Casbah Roadhouse Restaurant in Silverton, Pretoria, is a popular dining destination in South Africa, offering delivery, takeaway, and dine-in services with a 4-star rating. Accessibility is a priority, with wheelchair-accessible facilities and ample parking. Renowned for its quality food and friendly service, it’s a favorite among families, known especially for its delicious milkshakes and ice cream.

Casbah Roadhouse Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameCasbah Roadhouse
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours9 am – 9 pm
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Casbah Roadhouse Menu

The restaurant provides diverse dining options, including vegan choices and small plates, alongside a menu featuring burgers, chicken, and ribs. Praised for its friendly staff, cleanliness, and value, it offers top-notch customer service and a relaxed atmosphere, complemented by a variety of beverages.

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SpecialDescriptionPrice (R)
Full Chicken Special & Get 1/2 Chicken FreeBuy a full chicken and get a 1/2 chicken FREE.R 206.9


BurgerDescriptionPrice (R)
Jumbo Burgerfrom R 65.9
Hawaiian BurgerBeef burger with cheese and pineapple.from R 90
Cheese Burgerfrom R 77
Bacon & Cheese Burgerfrom R 97.37
Junior Cheese BurgerR 55.9
Saucy BurgerMonkey gland, pepper, mushroom & garlic sauce.from R 86.9
Mexican BurgerFried onions, jalapeños & cheese.from R 96
Royal BurgerBacon, cheese & mushroom sauce.from R 111.67
Hamburger Special4 Jumbo burgers, box chips & 2L coke.R 364.9
DagwoodR 107.9


Toasted SandwichDescriptionPrice (R)
Fillet Steak & CheeseR 95.9
Fillet DeluxeFillet, pepper sauce, bacon & cheese.R 103.9
Mince & CheeseR 69.9
Chicken MayonnaiseR 57.9
Egg, Cheese & TomatoR 49.8
Ham & CheeseR 55.9
Ham, Cheese & TomatoR 61.9
Ham, Cheese & EggR 61.9
Bacon & EggR 59.9
Bacon & CheeseR 60.9
Bacon, Egg & CheeseR 66.9
Hennie SpecialHam, egg, cheese & tomato.R 75.9
Club DeluxeChicken mayo, cheese, bacon & lettuce.R 86.9
BlondieBeef patty, fillet, 2 eggs, bacon & cheese.R 140
Bennie SpecialBacon, cheese, eggs & tomato.R 76.9


WrapDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef WrapServed with chips inside.R 78.9
Chicken WrapServed with chips inside.R 78.9


SchwarmaDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef SchwarmaServed with chips and a sauce of your choice.R 96
Chicken SchwarmaServed with chips and a sauce of your choice.R 96


Footlong HotdogPrice (R)
Footlong Vienna DogR 80.9
Footlong FrankfurterR 90.9
Footlong RussianR 90.9
Footlong BoereworsR 90.9


Chicken BurgerDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken Burgerfrom R 75.9
Chargrill Chicken BurgerChargrilled chicken burger with a sauce of your choice.from R 77.9
Chicken Cheese BurgerChicken fillet with cheesefrom R 85.9
Bacon & Cheese Burgerfrom R 96.9


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Flat ChickenServed with chips, pap or rice.from R 75.9
Chicken Schnitzel2 x Fillet chicken.R 128.9
Chicken Meal1 fillet chicken.R 86.9
Belly RibsServed with chips & salad.from R 171.9
Shoulder RibsServed with chips & salad.from R 150
1/2 Chicken & 500g Shoulder RibsServed with chips & salad.R 221
1/4 Chicken & 250g RibsServed with chips & salad.R 150
4x Wings & 250g Shoulder RibsServed with chips & salad.R 143.9
Crispy Fried Chicken StripsR 112.9
Family PackR 450


SeafoodDescriptionPrice (R)
Fish, Chips & Green SaladFish, chips and served with a green salad.R 97.37
Fish & Greek SaladFish served with a Greek salad.R 97.37


GrillDescriptionPrice (R)
Mixed Grill250g rump, 3 bacon strips, 1 lamb chop, small Vienna, small boerewors, chips and saladR 235
T-Bone SteakServed with chips and salad or pap or rice.from R 150
Rump SteakServed with chips and salad or pap or rice.from R 150
Chop Grill4 x 100g Lamb chops. Served with chips and salad or pap or rice.R 204.1


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef Curry & RiceBeef curry served with salad.from R 126.9
Spaghetti Bolognesefrom R 98.9
Spaghetti AlfredoR 106.9
Medium Russian & ChipsR 48.64


Pap MealDescriptionPrice (R)
Pap & SauceR 30.9
Pap & Boerewors2 Pieces of boerewors served with pap.R 118.9
Pap & Beef CurryR 110.9
Pap & 1/4 ChickenR 75.9
Pap Meal1 Piece boerewors & 1 lamb chop.R 124.9


ComboDescriptionPrice (R)
Combo 12x Junior burger, chips & 300ml coke.R 92.16
Combo 2Jumbo BBQ burger, chips & 300ml coke.R 92.16
Combo 3Footlong vienna, onions, cheese, prego sauce, chips & 300ml coke.R 92.16
Combo 56x Medium russians, box chips & 2L coke.R 280
Combo 6Chicken fillet burger, chips & 300ml coke.R 103.68
Combo 10250g Ribs, small boerewors, 2 wings, 1 lamb chop, chips & 300ml coke.R 163.8
Family Pack1x Full chicken, 1kg shoulder ribs, medium chips, 2 butter rolls & 2l coke.R 382
Milkshake Special Combo2x Jumbo burgers with chips & 2x 500ml milkshakes.R 200


WingboxDescriptionPrice (R)
WingsServed with chips & salad.from R 94


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Junior Cheese Burger & ChipsServed with a 300ml Coke.R 70.9
Chicken Nuggets & ChipsServed with a 300ml Coke.R 65.9
Spaghetti BolognaiseServed with a 300ml Coke.R 60
Kiddies PizzaHam & cheese. Served with a 300ml Coke.R 50


PlatterDescriptionPrice (R)
Platter 1Rump 250g, 2 x boerewors, 12 x wings, 2 x russians & 2 x lamb chops.R 487
Platter 2500g shoulder ribs, 1/2 chicken and 12 wings.R 370
Platter 3500g x Shoulder ribs, 1/2 x chicken, 12 x wings, 2 x boerewors & 250g rump.R 450


ItemPrice (R)
Bowl of Onion RingsR 24


DessertPrice (R)
Banana SplitR 52
Fruit Salad & Ice CreamR 52
Waffle with Ice CreamR 45.5
Waffle with Chocolate Sauce & FlakeR 52


Ice CreamDescriptionPrice (R)
Jelly Tot CupR 32.9
Choc 99 CupChocolate sauce & flake.R 36.9
Soft Serve CupR 30.9
Double Thick Oreo Cup 500mlR 66.9
Double Oreo Cup 500mlR 66.9
Double Thick Ice Cream 500mlR 63.9
Double Thick 500mlR 60.9


New MilkshakesPrice (R)
500mlfrom R 52


Hot DrinksDescriptionPrice (R)
Cappuccino350mlR 37
EspressoR 33
Tea350mlR 19


BeverageDescriptionPrice (R)
Milkshakes500mlR 60.9
Guava SpecialIce cream mixed with guava juice. Also available with granadilla juice.R 54.9
FrulataIce cream and fruit cocktail juice mixed with fruit.R 72.9
Still Water500mlR 16.64
Juices330mlR 32

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