Lollipop Roadhouse in Colbyn, Pretoria, offers diverse dining options from breakfast to dinner in a casual setting ideal for families and groups. With outdoor seating, delivery, drive-through, takeout, and dine-in facilities, they prioritize convenience and fast service. Known for delectable food including renowned milkshakes and ice cream, they also serve alcohol, beer, coffee, and wine for a well-rounded dining experience.

Lollipop Roadhouse Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameLollipop Roadhouse
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours9 am – 9 pm
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Lollipop Roadhouse Menu

At Lollipop Roadhouse, enjoy delicious buffalo wings, pizza, and schnitzels, complemented by tasty waffles and ice cream. While milkshakes may not be a highlight, the well-trained staff ensures an enjoyable dining experience with average prices and a homey atmosphere.

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SpecialDescriptionPrice (R)
Smiley BreakfastA smiling footlong thick Vienna, 2 fried eggs, grilled tomato and toast.R85
Regular DagwoodA toasted double decker, regular beef patty, bacon, egg, cheese, tomato sauce and trimmings.R85
Ranch Chicken and Bacon PizzaItalian base, mozzarella, grilled chicken strips, grilled bacon, mushroom, red onion and topped with Ranch Saucefrom R115
Oreo Supa WaffleA toasted waffle base filled with Oreos, topped with chocolate sauce and your choice of ice cream, cream or both and then more Oreos.R85
BBQ Chicken Mac n CheeseClassic Macaroni & Mozzarella Cheese, grilled chicken strips baked dish topped with BBQ SauceR79
Chicken Meatball Pops8 home made chicken balls, deep fried and served with chips, pap or rice. Peri Peri / BBQ / Lemon & HerbR99
Double Stack Chicken Burger2 home made chicken patties, 2 slices of ham, 2 slices of cheese, fresh tomato and spicy mayonnaise in a regular bun.R85
Regular Dagwood Family Combo + 2lt CokeFour toasted regular Dagwoods, large chips and a 2lt Coke.R390
Double Value Pizza DealTwo 18cm Chicken Pizzettas with mozzarella, grilled chicken strips on an Italian base.R69
Two Share Chicken ComboA double portion of peri peri chicken livers, four pieces of golden fried chicken with a large pap or large chips. Peri peri / BBQ / Lemon & Herb.R145
Chicken Espetada3 grilled chicken thighs with chips, pap or rice. Peri peri / BBQ / Lemon & Herb.R129


BreakfastDescriptionPrice (R)
English Breakfast1 Banger, 2 back bacon, 2 eggs, mushroom, 1 toast, chips, tomatoR129
SA Breakfast200g Wors, 2 back bacon, 2 eggs, 1 toast, chips, tomatoR155
The Griller BreakfastCheese griller, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, 1 toast, chips, tomatoR167
Lollipop Breakfast2 Bacon, 2 bangers, 2 eggs, 1 toast, chips, tomatoR134
Start Up Breakfast2 Back bacon, 2 eggs, toast, chips & tomatoR99
Country Breakfast2 Bangers, 2 eggs, toast, chips & tomatoR109


StarterDescriptionPrice (R)
Potato Skins2 Deep fried potato cups with bacon topped with cheese sauceR98
Crumbed MushroomsGolden brown with tartar or blue cheese sauceR86
Calamari StarterCrumbed & golden fried. Served with tartar sauceR95
Baked Garlic RollR69


SaladDescriptionPrice (from R)
Bacon & Blue CheeseLettuce, tomatoes, egg, onions, peppers & blue cheese dressingR86
GardenLettuce, tomatoes, egg, onions, peppers & dressingR48
GreekFeta, olives, lettuce, tomatoes, egg, onions, peppers & dressingR72
Grilled ChickenGrilled chicken strips, lettuce, tomatoes, egg, onions, peppers & dressingR72
350ml Tub Mixed SaladMixed salads including, potato, coleslaw & beetroot saladR52


