Supa Marios in South Africa offers a diverse fast food menu featuring burgers, fries, chicken, wraps, and more. Enjoy quick and convenient dining with options for everyone, served in a casual and friendly atmosphere. Indulge in tasty meals at affordable prices at Supa Marios. The restaurant’s inviting atmosphere and friendly service make it a favorite spot for families, friends, and individuals looking to enjoy a tasty meal in a relaxed setting. Whether dining in or grabbing a quick takeaway, Supa Marios Menu is the go-to destination for delicious fast food in South Africa.

Supa Marios Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameSupa Marios
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours09:00 am – 09:00 pm
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Supa Marios Menu

This restaurant offers nicely cooked pizza along with a menu featuring burgers, chicken, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and more. While some customers praise the prompt service, others have noted issues with the staff’s professionalism. Despite this, the diverse menu caters to various tastes, making it a convenient choice for different preferences.

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BurgerDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef BurgerClassic beef pattyfrom R45
Fillet Steak BurgerFillet steak pattyfrom R75
Sirloin Steak BurgerSirloin steak pattyfrom R65
Cheese BurgerBeef patty with cheesefrom R53
Cheese Pine BurgerBeef patty with cheese and pineapplefrom R60
Chicken BurgerClassic chicken pattyfrom R45
Chicken, Cheese & Pine BurgerChicken patty with cheese and pineapplefrom R62
Pepper Cheese BurgerBeef patty with pepper and cheesefrom R62
Garlic Cheese BurgerBeef patty with garlic and cheesefrom R62
Hawaiian BurgerBeef patty with pineapplefrom R53
Mushroom BurgerBeef patty with mushroomsfrom R53
Mushroom Cheese BurgerBeef patty with mushrooms and cheesefrom R60
Dagwood BurgerBeef patty with various toppingsfrom R75
Rib BurgerBeef rib pattyfrom R40
Bacon & Cheese BurgerBeef patty with bacon and cheesefrom R70
Cheese Egg BurgerBeef patty with cheese and eggfrom R60


PizzaDescriptionPrice (R)
Ham PizzaClassic pizza with ham toppingfrom R55
Hawaiian PizzaCheese, ham, and pineapplefrom R55
Lolita PizzaCheese, mushroom, and baconfrom R55
Maestro PizzaGarlic, cheese, mushroom, onion, salami, ham, olives, and jalapenosfrom R68
Biltong PizzaPizza with biltong toppingfrom R68
Queen Special PizzaSpecial pizza combinationR155
Margarita PizzaClassic cheese pizzafrom R50
Caribbean PizzaCheese, mushroom, banana, ham, and pineapplefrom R60
Three Cheese PizzaMozzarella, cheddar, and fetafrom R55
Bacon PizzaCheese, bacon, and green peppersfrom R55
San Pedro PizzaCheese, salami, mushroom, and garlicfrom R65
Sweet Chilli Chicken PizzaCheese, chicken, sweet chilli sauce, peppadewfrom R67
Mince PizzaSavoury mince and cheesefrom R67
Mykanos PizzaCheese, spinach mix, and fetafrom R67
Four Seasons PizzaCombination of toppingsfrom R74
Regina PizzaCheese, ham, and mushroomfrom R55
Mexican PizzaCheese, spinach mix, and fetafrom R60
Seafood PizzaPizza with seafood toppingsfrom R65
Seafood Deluxe PizzaDeluxe seafood pizzaR165
Luigi PizzaPizza with various toppingsfrom R75
Supa Special PizzaPizza with various toppingsfrom R77
Tropicana PizzaPizza with tropical toppingsfrom R60
Vegetarian PizzaVegetarian pizzafrom R60
Chicken Supreme PizzaCheese, chicken, and tangy mayo saucefrom R67
Sweet Sour Chicken PizzaCheese, chicken, pineapple, sweet or sour saucefrom R67
Monalisa PizzaPizza with various toppingsfrom R68
Rib Meat PizzaCheese, rib meat, mushroom, and basting saucefrom R68
Something Meaty PizzaCheese, bacon, salami, ham, steak, and basting saucefrom R78
Marios Special PizzaPizza with various toppingsfrom R74
BBQ Chicken PizzaPizza with BBQ chicken toppingfrom R67
Honey Mustard PizzaPizza with honey mustard saucefrom R67


