Chocolat Bistro, located in the heart of Durbanville, offers a luxurious French dining experience with lavish interiors and a decadent menu. Enjoy the exquisite patio and children’s area for a tantalizing experience, while artisan food for any occasion is their specialty, including catering services for both office and home environments, with options for take-away or delivery.

Chocolat Bistro Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameChocolat Bistro
Cuisine TypeSouth African
Opening Hours7 am – 10 pm
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Chocolat Bistro Menu

Indulge in a relaxed dining experience at a French-inspired eatery in Durbanville, offering a decadent selection of morning delights including Croque Madame and Le Grande dé Jeuner. Enjoy plush interiors with velvet chairs and turn-of-the-century artwork or bask in the sun on the treed patio.


Seasonal Fruit Salad served with berries, granola, Bulgarian yoghurt & honey(V)R1,509.18
Le Grande déjeuner: bacon, eggs, pork or beef sausage, fried tomato, mushrooms, chips, bread & a preserve of your choiceR2,292.43
Chocolat déjeuner: scrambled eggs, savoury mince, mushrooms & grilled cheddar on a slice of breadR1,891.26
Omelette with cheddar, tomato, onion, bread & butterR1,509.18
Add extra toppings – mushrooms, feta, mozzarella, bacon, ham, savoury minceR477.59 each
Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce on potato rosti & grilled cherry tomatoes
– Smoked salmonR2,961.06
– Hickory ham or baconR2,961.06
– Spinach & Feta(V)R2,961.06
Croque Madame on sourdough with Hickory ham, 3 cheese mix & bechamel sauce, grilled and topped with a soft fried eggR2,005.88
Breakfast wrap with bacon or haloumi, chive scrambled egg, spinach, avo, tomato salsa, chilli mayoR2,005.88
Scrambled Eggs on Open Croissant topped with crispy bacon or mushrooms, spring onion & avoR1,910.36
Smoked Salmon Croissant with scrambled eggs, spring onion, cream cheese & rocketR2,827.33
The Frenchy, sourdough bread dipped in egg batter & fried, with bacon, cheese & maple syrupR1,814.84
Smashed avo on toast with a squeeze of fresh lemon & grilled cherry tomatoes (V)R1,318.15
– Add an eggR229.24
Giant Croissant with butter & a preserve of your choice (V)R1,108.01
– Add cheeseR343.86
– Add baconR477.59
Extra Hillcrest preserves available: Blueberry / Strawberry / Fig / Apricot / Seville MarmaladeR171.93


Quiche of the day with side salad & home-made bread (V option)R1,891.26
Chicken wrap with avo & pineappleR2,005.88
– Savoury Mince & Mushrooms with cheese sauce & side saladR1,910.36
– Chicken & mushroom with cheese sauce & side saladR1,872.15
– Bacon, avocado & fetaR2,005.88
– Pulled lamb shank, hummus, spring onion, cherry tomato, rocket & tzatzikiR2,196.91
– Chicken mayo, crispy bacon, avo & rocketR2,063.19
– Creamy spinach, feta, olives & mushrooms (V)R2,005.88

Mezze for 2

Parma HamR1,432.77
Blue CheeseR764.14
Figs (whole, preserved)R668.63
Spicy Chicken LiversR955.18
Pork chipolatas with sweet mustard mayoR1,337.25
Calamari stripsR1,146.22
Grilled PrawnsR1,432.77
Spicy patatas BravasR764.14
Focaccia Pizza BreadR1,127.11
Beer battered cauliflowerR955.18
Spring rolls (Chicken/Veg)R955.18
Chicken stripsR936.08
Pork Belly BitesR1,337.25
Cucumber sticks with hummusR764.14


