Established in 1993, King Pie is a renowned South African fast-food chain celebrated for its delectable sweet and savory pies. With André Els as CEO and headquarters in Midrand, the chain has expanded globally, offering a diverse menu including meat, chicken, steak, and vegetarian pies. In addition to pies, King Pie provides dining, takeout, and a range of other fast-food options such as hamburgers, fries, and hot dogs.

Restaurant NameKing Pie
Cuisine TypeFast Food
Opening Hours7:00 am – 5:30 pm
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King Pie Menu

Explore a delectable menu at King Pie, one of South Africa’s finest restaurants, offering a variety of options including Large Pies, Burger Pies, Combo Meals, and more. With consistently fresh and generous portions, King Pie ensures a satisfying dining experience for all tastes.

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King Pie Share Meals

Pick Your 6 Share Meal CR 275,45
Pick Your 6 Share Meal BR 260,35

King Pie Combos

Super Saver MealR 57,85
Double The DealR 82,00
Royal MealR 71,00
Burger MealR 73,90
Footlong MealR 76,85

King Pie Burger Pies

Beef Burger PieR 51,25
Chicken Burger PieR 51,25
Peri Peri Chicken Burger PieR 51,25
Prego Burger PieR 51,25

Cheeseburger Pies

Cheeseburger PieR 54,20

Footlong Rolls

Cheese Russian Footlong RollR 54,20
Boerie Footlong RollR 54,20

Double Filla Pies

Chicken Mayo Double Filla PieR 48,35
Steak and Cheese Double Filla PieR 48,35
Butter Chicken Double Filla PieR 48,35
Pepper Steak Double Filla PieR 48,35
Chicken and Mushroom Double Filla PieR 48,35
Chicken Ala King Double Filla PieR 48,35
Spicy Beef Double Filla PieR 48,35

King Pie Large Pies

Steak and Kidney Large PieR 41,00
Pepper Steak Large PieR 41,00
Steak and Onion Large PieR 41,00
Chicken Large PieR 41,00
Salami and Cheese Large PieR 41,00
Spinach and Feta Large PieR 41,00
Sausage Roll PieR 41,00
Cornish Large PieR 41,00

King Pie Beverages

StoneyR 24,00
Coca-ColaR 24,00
SpriteR 24,00
Fanta OrangeR 24,00
WaterR 24,00
Coca-Cola (1.5L)R 32,00

King Pie Extras

Samosa Mix (Large, 3 pieces)R 35,20
Cocktail Pies Mix (3 pieces)R 29,20
Sausage Roll Cocktail PieR 10,25
Samosa (Large)R 15,00
Cheese and Onion Cocktail PieR 10,25
Chicken Cocktail PieR 10,25

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