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Half Portion RibsHalf portion of ribs served with chipsR130
Full Portion RibsFull portion of ribs served with chipsR205
Ribs & ChickenHalf portion of ribs (375g cooked) and 4 wings served with chipsR185
Pork Eisbein & ChipsPork eisbein served with chipsR150


SaladDescriptionPrice (R)
Greek SaladClassic Greek saladfrom R50
Chicken SaladSalad with chickenfrom R60
Exotic Chicken SaladChicken salad with exotic ingredientsfrom R57


DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Scrambled Bacon Egg DogHot dog with scrambled eggs and baconfrom R60
Footlong DogFootlong hot dogfrom R45
Cheese Griller DogHot dog with cheese grillerfrom R52
Russian Hot DogRussian-style hot dogR55
Steak RollRoll with steak fillingR65
Chicken RollRoll with chicken fillingR50


Toasted SandwichesPrice (R)
Toasted Sandwichfrom R33


ItemPrice (R)
Pizza CalzoneR60


Kids’ Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Kiddies Chicken Nuggets & ChipsChicken nuggets served with chips and a 200ml juice boxR65
Kiddies Fish Fingers & ChipsFish fingers served with chips and a 200ml juice boxR65
Kiddies Ribs & Chips (200g)200g portion of ribs served with chips and a 200ml juice boxR85
Kiddies 5 C/T Cheese Grillers & Chips5 cheese grillers served with chips and a 200ml juice boxR65


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fish CakesFish cakesR18
HakeHakefrom R50
Calamari RingsCalamari ringsfrom R55
Calamari BurgerBurger with calamariR65
Fish BurgerBurger with fishR60
Seafood Combo1 Hake, 120g calamari, 1 fish cake with a portion of chipsR135
SnoekSnoekfrom R50


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
ChipsPlain chipsfrom R27
Chips With SauceChips served with saucefrom R32


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
RussiansRussian sausagesfrom R25
ViennasViennese sausagesfrom R19
Cheese GrillerCheese-filled grillerR32
Cheese RussianCheese-filled Russianfrom R29


Family FeastDescriptionPrice (R)
Seafood Family Feast4 Hake, 4 fish cakes, large chips & large Greek saladR355
Burger Family Feast4 Beef/chicken/rib burgers with large chipsR235
Pizza – 2 Large PizzasChicken supreme, maestro, four seasons, luigi, sweet chilli chicken, something meaty with any 2L soft drinkR295
Chicken Family Feast12 Wings, large chips, basting or crumbedR235
Sausage Family Feast4 Large Russians & large chipsR205


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
1/4 Chicken Leg1/4 chicken legfrom R50
Chicken Wings (4)4 chicken wingsfrom R60
Crumbed Chicken Wings (4 Pcs)4 crumbed chicken wingsfrom R60


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
WrapsVarious wrap optionsfrom R55


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Onion RingsPortion of onion ringsR45
Crumbed MushroomsPortion of crumbed mushroomsR55
Chicken Cheese Nuggets6 pieces of chicken cheese nuggetsR55


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
440ml DrinksVarious 440ml drink optionsR16
1 Litre DrinksVarious 1 litre drink optionsR18
2 Litre Coke2-litre Coca-ColaR29
Twizza 2 Litre2-litre TwizzaR15
Steri StumpiesSteri Stumpies drinkR19
Krush 100% Fruit Juice 500ml500ml Krush fruit juiceR25
Powerade 500ml500ml PoweradeR18
Dragon EnergyDragon Energy drinkR14

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