Grubhouse Diner evokes nostalgia and creates memorable experiences for all ages, from childhood to special occasions. Decorated with a charming nautical theme, it’s renowned for great service and friendly, helpful staff, ensuring unforgettable moments for the whole family.

Grubhouse Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameGrubhouse
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours9 am – 11 pm
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Grubhouse Menu

Grubhouse blends South African flair with American diner classics, offering a menu of steaks, pizza, burgers, desserts, and more. With a warm atmosphere and excellent service, it’s a popular destination in South Africa.

Grubhouse Menu’s Main Course

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken BreastR33.95
Paupiette of ChickenR33.95
Salmon SteakR41.95
Chicken CrispyR33.95
Grilled FilletR26.95
Roasted Steak RouladeR29.95
Sea TroutR44.95

Grubhouse Menu Specialties

ItemPrice (R)
Alder Grilled Seafood PaellaR40.95
Cordon BleuR19.95
Smoked Paprika HummusR13.95
Beef/Pork RibsR35.95
Creamy Smoked SalmonR44.95

Grubhouse Burgers Menu

BurgerPrice (R)
Bacon & Cheese Feast [140g]R69.00
Bacon & Cheese Feast [280g]R89.00
Bacon Blues [140g]R75.00
Bacon Blues [280g]R95.00
Banana Chipmunk Burger [140g]R75.00
Banana Chipmunk Burger [280g]R95.00

Grubhouse Pizza Menu

Pizza NameDescriptionPrice (R)
3 Cheese Classic PizzaTomato base topped with mozzarella, Danish feta, cheddarR89.00
Bacon & Cherry PizzaTomato base topped with bacon cherry, sweet BBQ sauce, and a cheese duo of cheddar & mozzarellaR99.00
BBQ Chicken PizzaTomato base topped with grilled chicken, pineapple, smokey BBQ sauce, and mozzarellaR99.00
Biltong & Feta PizzaTomato base topped with biltong, feta, garlic, smokey BBQ, and mozzarellaR109.00
El Americano PizzaTomato base topped with salami, jalapenos, peppers, garlic, red onion, feta & mozzarellaR99.00
Hawaiian PizzaTomato base topped with ham, pineapple, and mozzarellaR89.00

Grubhouse Milkshakes Menu

Milkshake NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Black & White Freak ShakeMichael Jackson – when two amazing flavors are combinedR39.00
Candy LandStanding in the porch light, we ain’t gonna say good night. Candy milkshakeR39.00
Chocoholic ShakeMunch and munch, then crunch and crunchR39.00
Creme BruleeMilk, brown sugar, melt in bubbles. Mixed with sugar shardsR39.00
Diddle DaddleA diddle daddle shake with caramel flavor and diddle daddle popcornR39.00
Memory LaneAn amazing shake with cookies in itR39.00

Grubhouse Desserts Menu

DessertPrice (R)
Traditional PancakesR8.95
American BrunchR14.95
Cannoli with Cream CheeseR15.95
Chocolate Cherry CakeR9.95
Pain au ChocolatR3.95
Tarte TatinR5.95

Grubhouse Breakfast Menu

DishDescriptionPrice (R)
La Raat 11 Egg, 2 Rashers Shoulder Bacon & a Grilled TomatoR35
Grubhouse Original2 Eggs, 2 Rashers Shoulder Bacon, 1 Beef Patty & a Grilled TomatoR75
Grub Cheese Griller2 Eggs, 2 Rashers Shoulder Bacon, 1 Cheese Griller, Hash Brown & Caramelized OnionsR69
Brublow Carb3 Eggs, 3 Rashers Shoulder Bacon, 1 Beef Patty & ‘ShroomsR95
Grubmerga2 Eggs, 8 Rashers Shoulder Bacon, 1 Beef Patty with Tomato Gravy, 1 Cheese Griller, Hash Brown & a Grilled TomatoR105
Mince on Toast1 Slice of Toast topped with Italian Mince & 2 EggsR69

