Sausage Saloon, a fast-food chain in South Africa, specializes in a variety of sausages and hot dogs with diverse toppings and condiments. With multiple locations across the country, it’s renowned for offering quick and tasty meal options, making it a convenient choice for customers seeking flavorful fast food.

Sausage Saloon Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameSausage Saloon
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours9:30 am – 6 pm
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Sausage Saloon Menu

Sausage Saloon provides a cozy and clean environment with attentive staff, offering affordable menu items like hotdogs, burgers, snacks, and beverages. Whether for a quick bite or casual dining, it’s a go-to destination known for quality, convenience, and flavorful options, appealing to those seeking satisfying meals.

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Picked for You

ItemPrice (R)
Family ChipsR80.50
Wors Regular ComboR74.75
Russian and ChipsR51.75
Russian HotdogR44.85
Regular Manhattan and ChipsR50.60

Sausage Saloon Buy One Get One Free – Best Specials

ItemPrice (R)
Wors Buddy MealR75.00
Mixed Street Smart ComboR360.00
Manhattan HotdogR31.50

Sausage Saloon Combos

ComboPrice (R)
Monster Street Smart ComboR140.00
Manhattan Regular ComboR67.85
Mixed Street Smart Combo (Combos)R360.00
Cheese Griller Regular ComboR74.75
Cheesy Russian Street Smart ComboR230.00
Wors Regular Combo (Combos)R74.75
Wors Street Smart ComboR150.00
Kick Start Street Smart ComboR100.00
Wors Street Smart Combo (Combos)R170.00
Saloon Street Smart ComboR470.00

Sausage Saloon Meals

MealPrice (R)
Wors Buddy Meal (Meals)R75.00
Regular Manhattan and Chips (Meals)R50.60
Chilli Lamb Buddy MealR80.00
Regular Wors and ChipsR57.50
Cheesy Russian Buddy MealR80.00
Regular Cheese Griller and ChipsR57.50
Uber Russian MealR80.00
Cheese Griller Regular Buddy MealR70.00

Sausage Saloon World-Class Hotdogs

HotdogsPrice (R)
Manhattan Hotdog (World Class Hotdogs)R31.50
Regular Cheese GrillerR40.25
Cheese Griller HotdogR40.00
Cheesy Russian HotdogR48.30
Wors HotdogR33.50
Cheesy Chicken HotdogR44.85
Chilli Lamb HotdogR44.85
Regular ManhattanR33.35
Monster CheeseR63.25
Frankfurter (World Class Hotdogs)R40.00
Russian Hotdog (World Class Hotdogs)R44.85
Regular WorsR40.25

Sausage Saloon Burgers

BurgerPrice (R)
Saloon BurgerR44.85
Saloon Double BurgerR56.35

Sausage Saloon Hunger Snacks

SnacksPrice (R)
Mini Bites and Chip RollR50.00
Russian and ChipsR50.00
Sliced Russian ChipsR50.00
Sliced Russian Chip RollR40.00
Chicken Strips and ChipsR50.00
Mini Bites and ChipsR60.00
Chicken StripsR35.00

Sausage Saloon Budget Beaters

ItemPrice (R)
Chilli Cheese NuggetsR23.00
Mozzarella SticksR33.35
Onion RingsR11.50
Mini Bites and Chip RollR40.25
Mini Bites and ChipsR46.00
Russian and Chips (Budget Beaters)R51.75
Sliced Russian ChipsR40.25
Sliced Russian Chip RollR40.25
Chip RollR28.75
Chicken StripsR28.75
Chicken Strips and ChipsR44.85

Sausage Saloon Chips

ChipsPrice (R)
Small ChipsR23.00
Regular ChipsR28.75
Monster ChipsR44.85
Family Chips (Chips)R80.50

Sausage Saloon Kids Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Corn DogR50.00
Junior Manhattan and JuiceR50.00
Corn Dog and CanR50.00

Sausage Saloon Drinks Menu

DrinksPrice (R)
Bonaqua Still WaterR12.50
500ml Bonaqua Still WaterR13.80
500ml Bonaqua FlavouredR14.95
Bos Ice TeaR23.00
300ml CanR17.25
440ml BuddyR19.55
Fuze Ice TeaR18.50
Monster EnergyR28.75
Glaceau Vitamin WaterR23.00
330ml CappyR17.25

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