Damascus Restaurant in Sea Point offers a culinary journey through the Middle East with its rich tapestry of flavors. Guests are transported to sun-kissed spice bazaars through delicious dishes that tell tales of tradition and heritage. The restaurant’s large terrace provides a perfect setting for gatherings, where friends can enjoy the ambiance of sizzling spices, grilled meats, and lively conversation under the colorful evening sky.

Damascus Restaurant Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameDamascus
Cuisine TypeSouth African
Opening Hours9:30 am – 11 pm
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Damascus Restaurant Menu

Indulge in a symphony of flavors at sunset with mezze platters featuring creamy hummus, baba ghanoush, and jewel-toned olives. Savor the tales of bygone eras in crunchy falafel fritters and succulent lamb and chicken skewers grilled to perfection.

Damascus Breakfast Menu

CategoryItemDescriptionPrice (R)
MIDDLE EASTERNShakshukaEggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce. Served with Syrian flatbread.R80.00
MIDDLE EASTERNThe HaloumiEggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce. Served with Syrian Flatbread.R90.00
ENGLISHOmeletteHaloumi, chickpeas, hummus, avocado, and salad. Served with Syrian Flatbread.R80.00
ENGLISHEggs & SausageWith sautéed bell peppers, mushroom, tomatoes, onion, and cheese with optional chili. Served with Syrian Flatbread.R95.00

Damascus Cold Mezze

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Extra FlatbreadExtra FlatbreadR27.00
Large ChipsLarge ChipsR60.00
Mezze Platter (V)Mezze Platter (V) – Assorted selection of cold mezze items.R250.00
Hummus (V)Hummus (V) – Classic chickpea dip. Served with Syrian flatbread.R99.00
Yalanji (V)Yalanji (V) – Grape leaves stuffed with rice and vegetables. Sweet & sour flavor.R90.00
Moussaka (V)Hummus (V) – Classic chickpea dip. Served with Syrian Flatbread.R95.00
Tzatziki (V)Moussaka (V) – Eggplant cooked with tomato, pepper, and spices. Served with Syrian Flatbread.R85.00
Baba-Ganoush (V)Tzatziki (V) – Yoghurt, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and fresh mint, served with Syrian Flatbread.R95.00
Mutabbal (V)Baba-Ganoush (V) – Chunky smoked eggplant and tahini dip with bell peppers, onions, parsley, tomatoes, pecan, and pomegranate sauce. Served with Syrian Flatbread.R95.00

Damascus Hot Mezze

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Hummus with LambHummus with Lamb – Classic chickpea dip topped with lamb.R165.00
Chicken Potato ProvencalChicken Potato Provencal – Chicken and potato dish with Provencal flavors.R125.00
Falafel Balls (V)Falafel Balls (V) – Deep-fried balls made from ground chickpeas or fava beans.R140.00
Syrian Sambusek (V)Syrian Sambusek (V) – Pastries filled with various ingredients, often with cheese or minced meat.R90.00
Sticky Buffalo WingsSticky Buffalo Wings – Chicken wings with sweet and sour sauce with a kick.R120.00
Mutabbal BatarshMutabbal Batarsh – Mutabbal topped with tender cubes of meat braised with spices and herbs in a tomato base. Garnished with almonds and served with Syrian Flatbread.R170.00

Damascus Soups

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
SeafoodSeafood – Pieces of calamari, hake, prawn, and mussels cooked in tomato and garlic.R110.00
Moroccan HariraMoroccan Harira – Tomato, lentils, chickpeas, lamb pieces, and fresh herbs.R90.00
Damascus Herb BreadDamascus Herb Bread – Herb bread with garlic, Haloumi, and Mozzarella, topped with olive slices.R70.00

Damascus Salad

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fattoush (V)Fattoush (V) – Pita chips, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, mint, parsley, and flavorful vinaigrette.R100.00
Falafel Salad (V)Falafel Salad (V) – Falafel, lettuce, cucumbers, cocktail tomatoes, red onion, hummus, and yogurt tahini dressing.R110.00
Chicken Jungle SaladChicken Jungle Salad – Spiced grilled chicken and a variety of greens, tossed in salad dressing and garnished with pecans.R125.00
Tabbouleh (V)Tabbouleh (V) – Bulgur wheat, fresh parsley, cucumber, tomato, olive oil, and lemon juice.R95.00