ItemPrice (R)
Chipsfrom R56
Veg of the DayR48
Onion Ringsfrom R56


BurgerDescriptionPrice (R)
Hamburgerfrom R49
Cheese Burgerfrom R59
Egg Burgerfrom R65
Bacon BurgerWith 150g patty.from R83
Bacon & Cheese Burgerfrom R93
Sauce Burgerfrom R64
Hawaiian Burgerfrom R67
Chilli Cheese BurgerJumbo patty, double cheese & prego jalapeno sauceR105
Bacon Avo BurgerJumbo patty, back bacon & avocadoR129
Lollipop BurgerJumbo patty, bacon, egg, cheese & trimmingsR129
Cadillac BurgerJumbo patty, bacon, egg, cheese, mushroom sauce & trimmingsR135
Bacon & Blue Cheese BurgerJumbo patty, bacon & blue cheese sauceR126


Meal of the DayDescriptionPrice (R)
Roast Beef With GravyRoast beef with gravy, roast potatoes & two vegetablesR115
Chicken Schnitzel With GravyChicken schnitzel with gravy, roast potatoes & two vegetablesR105
Pork Chop With GravyPork chop with gravy, roast potatoes & two vegetablesR114
Family Beef Homestyle4 x Roast beef with family gravy, roast potatoes & two vegetablesR347
Family Chicken Homestyle4 x Schnitzels with family gravy, roast potatoes & two vegetablesR259
Family Beef & Chicken Homestyle2 Beef portions & 2 schnitzels with family gravy, roast potatoes & two vegetablesR303


SandwichDescriptionPrice (from R)
Back BaconBack bacon & egg or cheese or bananaR78
Chicken MayoChicken mayoR69
Cheese, Ham and TomatoCheese, ham, and tomatoR56
Cheese & TomatoCheese and tomatoR42


SandwichDescriptionPrice (R)
Lollipop Club SandwichBacon, chicken mayo, cheese, egg, pickles, BBQ sauce & trimmingsR144
Bennie Special SandwichBacon, egg, cheese & tomatoR87
Hennie Special SandwichHam, egg, cheese & tomatoR61
Dagwood SandwichDouble decker. Jumbo patty, bacon, egg, cheese & trimmingsR113
Blondie Sirloin SandwichDouble decker. Sirloin steak, jumbo patty, bacon, egg, cheese & trimmingsR182
Chicken TramezziniGrilled chicken strips, feta & avo, toasted in pitaR129
BBQ Steak TramezziniGrilled beef strips with steak sauce, toasted in pitaR129
Bacon TramezziniGrilled bacon with cheese & mushroom, toasted in pitaR145


FootlongDescriptionPrice (R)
Boerewors Footlong200g grilled boerewors.R91
Cheese Griller FootlongProper cheese griller.R112
Russian FootlongFootlong russian.R106
Vienna FootlongThick footlong vienna.R98
2 Smoked Viennas2 Smoked viennas.R67
Sirloin Steak Footlong RollSirloin steak with trimmings, prego or BBQ sauceR129
Chicken Fillet Footlong Rollwith trimmings, prego or BBQ sauceR86


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef ShawarmaSpiced & grilled beef in pita. With peppers, carrots, cabbage, onion & a sauce of your choice.R119
Chicken ShawarmaSpiced & grilled chicken strips in pita. With peppers, carrots, cabbage, onion & a sauce of your choice.R106
Vegetarian ShawarmaGrilled mushroom, stir fried with peppers, carrots, cabbage, onion & a sauce of your choice.R106


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Buffalo WingsFried chicken wings tossed in buffalo sauceR167
5 Pieces Golden Fried Chicken1kg Pap with gravyR129
2 Pieces Golden Fried ChickenPap & GravyR61
2 Pieces Golden Fried ChickenPap, Gravy & 440ml Buddy CokeR115
1 Piece Golden Fried Chicken OnlyR22
Golden Fried Chicken Strips & PapR72
6 Golden Fried Wings & PapR86
6 Golden Fried Wings & Chicken StripsServed with Pap & Chips ComboR139
Chicken SchnitzelTwo large chicken fillets, golden fried served with cheese or mushroom sauce & parmesanR159
Chicken Cordon BleuHam & cheese slices folded in chicken fillet, topped with cheese or mushroom sauce & parmesanR189


