate BrowniesChoc brownies with chocolate sauce.R45

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