Pizza Boys, established in 1986 in the Caribbean, is a renowned fast-food chain known for offering delicious, spicy, and crunchy pizzas at reasonable prices. Mario Sabga-Aboud, the owner, expanded its presence globally, including South Africa since 2014. Apart from world-class pizzas, Pizza Boys Menu also features other fast-food options like sandwiches, beverages, and salads, catering to diverse preferences.

Pizzaboyz Menu South Africa
Restaurant NamePizzaboyz
Cuisine TypePizzas
Opening Hours10:00 am – 10:00 pm
ReviewsSee Reviews

Pizza Boys Menu

Pizza Boys Menu in South Africa offers a delightful selection of delicious and spicy pizzas, including classic favorites like Margherita and Pepperoni. Pizza enthusiasts can also enjoy popular choices like BBQ Chicken Ranch and Mediterranean Delight.

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Picked for you

Chicken Out PizzaR 105,00
Deluxe PizzaR 111,00
Clubo PizzaR 108,00
Creamy Chicken PizzaR 94,00
Veg Medley PizzaR 99,00

Pizza Boys Yard

The Yard MargheritaR 355,00

Traditional Pizzas

Chicken Peri Peri PizzaR 94,00
Cajun Prawn PizzaR 129,00
Da Advocate PizzaR 107,00
Chicken BBQ PizzaR 94,00
3 Cheese PizzaR 105,00
4 Seasons PizzaR 94,00
Biltong Supreme PizzaR 99,00
Boerista PizzaR 111,00
Chicken Out PizzaR 105,00
Chicken Tikka PizzaR 105,00
Clubo PizzaR 108,00
Deluxe PizzaR 111,00
Hawaiian PizzaR 83,00
Lamborghini PizzaR 121,00
Margherita PizzaR 68,00
Pepperoni Extreme PizzaR 99,00
Regina PizzaR 83,00
Siciliana PizzaR 94,00
Veg Medley PizzaR 99,00
Vegetarian PizzaR 86,00
Creamy Chicken PizzaR 94,00
Prosciutto PizzaR 129,00
Espanola PizzaR 121,00
BBQ Pulled Jack Fruit PizzaR 100,00
Butter Curry Jack Fruit PizzaR 100,00
Tex Mex Jack Fruit PizzaR 100,00
Amalfi PizzaR 100,00

Pizza Boys Salads

Greek SaladR 53,00
Pbz Clubo SaladR 87,00

Side Orders

Chilli TubR 13,00
Garlic TubR 13,00
Traditional Focaccia (Medium)R 56,00
Tzatziki TubR 19,00
Hummus DipR 19,00
Parmesan TubR 19,00
Salad Dressing TubR 19,00
Skordalia Tub DipR 19,00
Spicy Tomato Salsa DipR 19,00
Traditional Focaccia (Large)R 46,00
Bianca Neve (Large)R 85,00
Bianca Neve (Medium)R 68,00

Pizza Pops

Pizza PopsR 51,00

Pizza Boys Pizzette

Med Veg PizzetteR 65,00
Parma PizzetteR 78,00
Chicken Peri Peri PizzetteR 78,00

Pizza Boys Picklists

ChilliR 5,00
GarlicR 5,00

Pizza Boys Ice Cream

Rocky Road Ice CreamR 52,00
Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Ice CreamR 52,00
Milk Chocolate Ice CreamR 52,00
Peppermint Crisp Ice CreamR 52,00
Birthday Cake Ice CreamR 52,00
Chocolate Nutella Oreo Ice CreamR 52,00
Cookies and Cream Ice CreamR 52,00

Pasta Station

Penne Mushroom Alfredo PastaR 89,00
Penne Napolitana PastaR 72,00
Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo PastaR 91,00
Fettuccine Mushroom Alfredo PastaR 89,00
Fettuccine Bacon Alfredo PastaR 91,00

Pasta Al Forno

Beef LasagneR 97,00
Penne Mushroom AlfornoR 94,00
Veg LasagneR 94,00
Penne Chicken AlfornoR 97,00
Penne Prawn AlfornoR 115,00
Penne Bacon AlfornoR 97,00

Pizza Boys Desserts

Mocca BrownieR 35,00
Strawberry CheesecakeR 52,00
Cookies & CreamR 52,00
Giant Cookie – Choc ChipR 52,00
Boston BrownieR 52,00

Cold Beverages

Coca Cola (1.5l)R 30,00
Sprite (1.5l)R 30,00
Fanta Orange (1.5l)R 30,00
Pizzaboyz WaterR 17,00
Coca Cola BuddyR 20,00
Coca Cola Zero (1.5l)R 30,00
Coca Cola Zero BuddyR 20,00
Cream Soda BuddyR 20,00
Fanta Orange BuddyR 20,00
Lipton Lemon Iced TeaR 20,00
Energade 500ml NaartjieR 20,00
Energade 500ml OrangeR 20,00
Sparberry (1.5l)R 30,00
Sparberry BuddyR 20,00
Sprite BuddyR 20,00

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