Vapor Cafe in South Africa is renowned for its culinary excellence and distinctive dining experience, blending innovation and flavor. With a welcoming ambiance, friendly staff, and a carefully curated menu, it invites food enthusiasts to embark on a unique journey of taste and ambiance. The extensive menu features a variety of dishes crafted from fresh ingredients, ensuring a delightful dining experience.

Vapor Cafe Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameVapor Cafe
Cuisine TypeSeafood, Cafe
Opening Hours9:00 am – 1:00 am
ReviewsSee Reviews

Vapor Cafe Menu

Vapor Cafe in South Africa offers a diverse menu with familiar favorites and innovative creations, providing delicious and budget-friendly options, including burgers, pizza, wings, and more. A go-to destination, Vapor Cafe caters to various cravings, from hearty breakfasts to indulgent dinner experiences.

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Starter Menu

Greek SaladR100
Chicken MoonsR65
Garlic RollR35
Chicken SaladR80
Panko prawnsR140
Jalepeno and cheese NuggetsR70
Chicken Moon’s(Four)R65
Cheezy Garlic Prawn RollR105

Vapor Grills

Don CorloR200
The ChopR200
Joey Zaza (1 Piece , 2 Piece, 4 Piece)R100, R180, R320
Lucky LucianoR135
Frank NittyR180
Don BarziniR200

Vapor Seafood

Giovanni BruscaR425
Bonnie and ClydeR400
Bugsy’s Tales (3 Piece)R260
Salvatore TotoR775
Joe The BossR225
Vitto RizzutoR1100

Vapor Wings

Six WingsR90
Twelve WingsR160
Twenty four WingsR300

Vapor Burgers

Regular BurgerR70
Cheese BurgerR80
Egg BurgerR80
The Godfathers Chioce BurgerR110
Vendetta BurgerR100
The “Fat Tony” BurgerR110
Gangster Squad BurgerR85
Winston wolf BurgerR110
Al Capone BurgerR105
Chicken Fillet BurgerR80
Pablo Escobar Wagyu BurgerR135

Vapor Pasta

Miklo VelkaR160
De NiroR175
Donnie BrascoR200
Paco Arrabbiata aguilarR200
Cruz CandelariaR110

Vapor Sandwiches

The Don’s choiceR100
Steak SandwichR75
Spicy chicken and MayoR70
Crime SceneR105
Egg and TomatoR50
Baked Beans and CheeseR60

Vapor Rolls & Fries

The “Hitmans Choice”R140
Vienna SpecialR80
Polony SpecialR80
The “Cartells Choice”R105
Steak and Cheese RollR85
Vapor Special FriesR65
Polony and ChipsR60
Regular ChipsR40
Large FriesR50
Town Boyz Special ChipsR160

Vapor Pizza (Vegetarian)

Virginia (Regular / Large)R50 / R75
Georgia (Regular / Large)R65 / R110
Vermont (Regular / Large)R65 / R110
Florida (Regular / Large)R80 / R120
Arizona (Regular / Large)R65 / R110
Illinois (Regular / Large)R65 / R110
Colorado (Regular / Large)R65 / R110
Oklahoma (Regular / Large)R75 / R120

Vapor Pizza (Chicken)

California (Regular / Large)R80 / R140
Wisconsin (Regular / Large)R75 / R120
Washington (Regular / Large)R80 / R140
Tennessee (Regular / Large)R80 / R140
Missouri (Regular / Large)R80 / R140
Kentucky (Regular / Large)R75 / R120
Nebraska (Regular / Large)R80 / R140

Vapor Pizza (Meaty)

Hawaii (Regular / Large)R75 / R140
Michigan (Regular / Large)R75 / R140
Maryland (Regular / Large)R75 / R140
Nevada (Regular / Large)R75 / R140
Alabama (Regular / Large)R75 / R140
Arkansas (Regular / Large)R75 / R140

Vapor Pizza (Gourmet)

Minnesota (Regular / Large)R120 / R230
New York (Regular / Large)R95 / R180
Kansas (Regular / Large)R80 / R140
Mississippi  (Regular / Large)R120 / R230
Indiana (Regular / Large)R80 / R140
New Mexico (Large)R145
New Orleans (Large)R180


Vanilla MilkshakeR45
Chocolate MilkshakeR50
Bubblegum MilkshakeR50
Strawberry MilkshakeR50
Liquorice MilkshakeR50
Lime MilkshakeR50
Oreo MilkshakeR70
Bar One MilkshakeR55
Ferrero Rocher MilkshakeR80
Chocolate HazelnutR50
Blueberry Cheesecake MilkshakeR55
Peppermint Crisp MilkshakeR60
Peanut Butter and Banana MilkshakeR60
Butter Toffee MilkshakeR50
Illy Coffee Shake MilkshakeR65
Nutella MilkshakeR65

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