Toti Tikka in Amanzimtoti offers fine dining with delectable Indian cuisine and stunning ocean views. The warm and inviting ambiance, modern interior design, and outdoor seating overlooking the beach create a memorable dining experience. The location is easily accessible with ample parking. Known for exceptional food, friendly service, and breathtaking views, Toti Tikka is a must-visit spot for authentic Indian cuisine enthusiasts.

Toti Tikka Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameToti Tikka
Cuisine TypeIndian food
Opening Hours10:30 am – 10:45 pm
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Toti Tikka Menu

Toti Tikka in Amanzimtoti is known for its affordable, extensive menu featuring signature dishes like mutton biryani, chicken tikka, and paneer tikka masala. It’s a popular choice among locals and visitors. Pair your meal with a refreshing soft drink, cocktail, or wine to complement the flavorful cuisine.

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Item NamePrice (R)
Aloo ParathaR69
Cheese ParathaR82
Lacha ParathaR55
Chicken ParathaR83
Mince ParathaR95
Plain ParathaR46
Sweet NaanR99
Aloo NaanR39
Cheese NaanR69
Mince NaanR79
Chipsfrom R56
Raita – 250 mlR47


Item NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Plain RiceServed with Raita & saladR50
Jeera RiceServed with Raita & saladR69
Vegetable BiryaniServed with Raita & saladR110
Vegetable Biryani with PaneerServed with Raita & saladR140
Chicken BiryaniServed with Raita & saladR131
Mutton BiryaniServed with Raita & saladR159
Beef BiryaniR150
Vegetable PilafServed with Raita & saladR108
Aloo Mutter PilafServed with Raita & saladR102
Mutton PilafServed with Raita & saladR165
Beef PilafServed with Raita & saladR165


Item NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Bheja Masala (Brain)Served with Raita & saladR157
Beef KaraiServed with Raita & saladR150
Beef NihariServed with Raita & saladR157
Prawn Tikka MasalaServed with Raita & saladR190
Butter PrawnsServed with Raita & saladR190
Prawns KaraiServed with Raita & saladR190


Item NamePrice (R)
Chicken Chilli DryR140
Steak Chilli DryR142
Prawn Chilli DryR165
Vegetarian Fried RiceR129
Chicken Fried RiceR147
Chinese Fried RiceR179
Chicken ChowmeinR140
Steak ChowmeinR142
Prawn ChowmeinR174
Chicken & Prawn ChowmeinR199
Steak & Prawn ChowmeinR199
Vegetable ChowmeinR117
Chicken Manchurian & RiceR147


Item NamePrice (R)
Fish CurryR149
Prawn BiryaniR241
Fish BiryaniR162
Grilled FishR162
Grilled Prawns (5 Prawns)R216


Item NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken Tikka BurgerServed with chipsR98
Cheese Mutton BurgerServed with chipsR95
Double Cheese BurgerMutton Patty. Served with chipsR108
Mutton BurgerServed with chipsR81
Steak BurgerServed with chipsR81
Vegetable BurgerServed with chipsR69


Combo NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Mini Grill¼ Chicken Tikka + 2 Seekh Kebabs + 1 Roti. Served with roti, chips, salad & sauce.R158
Mix Grill¼ Chicken Tikka + 2 Seekh Kebabs + 2 pcs Steak Boti + 2 pcs Chicken Boti + 1 Roti. Served with roti, chips, salad & sauce.R229
Mini Family½ Chicken Tikka + 3 Seekh Kebabs + 3 pcs Steak Boti + 3 pcs Chicken Boti + 3 Roti. Served with roti, chips, salad & sauce.R345
Family Pack¾ Chicken Tikka + 4 Seekh Kebabs + 4 pcs Steak Boti + 4 pcs Chicken Boti + 4 pcs Malai Boti + 4 Roti. Served with roti, chips, salad & sauce.R567