Damascus Shawarma

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken ShawarmaFalafel Shawarma(V) – Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mint, onion, and parsley. It was served with chips, coleslaw, and tahini sauce.R125.00
Falafel Shawarma(V)Beef Shawarma – Flatbread filled with beef, and tahini sauce with onions, tomato, and parsley. Served with chips and coleslaw.R99.00
Beef ShawarmaBeef Shawarma – Flatbread filled with beef, tahini sauce, onions, tomato, and parsley and served with chips and coleslaw.R135.00
Arabic Kebab WrapArabic Kebab Wrap – Ground lamb mixed with fresh herbs, onion, and garlic.R150.00

Damascus Manoosh Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Cheese Muhamara (V)Cheese Muhamara (V) – Manoosh with cheese and muhamara.R99.00
Cheese Muhamara (V)Cheese Muhamara (V) – Manoosh with cheese and muhamara.R120.00
Cheese Zaatar (V)Cheese Zaatar (V) – Manoosh with cheese and zaatar.R110.00
Chicken CalzoneChicken Calzone – Calzone filled with chicken.R175.00
Cheese Man’oosh (V)Cheese Man’oosh (V) – Manoosh with cheese.R115.00
Damascus Lamb Man’ooshDamascus Lamb Man’oosh – Lamb mixed with Syrian spices and herbs, topped with fresh rocket.R175.00
Chicken Schwarma Man’ooshChicken Schwarma Man’oosh – Manoosh with shawarma chicken strips, garlic sauce, cheese, and salad.R165.00
Labneh Zaatar (V)Labneh Zaatar (V) – Manoosh with labneh cheese, fresh tomato, cucumber, olives, mint, and rocket.R125.00
Sfiha Man’ooshSfiha Man’oosh – Manoosh with minced lamb, tomato, and onion, with optional chili.R145.00
Four SeasonsFour Seasons – On a thick base, Manoosh with Napolitana sauce, red and green pepper, mushroom, olives, tomato, and onion.R145.00

Damascus Steaks Chicken

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fillet Steak Pepper SauceFillet Steak Pepper Sauce – Fillet in pepper sauce. I served with chips and vegetables.R285.00
Fillet Steak Pepper SauceFillet Steak Pepper Sauce – Fillet in pepper sauce. Served with chips and vegetables.R285.00
Fillet Steak Mushrooms SauceFillet Steak Mushrooms Sauce – Fillet in mushroom sauce served with chips or vegetables.R285.00
Fillet Buffalo SteakFillet Buffalo Steak – Fillet marinated in buffalo sauce, served with chips and vegetables.R270.00
Extra SaucesExtra Sauces – Additional sauces for the steaks.R40.00

Damascus Main Syrian Dishes

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken MandiLamb Shank – Slow-cooked until tender in a tomato-based gravy with authentic spices and served with basmati rice and vegetables.R195.00
Aleppo KebabAleppo Kebab – Syrian kebab seasoned with Middle Eastern spices.R195.00
Sheesh Bil-FakharahSheesh Bil-Fakharah – Dish with skewered meat cooked in charcoal.R175.00
Creamy PrawnsCreamy Prawns – Prawns cooked in a creamy sauce.R265.00
Lamb ShankMagloobeh is a traditional Syrian dish with rice, eggplant, and mutton. Served with salad and tzatziki.R320.00
Extra Mandi RiceExtra Mandi Rice – Additional serving of Mandi rice.R45.00
MagloobehKofta Spicy – Patty made with mince mixed with chili, onion, garlic, peppers, and Middle Eastern spices and served with smoked rice, chips, mutabbal & cheezy garlic flatbread.R195.00
Extra Basmati RiceExtra Basmati Rice – Additional serving of basmati rice.R45.00
Kofta SpicyKofta Spicy – Patty made with mince mixed with chili, onion, garlic, peppers, and Middle Eastern spices. Served with smoked rice, chips, mutabbal & cheezy garlic flatbread.R190.00

