YU brings a contemporary twist to Asian dining in Cape Town’s Foreshore, offering a glamorous setting and delicious small plates. With a focus on Izakaya-style dishes, the menu features sushi, dim sum, and Asian tapas for a sharing experience. Immerse yourself in the restaurant’s dimly lit interiors adorned with rich velvets and warm timbers.

Yu Restaurant Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameYu Restaurant Menu South Africa
Cuisine TypeChinese food
Opening Hours12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
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Yu Restaurant Menu

YU Restaurant, near Cape Town International Convention Centre, offers Chinese cuisine with the option for takeaway. Enjoy nicely cooked sushi, soft-shell crabs, and bao at affordable prices. Guests praise the good service and homey decor, creating a relaxed atmosphere for dining.

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ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Tempura Zucchini with yuzu saltR80.00
Soft Shell Crab in a Sesame MayoR145.00
Wagyu SlidersR90.00
Spicy EdamameR80.00
Hoisin CalamariR120.00
Chicken Wings marinated in Siracha, Honey + SoyaR85.00
Sticky Ribs marinated in Sichuan Pepper, honey, misoR160.00
Katsu Chicken SliderChicken bao slider, Thai curry, asian slawR85.00
Yakitori Chicken SkewersR80.00
Wagyu Beef TatakiAsian mushrooms and a sweet soyaR180.00
Spring Roll in rice paperPrawn, mint, noodle and mangoR92.00

Dim Sum

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Spinach & Cream CheeseR70.00
Asian Spicy MushroomR75.00
Chicken & Chive MoneybagR80.00
Edamame, Water chestnut and MushroomR80.00
Seafood Sui MaiWith a chau Feng sauceR90.00
Prawn, cheese & corianderR85.00
Duck PotstickerR80.00
Chicken and GingerR75.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken & Siracha BaoR120.00
Beef Short Rib with Chilli, Garlic, Oyster Sauce BaoR135.00
Wrapped Prawn BaoWrapped Prawns, grilled pineapple, cucumber, Korean mayoR120.00
Tempura Enoki Mushrooms & Yuzu Guacamole BaoR110.00
Soft shell Crab BaoR145.00
Rockshrimp Prawn BaoChilli prawns, daikon, Fuchi chilli, mango chutneyR145.00

Crispy Rice

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Spicy Salmon Crispy Ricewith spring onion, sesame oilR115.00
Beef Tartare, miso and pickled onionR105.00
Avo, Lime, Coconut, Coriander Crispy RiceR90.00


ItemPrice (R)
Tom Yum Seafood & MushroomsR110.00


ItemPrice (R)
Thai Papaya Salad (Contains Nuts)R120.00
Seared Tuna, Tofu, Wakame, Mizuna & Goma DressingR140.00
Seared Beef, Asian greens, wontons, lime, nutsR135.00
Burrata Salad, Yizu, Truffle Oil, Wakame Basil with WontonsR135.00

Poke Bowls

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Salmon Poke Bowledamame, broccoli, sushi rice, pickled onion, fried tofu, wakameR155.00
Tuna Poke Bowledamame, broccoli, sushi rice, pickled onion, fried tofu, wakameR155.00


ItemPrice (R)
Baby Chicken marinated in a red coconut curryR170.00
Peking DuckR270.00
Rib eye, sweet potato crispsR220.00
Cubed Fillet, Asian mushrooms, ginger lemongrassR230.00
Linefish in Miso JalapenoR220.00
Sesame Crusted Seared tuna, hoisin and PakchoiR275.00
Peking DuckR270.00
Korean Koje Lamb ChopsR240.00
Salmon TeriyakiR230.00
Prawns in yuzu butter0.00
Seafood Indonesian StirfryR195.00
Prawn Thai CurryR210.00


ItemPrice (R)
Grilled Broccolini, sesame soyaR80.00
Grilled Aubergine, misoR60.00
Grilled Cauliflower head with green curryR125.00
Asian Fries, garlic sriracha mayoR55.00
Egg Fried RiceR60.00
Pak Choi in a light ponzu soyaR60.00

Signature Sushi (8pc)

ItemPrice (R)
Finely diced tuna, infused sriracha mayo, sesame oil topped with tempura flakesR165.00
Marinated seared tuna, avo, burnt yuzu mayo topped with potato bitsR165.00
Wrapped Salmon filled with avo, spicy tartar, teriyaki topped with tempura flakesR140.00
Thinly sliced salmon layered with wasabi cream topped with red caviarR155.00
Marinated seared salmon, avo, burnt spicy mayo topped with thin potato bitsR165.00
Finely diced Salmon, infused sriracha mayo, sesame oil topped with tempura flakesR165.00
Prawn tempura, ginger, miso mayo topped with crispy cornR170.00
Kataifi prawns, sweet pineapple, cucumber topped with spicy MayoR170.00
Prawn Roll, wrapped salmon and tuna topped teriyaki and caviarR170.00
Crispy Roll, prawn and avo topped with a sweet chilli mayoR175.00
Lightly tempura Soft Shell Crab, avo, sweet teriyaki topped with CaviarR185.00
Golden browned Tempura Veg, sweet butternut Mash topped with a burnt mayoR145.00


ItemPrice (R)
Seared Salmon, fashion sandwich, teriyaki, mayoR180.00
Rock shrimp prawns, spicy salmon roll, tangy mayoR190.00
Eel, asian barbecue, avocado, shaved almondsR195.00

New Style Sashimi

ItemPrice (R)
New Style Salmon Sashimi Wasabi mayo, teriyakiR155.00
New Style Tuna Sashimi marinated zucchini, spicy mayoR155.00

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