Item NameDescriptionPrice (R)
¼ Chicken Tikka BreastServed with roti, chips, salad & sauceR101
¼ Chicken Tikka LegServed with roti, chips, salad & sauceR93
½ Chicken TikkaServed with roti, chips, salad & sauceR171
Full Chicken TikkaServed with roti, chips, salad & sauceR305
Chicken Boti (6 pcs)Served with roti, chips, salad & sauceR126
Malai Boti (6 pcs)Served with roti, chips, salad & sauceR126
Steak Boti (6 pcs)Served with roti, chips, salad & sauceR134
Seekh Kebabs (4 sticks)Served with roti, chips, salad & sauceR134
Chicken Kebabs (4 sticks)Served with roti, chips, salad & sauceR121
Toti Special Kebabs (2 sticks)R121
Grilled Lamb Chops (4 pcs)R182


Soup NamePrice (R)
Vegetable SoupR66
Chicken Corn SoupR81
Chicken Hot & Sour SoupR81


Chicken DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Butter ChickenServed with Raita & saladR139
Chicken JhatpatServed with Raita & saladR132
Chicken AlooServed with Raita & saladR125
Chicken ChanaServed with Raita & saladR125
Chicken JalfreziServed with Raita & saladR132
Chicken KaraiServed with Raita & saladR132
Chicken KormaServed with Raita & saladR139
Chicken Tikka MasalaServed with Raita & saladR125
Lemon Butter ChickenServed with Raita & saladR147
Chicken Boti MasalaServed with Raita & saladR139
Chicken GarlicR130
Chicken GingerR130
Chicken CorianderR130
Chicken Hot SauceR139


Roti RollPrice (R)
Mix Vegetable Roti RollR61
Beans Roti RollR61
Chicken Roti RollR79
Kebab Roti RollR81
Mutton Roti RollR81
Steak Roti RollR81


Bread NamePrice (R)
Brown RotiR14
Plain NaanR21
Brown NaanR21
Butter NaanR27
Garlic NaanR44
Rogni NaanR44
Herb Chutney NaanR44


Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Beans CurryServed with Raita & saladR94
Aloo MutterServed with Raita & saladR94
Butter PaneerServed with Raita & saladR125
Chana MasalaServed with Raita & saladR94
Daal Chana FryServed with Raita & saladR94
Daal PaneerServed with Raita & saladR125
Mixed VegetablesServed with Raita & saladR94
Mutter PaneerServed with Raita & saladR125
Paneer Tikka MasalaServed with Raita & saladR125
Daal PalakServed with Raita & saladR94
Aloo PalakServed with Raita & saladR94
Palak PaneerServed with Raita & saladR125
Aloo JeeraServed with Raita & saladR94
Daal MakhniServed with Raita & saladR102
Mushroom KaraiR117


Sandwich NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Cheese & Tomato Toasted SandwichServed with chipsR62
Chicken & Mayo Toasted SandwichServed with chipsR79
Chicken Peri Peri Toasted SandwichServed with chipsR79
Chicken Tikka Toasted SandwichServed with chipsR88
Steak Toasted SandwichServed with chipsR79


Dish NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Butter LambServed with Raita & saladR164
Achar GoshtServed with Raita & saladR158
Daal GoshtServed with Raita & saladR158
Lamb AlooServed with Raita & saladR158
Lamb KaraiServed with Raita & saladR164
Lamb Karai (boneless)Served with Raita & saladR180
Lamb KormaServed with Raita & saladR164
Lamb Rogaan JoshServed with Raita & saladR164
Lamb NihariServed with Raita & saladR164
Kheema Karai (Mince)R146
Kheema MutterR146
Kheema AlooR146
Lamb Chops MasalaR172


Bunny ChowDescriptionPrice (from R)
Beans Bunny ChowServed with saladfrom R85
Vegetable Bunny ChowServed with saladfrom R85
Chicken Bunny ChowServed with saladfrom R116
Beef Bunny ChowServed with saladfrom R128
Mutton Bunny ChowServed with saladfrom R136
Kebab Bunny ChowServed with saladfrom R136


Dessert NamePrice (R)
Gulab JamunR77


Beverage NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Special Masala TeaR36
CoffeeInstant Coffee with milkR36
Passion FruitR63
Bombay CrushR78
Mango LassiR82
Banana LassiR82

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