Shanghai offers affordable and delicious Cantonese cooking in a casual modern setting with a sushi bar. Indulge in a variety of sushi dishes including fashion sandwiches, rainbow rolls, and excellent tuna nigiri, along with generous and beautifully presented sushi platters. Their menu features favorite Chinese dishes like crispy fish with chicken, chili, and cashew nuts, and chop suey. Pair your meal with specialty Chinese beers, sake, or a selection from the small wine list for a complete dining experience.

Shanghai Beacon Bay Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameShanghai Beacon Bay
Cuisine TypeChinese food
Opening Hours11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
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Shanghai Beacon Bay Menu

Shanghai Chinese Restaurant and Sushi Bar in Beacon Bay, East London, offers honest Cantonese cooking with a modern twist. Enjoy top-notch sushi rolls and generous platters alongside Chinese specialties like chop suey and crispy fish with cashews and chili. The restaurant features a simple yet adequate wine list, Chinese beers, and sake, providing an authentic Asian dining experience in a contemporary setting.

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Dish DescriptionPrice (R)
Mixed Meat with Prawn & Veg with Black Bean Sauce & Garlic SauceR80
Country Style Bean CurdR85
Lemon ChickenR85
Crispy Chicken WingsR85
Orange Juice ChickenR85
Hong Kong ChickenR85
Crispy Pork with PineappleR90
Crispy BeefR90
Beef with Eggplant & GarlicR100
Sweet & Sour Pork RibsR115
Crispy Duck (half portion)R255
Seasonal VegetablesR70


Item DescriptionPrice (R)
Soup – Chicken and CornR23
Soup – Hot and SourR25
Prawn ChipsR13
Spring Rolls (Vegetable)R13
Spring Roll (Chicken & Vegetable)R15
Spring Roll (Crab & Cheese)R20
Spring Roll (Vegetable & Prawn)R32
Won TonR45
Beef DumplingR45


Item DescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken Chop SueyR60
Sweet and Sour ChickenR60
Curry and Potato ChickenR60
Chicken with PineappleR60
Shanghai Style Sweet & Sour ChickenR65
Chicken with Cashew NutsR65


Item DescriptionPrice (R)
Vegetable Foo YongR60
Chicken Foo YongR65
Pork Foo YongR65
Beef Foo YongR65
Shrimp Foo YongR70


Item DescriptionPrice (R)
Vegetable Chow MeinR50
Chicken Chow MeinR60
Pork Chow MeinR60
Beef Chow MeinR60
Mixed Meat Chow MeinR65
Shrimp Chow MeinR70
Prawns Chow MeinR80


Item DescriptionPrice (R)
Stir-fried PrawnsR80
Stir-fried Calamari with Black Bean SauceR70
Sweet and Sour PrawnsR90
Golden Crispy Prawns (4 pieces, no rice)R100
Golden Crispy Prawns (1 piece, no rice)R25


Item DescriptionPrice (R)
Beef Chop SueyR60
Beef with Mushroom and OnionR60
Beef with Oyster SauceR60
Shanghai SteakR60
Sliced Beef with Chilli SauceR60


TV Tray for 2

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Item DescriptionQuantity
Chicken and vegetable spring rolls2
Sweet and sour chicken1
Shanghai steak1
Egg fried rice2
Fortune cookies2
Price (R)R170

TV Tray for 4

Item DescriptionQuantity
Chicken and corn soup2
Chicken and vegetable spring rolls2
Sweet and sour pork1
Chicken with cashew nuts1
Beef with oyster sauce1
Vegetable chop suey1
Egg rice2
Fried noodles2
Fortune cookies4
Price (R)R355


Item DescriptionPrice Range (R)
Maki Roll (8 pieces)from R32
California Roll (8 pieces)from R55
Prawn Rock n Roll (4 pieces)R70
Salmon Roses (4 pieces)R80
West Roll (4 pieces)R100
Rainbow Roll (8 pieces)R105
Futo Maki (6 pieces)R110
Tokyo Rolls (8 pieces)R110
Tear Drop Rolls (8 pieces)from R60
Dragon Rolls (8 pieces)from R70
Hand Roll (1 piece)from R45
Sashimi (3 pieces)from R60
Sashimi (6 pieces)from R115
Fashion Sandwiches (4 pieces)from R40
Fashion Sandwiches (8 pieces)from R80
Nigiri (2 pieces)from R40


Item DescriptionPrice (R)
Vegetarian Combo (12 pieces)R90
Mini Combo (10 pieces)R115
Mini Platter (10 pieces)R155
Starter Combo (14 pieces)R155
4×4 Platter (8 pieces)R155
Triple 4 Combo (12 pieces)R170
Assorted Maki Rolls (24 pieces)R170
Assorted Rolls (24 pieces)R180
Combo Roll (20 pieces) all SalmonR195
Ocean Combo (22 pieces)R260
Salmon Platter (24 pieces)R270
Assorted Combo (24 pieces)R320
Assorted Platter (26 pieces)R355
Romantic Dinner for 2 (28 pieces)R480
Large Assorted Platter (46 pieces)R640
Family Platter (74 pieces and 2 salads)R1000


Item DescriptionPrice (R)
Fortune CookieR6.5
Fortune Cookie with ChocolateR9
Bow TieR12
Deep Fried BananaR20
Ice CreamR20


Item DescriptionPrice (R)
Sweet and Sour SauceR9
Steamed RiceR17
NoodlesPlain Chow Mein R20
Fried Rice with Foo YongR20
Chicken and Vegetable Fried RiceR65
Fried Rice with Foo Yong & Shrimp Foo YongR70
Roasted Pork Fried Rice with Prawn MeatR85

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