Cherry tomatoR287.70
Spring onionR191.80
Crispy onionR287.70

Freshly Baked

Preserve of your choice (V)R1,246.68
Savoury scones with bacon, onion & white cheddarR1,323.40
Healthy Nut & Bran Muffin with cheese & a preserve of your choice (V)R1,323.40
Old Fashioned Fudge with pecan nuts & cranberriesR767.19
Salted Caramel MacaronR479.49
Petit Red Velvet Cake with a cheesecake layer covered in cream cheese icingR1,323.40
Petit Rich Chocolate CakeR1,323.40
Petit Carrot Cake with cream cheese icingR1,323.40
Layered Petit Caramel Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake & Chocolate MousseR1,438.48
Petit Fig & Pecan Baked CheesecakeR1,323.40
Petit Lemon MeringueR1,323.40


Seared banana with salted caramel sauce, cream or ice cream & crushed biscuit pancakeR1,630.27
Dark Vanilla Malva Pudding with ice cream or creamR1,726.17
Boston Brownie with ice cream or creamR1,726.17
Chocolate & Peanut Butter Ganache TartR1,630.27
Crème Brûlée, made with vanilla podsR1,726.17
Fondant au chocolat served with cream or vanilla pod ice creamR1,822.07
Bhaba au Rhum – vanilla cake drenched in golden rum syrup topped with whipped cream & almond shavingsR1,630.27
Belgian Waffle with vanilla pod ice cream & maple syrupR1,630.27
Signature Pavlova with cream, fruit/berries & curd centreR2,013.87
Ice cream & chocolate sauceR1,054.88
Affogato (with single shot espresso)R1,304.22
Dom PedroR1,438.48
Amarula / Kahlua / Frangelico / Honey Liquer Whiskey / Fresh Coffee(Prices may vary)


Spring Rolls with Thai Sauce (chicken / vegetable options)R1,630.27
Brie stuffed with green fig preserve, wrapped in phyllo(V)R1,726.17
Black Mushroom Stack with roast tomato, cream cheese, spinach, garlic & parmesan(V)R1,822.07
Jalapeno Poppers wrapped in bacon, with cream cheese & sweet chilli sauceR1,822.07
Snails with garlic butter & grilled parmesan shavingsR1,687.81
Calamari Strips, crumbed & deep friedR1,630.27
Pulled Pork Nachos with black beans, cream cheese & crushed avoR1,630.27
– Also available as Main CourseR2,781.06
Cream Based Chicken Livers with mushrooms, peppers, onions & toast – mild or hotR1,630.27
French Onion SoupR1,438.48
Soup of the dayR1,438.48
Vegetarian Burger with mushroom, lentil & thyme sauce and rustic chipsR2,781.06
Wild Mushroom Risotto with Parmesan shavings & truffle oilR3,164.65
Basil Pesto, Chicken & Mushroom Tagliatelle with parmesan & olive oil (V/VE Optional)R2,972.85
Thai Green Curry with chicken fillet cuts, a variety of vegetables & basmati rice (V/VE Optional)R2,857.78
Chicken Schnitzel with a choice of sauce, side salad & chipsR2,665.98
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Roulade served with mushroom sauce, vegetables & chipsR3,241.37
Creamy Butter Chicken with prawns & basmati riceR3,164.65
Seared Norwegian Salmon on mashed potatoes & vegetablesR4,775.75
Calamari Strips, crumbed & deep fried, served with rice or chipsR2,972.85
Seafood Pasta – prawn, linefish, mussels and calamari in a homemade tomato based sauce served with tagliatelle (and optional swirl of cream)R3,740.04
Pulled Pork Nachos with black beans, cream cheese & crushed avo (Main Course)R2,781.06
Roast Pork Belly (300g) with vegetables & mashed potatoesR4,027.74


Classic 200g Beef or Chicken Burger served with mozzarella, onion marmalade & rustic chipsR2,589.26
Creamy Beef Stroganoff with basmati rice, garlic, parmesan, parsley & truffle oilR3,241.37
Sirloin (300g) with roasted vegetables or chipsR3,548.24
Ribeye (300g) with roasted vegetables or chipsR5,082.62
Oxtail served on bed of mashed potatoR3,740.04
Slow roasted Calf Cheeks in homemade jus served with penne pastaR3,740.04
Lamb Shank served with roasted vegetables & truffle oil mashed potatoesR4,986.72
Lamb Curry with basmati riceR3,740.04

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