Grubhouse Beverages Menu

Beverage NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Basic Iced CoffeeBasic Iced CoffeeR45
Caramel InfusedCaramel InfusedR45
Hazelnut Choc CoffeeHazelnut Choc CoffeeR45
Hot ChocolateHot ChocolateR30
Cookies & Cream Hot ChocolateCookies & Cream Hot ChocolateR25
Spicy Chai latteSpicy Chai latteR30
Dirty Chai LatteDirty Chai LatteR35
Red CappuccinoRed CappuccinoR29
Red LatteRed LatteR45
Red & White Hot ChocolateRed & White Hot ChocolateR65
Very BerryVery BerryR75
Frutti TuttiFrutti TuttiR75
The Mean GreenThe Mean GreenR75
Pink PowerhousePink PowerhouseR75

Grubhouse Cocktails Menu

Cocktail NameDescriptionPrice (900ml)Price (1.5lt)
Blue LagoonBlue Curacao, Vodka, Rum, Triple Sec, Cherry Liqueur, Lemonade, Pineapple JuiceR89R255
Elvis KnockoutCorona, Vodka, Gin, Triple Sec, LemonadeR89R275
Long IslandTequila, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Triple Sec, Sweet, and sour Mix, CokeR75R225
Pina ColadaMalibu, Bacardi, Es Pineapple JuiceR69R225
MargaritaTequila, Triple Sec, Fresh Lime JuiceR70R220
Whiskey SourJameson, Lemoncello, Soda WaterR89R230
CosmopolitanBlush Pink Cocktail with Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice, Vodka, Orange LiqueurR89R245
Summer VacationPassion Fruit Liqueur, Peach Liqueur, Orange Juice, Appetizer, Cranberry JuiceR118R275
The KingJameson Whiskey, Triple Sec, Appletizer, Cranberry JuiceR188R320
OverboardRed Bull, Berry Vodka, Blue Curacao, Apple Sours, Peach LiqueurR229R395

Grubhouse Shooters Menu

Shooter NameDescriptionPrice (per shot)
Birthday CakeFrangelico, Cape Velvet Liqueur, Whipped Cream, Sprinkles, Birthday SparklerR75
Popping CosmopolitanCranberry Juice, Fresh Lime Juice, Vodka, Orange LiqueurR89
Blue AlohaBlue Curacao, Malibu, Pineapple CreamR32
Cherry ColaCherry Liqueur, ColaR39
MelktertjieCondensed Milk, Cane, Cinnamon, CreamR28
Shark AttackSmirnoff Spin, Smirnoff Storm, Blue Curacao, GrenadineR45
Famous JacksonGin, Cranberry, Sweet & Sour MixR75
Passionfruit in FizzGin, Passion Fruit Pulp, Apple Popping Boba, TonicR69
Pink SherbetStrawberry Liqueur, Watermelon Red Bull, Smirnoff StormR45

Grubhouse Drinks Menu

Drink NameDescriptionSizePrice (per serving)
Very BerryBlend of Raspberries, Blueberries, Creamy BananaStandard (700ml)R75
Frutti TuttiTropical Bliss of Mango, Pineapple, PassionfruitStandard (700ml)R75
The Mean GreenEnergizing Fusion of Spinach, Celery, Broccoli, Mango, Banana, PineappleStandard (700ml)R75
Pink PowerhouseRadiant Blend of Pink Dragonfruit, Strawberry, MangoStandard (700ml)R75
Malibu Summer SunsetSunset in a Glass, Tropical Layered DrinkStandard (300ml)R69
Splish SplashRed Bull, Berry Vodka, Strawberry Liqueur, Peach LiqueurStandard (300ml)R158
Mexican MuleTequila, Cherry Liqueur, Ginger BeerStandard (700ml)R25
Earth, Wind & FireRed Wine, Orange Juice, Fresh FruitStandard (500ml)R89
Upside Down Pineapple CakeCherry Liqueur, Malibu, Pineapple JuiceStandard (700ml)R32

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