Damascus Syria Charcoal Grills

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Sheesh TawookSheesh Tawook – Chicken cubes cooked in earthy spices, yogurt, and tomato and served with garlic sauce, fries, and Syrian Flatbread.R185.00
Mixed Platter for OneMixed Platter for One – Lambchop, shaqaf, Sheesh Tawook, and one skewer kebab. I served with mutable and creamy garlic sauce, fries, and Syrian Flatbread.R270.00
Skewer KebabSkewer Kebab – Ground lamb mixed with fresh herbs, onions, and garlic on a skewer and served with mutabel, fries, and Syrian Flatbread.R210.00
Lamb ChopsMixed Platter for Four lamb chops, two shaqaf, two sheesh tawook, and four skewer kebabs. Served with mutable and creamy garlic sauce. Served with fries, Syrian bread, and a beta salad.R265.00
Mixed Platter for FourLamb Chops – 4 x 75g lamb chops cooked in a flavorful marinade and served with creamy garlic sauce, fries, and Syrian Flatbread.R1050.00
ShaqafLamb Chops – 4 x 75g lamb chops cooked in a flavorful marinade. Served with creamy garlic sauce, fries, and Syrian Flatbread.R265.00

Damascus Crepes

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Classic CrepesClassic Crepes – A good old-fashioned cinnamon and sugar.R110.00
Nutella CrepesNutella Crepes – A crepe slathered in Nutella.R142.00
Damascus CrepeDamascus Crepe – Golden and maple syrup, tahini, and roasted sesame seeds.R120.00
Chocolate FettuccineChocolate Fettuccine – Vanilla & chocolate crepe strips with rich hazelnut Nutella, white chocolate sauce, and pistachios.R170.00
Banana FosterBanana Foster – Warm fried banana foster, caramel sauce, and pecan nuts.R145.00

Damascus Waffles

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Brownie HavenBrownie Haven – A decadent chocolate brownie waffle base topped with Nutella.R160.00
Banana TreatBanana Treat – Warm fried banana foster, caramel sauce, and pecan nuts.R145.00
Fresh FruitsFresh Fruits – A warm waffle with fresh seasonal fruit.R170.00

Damascus Extras Menu

ExtraPrice (R)
X PineappleR25.00
X OreoR20.00
Maple SyrupR15.00
Golden SyrupR15.00
Caramel SauceR15.00
X BananaR25.00
X AppleR25.00
Flaked AlmondsR15.00
Whipped CreamR25.00
Mixed NutsR25.00

Damascus Cold Drinks

Cold DrinkPrice (R)
Soft Drink 300MLR30.00
Ayran Yoghurt DrinkR26.00
Still Water 1,5 LiterR38.00
Still Water 500MLR25.00
Sparkling Water 500MLR25.00

Damascus Freshly Squeezed Juices

Freshly Squeezed JuicePrice (R)
Glow – Pineapple, apple, cucumber, and lemon.R55.00

Damascus Mocktails

MocktailPrice (R)
Strawberry DaiquiriR55.00
Cherry Blossom & RosemaryR55.00
Electric LemonadeR55.00
Blood Orange & BasilR50.00
Pina ColadaR65.00
Sweet Sassy FruitR80.00

Damascus Iced-Tea

Damascus Iced-TeaPrice (R)
Blueberry MintR70.00

Damascus Hot Drinks

Hot BeveragePrice (R)
Turkish CoffeeR28.00
Flat WhiteR30.00
Café MochaR38.00
Oriental LatteR37.00
Hot ChocolateR38.00
Hot Chocolate VenwaR43.00
Chai LatteR28.00

Damascus Milkshakes

MilkshakePrice (R)
Kitkat ShakeR60.00
Royal ShakeR75.00
Chocolate ShakeR45.00
Ferrero ShakeR80.00
Strawberry ShakeR45.00
Salted CaramelR55.00
Chocolate Turkish DelightR55.00
Nutella MilkshakeR74.00
Caramel ShakeR45.00
Coffee ShakeR45.00

Damascus Iced-Coffee

Damascus Iced-CoffeeDescriptionPrice (R)
Tiramisu Iced-CoffeeTiramisu Iced-Coffee – Iced coffee with the rich flavor of tiramisu.R45.00
Mocha Iced-CoffeeMocha Iced-Coffee – Iced coffee with a delightful blend of chocolate (mocha).R45.00

Damascus Pancakes

PancakePrice (R)
Classic PancakeR125.00
Nutella PancakeR155.00
Honey Butter PancakeR135.00
Nutella FruitR170.00

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