Root 44 in Stellenbosch is a vibrant destination, featuring a cutting-edge structure that attracts visitors of all ages. With vendors offering quality products and a stunning view of the mountains and vineyards, it’s a must-visit spot where vibrancy and flair converge.

Root 44 Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameRoot 44
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours9 am – 2 pm
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Root 44 Menu

Root44 Wine Emporium offers a diverse selection of cuisines and wines from around the world on the ground floor. With an art gallery, sports bar, oyster bar, coffee shop, restaurant, wine shop, and tasting room, guests can enjoy a tasting experience of Stellenbosch wines within a stylishly designed building.


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
FocacciaGarlic, olive oil, and herbsR55
Cheese FocacciaGarlic, olive oil, herbs, and mozzarellaR80
Grilled Halloumi CheeseServed on a bed of rocket with a sweet chilli sauceR79
Chili PoppersJalapenos filling, covered in breadcrumbs and deep-fried to golden perfectionR70
Chicken LiversPeri peri pan-friedR85
EscargotsGarlic and white wine sauce or garlic butter, served with toasted French breadR90
CalamariGrilled or fried, served with tartare sauceR95
BruschettaToasted ciabatta, garlic, olive oil, buffalo mozzarella, baby tomatoes, fresh basilR95
CarpaccioDrizzled with olive oil and parmesan shavingsR120
Meze PlatterHumus, tzatziki, tarama, dolmades, carrot & celery sticks, pita bread, olives, and fetaR125
Oysters (Medium)Saldanha Bay – West CoastR28
Oysters (X-Large)Saldanha Bay – West CoastR35
Three Jalapenos with Cream CheeseThree Jalapenos with Cream CheeseR28


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Halloumi and Avo SaladGrilled halloumi cheese on crisp lettuce, croutons, baby tomatoes, topped with pine nuts and parmesanR105
Caesar Salad (Vegetarian)Crispy Cos lettuce, croutons & parmesan shavings topped with our creamy anchovy Caesar dressingR89
Caesar Salad (with Chicken and Bacon)With succulent chicken strips & crispy baconR115
Greek SaladTopped with feta cheese and calamata olivesR95
Greek Salad(For the Table)R130

Poke Bowls

ItemPrice (R)

From The Grill

ItemPrice (R)
Sirloin 200gR169
Sirloin 300gR219
Rib Eye 300gR269
Fillet 300gR289
Tomahawk 500gR375
Rib Eye on the BoneR265
Karoo Lamb Chops (4 succulent lamb chops, flame-grilled)R265
Spare Ribs 500gR150
Chicken Skewer (Tender chicken fillet, peppers, red onion & mushrooms)R150


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
KleftikoLamb shank, slow-roasted overnight in our pizza oven – the Greek wayR259


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Classic Cheese BurgerClassic burger topped with cheeseR115
Sauce BurgerClassic burger topped with a sauce of your choiceR125
The Root 44Cheese, bacon, caramelized onion & avocadoR130
VegetarianVegetarian burgerR150
ClassicClassic burgerR120

From The Sea Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CalamariPlatter for 2 – Crayfish, 6 LM prawns, calamari, eight creamy garlic mussels, line fish served on a bed of savory rice with a trio of sauces and friesR185
Hake FilletGrilled or battered & fried till golden, served with chipsR145
KingklipGrilled in creamy lemon butter and served with savory riceR225
10 LM PrawnsServed on a bed of savory rice with lemon butter sauceR185
6 King PrawnsServed on a bed of savory rice with lemon butter sauceR275
Prawn CurryMild curry with red pepper, onions, coconut milk, garlic & spices on a bed of savory riceR195
Seafood ExtravaganzaPlatter for 2 – Crayfish, 6 LM prawns, calamari, eight creamy garlic mussels, line fish served on a bed of savory rice with a trio of sauces and fries.SQ


