Discover Papa Giovanni’s Pizzeria, a beloved restaurant in Hillcrest, offering traditional Italian favorites such as thin-crust wood oven pizza and homemade lasagnas. Enjoy a variety of pastas and specialty dishes like Baby Chicken, Oxtail, and Fillet, along with a diverse selection of popular and craft gins at our beautiful Gin bar.

Papa Giovanni's Menu South Africa
Restaurant NamePapa Giovanni’s
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours11 am – 9 pm
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Papa Giovanni’s Menu

Savor Italian delights like pizza, pasta bolognese, and steaks at Papa Giovanni’s Trattoria & Grill. Enjoy efficient takeout service, courteous staff, and a terrific atmosphere with delicious drinks at average prices. Sit back, relax, and watch life in Hillcrest from our restaurant’s open layout onto the car park and Old Main Road while savoring your meal and a glass of wine.

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ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Regina PizzaHam, mushroom and garlic.from R139
Hawaiian PizzaHam & pineapple.from R139
Quattro PizzaHam, asparagus, olives & onion.from R149
BBQ Chicken PizzaChicken, BBQ sauce, caramelised onion, mushroom & garlic.from R149
Chicken Livers PizzaPeri-peri livers, mushroom, onion & fresh chilli.from R147
Pollo Mayo PizzaChicken, mayo & mushroomfrom R149
Al Capone PizzaChicken, onion, pineapple & chilli.from R149
Salami PizzaSalami, jalapenos, mushroom & feta.from R149
Latino PizzaSalami, pesto & garlic.from R149
Vegetarian Pizza (V)Asparagus, green pepper, mushroom, pineapple, onion and peppadews.from R147
Capri Pizza (V)Mushroom, caramelised onion, feta & rocketfrom R147
Bella PizzaChicken, caramelised onion, feta & rocketfrom R152
Fetavo PizzaBacon, feta, pepperdew & avo.from R159
Luigi PizzaChorizo, olives, feta, onion & rocketfrom R159
Papayo PizzaBacon, feta, ham and creamed spinach.from R155
Mexicana PizzaBolognese, peri-peri beans, chilli, onion & garlic.from R159
Masino PizzaNo tomato base – Chorizo, feta, garlic, caramelised onion & avofrom R155
Butternut Arrosto Pizza (V)Roasted butternut, caramelised onion , feta & rocket.from R159
Peperoncini PizzaBacon, chicken, feta & sweetchilli.from R159
B-B-B PizzaBacon, brie & berry.from R159
Pigeletto PizzaBacon, ham, salami.from R162
Napoli PizzaAnchovy, olives & garlicfrom R162
Pesce Pizza“Small prawn tails, tuna, mussels, garlic & onionR229
Calzone (Folded Pizza)Chicken, ham, pineapple, caramelised onion, feta & garlicR204
Build your ownMargherita Base- mozzarella, napolitana & herbsfrom R110


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Alfredo PastaBacon, mushroom & garlic on a creamy white sauce.from R117
Bolognese PastaItalian minced beef, garlic & herbs.from R116
Carbonara PastaCreamy white sauce with egg yolk, bacon, pepper & garlic.from R117
Matriciana PastaNapolitana with bacon, caramelised onion and a dash of cream.from R117
Chicken Livers PastaPeri chicken livers, onion, garlic, chilli & a dash of cream.from R124
Pollo Peri PastaChicken strips in a creamy peri-peri sauce with a dash of napolitana.from R129
Pollo GorgonzolaChicken strips in a creamy roquefort sauce.from R127
Picante PastaBolognese with peppadew, chilli and a dash of cream.from R127
Pesto Pasta (V)Mushroom, onion, garlic in a creamy white basil pesto saucefrom R129
Napolitana Pasta (V)Napolitana, garlic, fresh herbs & spices.from R103
Arrabiatta Pasta (V)Napolitana, chilli, garlic & caramelised onion.from R109
Salmon PastaNorwegian salmon in a creamy white wine & garlic sauceR149
Gamberetti PastaSmall prawn tails cooked in a cream white wine & a garlic sauceR194
Scampi Aglio Olio PastaSmall prawn tails cooked in olive oil, chill, garlic & black pepperR184
Frutti di Mare PastaSmall prawn tails, calamari rings & mussels cooked in a creamy white wine sauceR234
Beef LasagneLayers of freshly prepared pasta & minced beefR184


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Spinacio TramazziniCreamed spinach, feta & baconR139
La Vita TramazziniBacon, brie & berry jamR139
Rosto TramazziniChicken, caramelised onion, mushroom & bbq sauceR139
Bologna TramazziniMinced beef, onion, jalapeños, cheddar cheeseR139
De Don TramazziniR139


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Saucy BurgerBeef or chicken, garnish & your choice of sauce.from R159
Crumbed Hawaiian BurgerCrispy crumbed chicken, garnish, cheese, bacon & pineappleR174
Plain Jane BurgerBeef or chicken & garnishR154
American BurgerBeef patty topped with caramelised onion, bacon & cheeseR184
Bellissimo BurgerBeef or chicken, mozzarella, pesto-mayo & caramelised onionR184


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Baby Chicken700g oven baked baby chicken served with a choice of peri-peri or lemon butterR199
SchnitzelCrumbed chicken breast served with a sauce of your choice (Cheese, Mushroom, Pepper, Garlic Roquefort)R184
Sticky Pork RibsServed with chipsfrom R229


ItemPrice (R)
Classic ShakesR50
Epic ShakesR60


ItemPrice (R)
Soft DrinksR24
Ice TeaR24
Water 500mlR23
Water 750mlR41

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