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Grilled ChickenServed with your choice of rice or chipsR95
Grilled Chicken OnlyGrilled chickenR61
Half Chicken & Small Greek Salad OnlyR189
Half Chicken & Small Garden Salad OnlyR173
Full Chicken Family MealWith large thick chips/fries/pap, coleslaw and 4 rollsR376


ItemPrice (R)
Half Ribs & Half Chicken ComboR340
Half Ribs & Quarter Chicken ComboR289
Half Ribs & Chicken Wings ComboR347
Half Ribs & Pork Sausages ComboR303
Half Ribs & 300g Grilled Chicken Strips ComboR318
Half Ribs & Fried Calamari Rings ComboR318
Family Ribs & Family ChipsR899
Full Ribs & ChipsR434
Half Ribs & ChipsR239


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Lamb Curry & RiceSlow cooked boneless leg of lamb, served on a bed of rice, with chutney, banana, sambals and toast.from R182
Beef Curry & RiceClass A beef cubes, served on a bed of rice, with chutney, banana, sambals and toast.from R142
Chicken Curry & RiceFresh chicken fillet, served on a bed of rice, with chutney, banana, sambals and toast.from R105
Beef StewTender beef, potato, carrot & green beans, cooked perfectly.from R139
OxtailThe traditional Scottish recipefrom R192


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Margherita PizzaWith home-made tomato sauce, mozzarella & origanum.from R86
Regina PizzaMushroom and ham.from R115
Four Seasons PizzaHam, bacon, mushrooms and capers.from R163
Vegetarian PizzaMushrooms, peppers, olives & capers.from R129
Mexican PizzaBeef mince and chillifrom R129
Chicken PizzaChicken, peppers and mushrooms.from R129
Hawaiian PizzaWith pineapple and ham.from R115
Loaded Steak & Onion PizzaMozzarella cheese, steak strips, grilled onions & BBQ saucefrom R159
Chicken Sweet Chilli & Feta PizzaMozzarella cheese, chicken strips, sweet chilli & fetafrom R129
Bacon & Avo PizzaMozzarella cheese, bacon, avo, feta & garlicfrom R144
Spare Rib PizzaSpare rib pieces with basting.from R144
Lollipop PizzaSpicy pepperoni slices, olives and peppers.from R144
Seafood PizzaMixed seafood, mussels, capers and fresh garlic.from R125
Meat Supreme PizzaMozzarella cheese, salami, ham, bacon, mushrooms, peppers, onion & olivesfrom R189


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Hake Fillet & ChipsHake fillet, deep fried in batter or grilled with rice or chips, lemon, tartare sauce and salad.R173
Calamari RingsGolden fried & chips with lemon & tartar sauce served with salad, rice or chips and Tartar sauce.R202
Hake Fillet and Calamari ComboServed with a small Greek saladR303


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Bolognese PastaSavoury beef mince sauce. Topped with fresh parmesan.R119
Alfredo PastaHam & mushrooms in a creamy white sauce. Topped with fresh parmesan.R119
Seafood & Mussel Pasta MixSeafood mix & mussels in garlic sauce.R119
Four Cheeses PastaBlue cheese, mozzarella, cheddar & parmesan.R119
Lasagne BeefLayers of bolognese mince & pasta topped with mozzarella & parmesan cheese.R167
Lasagne ChickenLayers of chicken fillet strips & pasta topped with mozzarella & parmesan cheese.R153


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Junior BurgerR49
Chicken NuggetsGolden fried chicken fillet cubes. Served with tomato sauceR57
Fish FingersGolden fried fish fingers. Served with tomato sauceR47
Beef StripsGrilled beef strips. Served with tomato sauceR67
Grilled Chicken StripsGrilled chicken strips. Served with tomato sauceR53


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Classic Milkshakesfrom R47
Super Milkshakesfrom R57
Classic Double Thicksfrom R63
Super Double Thicksfrom R79
Choc SundaeOld school classic (Contains nuts)R74
Brownie SundaeContains pecan nuts.R77
Fruit SaladR71
Classic WaffleR59
Malva PuddingR69


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fruit Shakesfrom R47
Fresh JuicesR26
FrulataFruit Salad with Whipped Ice Cream & Fruit Juice.from R57
Cold DrinkR38
Tizers 350mlR38
Ice TeaR38
Still Water 500mlR24

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