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
MargheritaTasty margherita pizzaR85
ReginaHam & MushroomR105
HawaiianHam & PineappleR105
MexicanaBolognaise mince, chilies, garlic, and peppersR135
CaliforniaBacon, Avo, Feta & RocketR140
Quattro StagioniHam, Mushroom, Artichoke, Olives & RocketR140
TangoSweet Chilli Chicken, Feta & Pepper DewsR135
PepperoniSalami slices, Garlic & ChiliR125
VegetarianMushrooms, Olives, Red Onion, Mixed Peppers, Feta & RocketR115
Fig TreeBrie Cheese, Fig, and RocketR165


Add-OnsPrice (R)
Garlic, Chilli, Onion, RocketR10
Pineapple, Peppers, Pepper-dew, MushroomR20
Avocado, Artichoke, Ham, Bacon, Salami, Chicken, Anchovy, Feta, Mozzarella, MinceR30


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
BolognaiseMinced beef in a Napoletano sauceR120
Fettuccini AlfredoSmoked ham & mushrooms in a creamy white sauceR125
Chicken Basil PestoPenne pasta in a creamy basil pesto sauce and succulent chicken topped with parmesanR125
VegetarianPenne pasta with peppers, mushrooms, zucchini & feta drizzled with olive oil & basil pestoR120

Sauces & Side Orders

ItemPrice (R)
Madagascan PepperR35
Creamy Garlic & White WineR35
Mustard & ThymeR35
Savoury RiceR25
Roasted VegR25
Side SaladR25
Onion RingsR25

Traditional Sushi

SushiDescriptionPrice (R)
California Roll – 4pcSalmonR55
Tempura PrawnR65
Roses – 4pcSalmon or TunaR55
Maki Roll – 6pcSalmonR55
Chefs Choice – 16pc4 x Ninja RollR138
4 x Rock ShrimpR150
4 x Tiger RollR348
4 x Rainbow RollR348
Blue Waters Choice – 16pc4 x Rainbow SandwichR65
3 x New Style NigiriR65
4 x Tiger RollR65
5 x Futo MakiR78
Crunch Roll – 5pcSalmonR82
Tempura PrawnR82
Fashion Sandwich – 4pcSalmonR138
Sashimi – 6pcSalmon or TunaR68
Seared Salmon or TunaR68
Manager’s Choice – 16pc4 x Sakura RollR68
4 x Rock Shrimp RollR82
4 x Crunchy SandwichR82
4 x Lekka BallR82

Signature Sushi

Sushi RollsDescriptionPrice (R)
Sakura RollCalifornia roll, topped with chopped tempura prawn in special sauceR78
Rainbow RollPrawn, salmon, and tuna Rainbow Roll topped with teriyaki, sesame oil & spring onionR78
Hot Rocking RollCalifornia roll, topped with chopped tempura prawn in special sauceR78
Rock Shrimp RollTuna roll topped with prawn, avo & mayoR78
Tiger RollTempura prawn roll topped with prawnR78
Ninja RollPrawn & avo roll topped with crispy prawn in peanut sauceR78
Dragon RollEel & avo roll topped with spring onion & 7-spiceR88
Rainbow SandwichFashion sandwich topped with salmon, tuna, teriyaki sauce, mayo & caviarR98
Osaka RosesSalmon roses topped with chopped spicy seafood mix, mayo & spring onionR118
Lekka BallRound-shaped salmon-covered rice ball topped with mayo, sesame seeds & caviarR118
Futo Maki – 5pcTraditional roll with salmon, tuna, prawn, avo, pickle, mayo & bean curdR145
New-style Nigiri – 3pcSalmon nigiri topped with prawn & mayoR145
Crunchy Sandwich – 5pcDeep-fried salmon fashion sandwich with chopped spicy tuna mayo & teriyaki sauceR145
Wasabi Parcel – 5pcSalmon, wasabi & mayoR145
Soft Shell Crab Roll – 8pcCrispy soft shell crab with mayoR155


DessertDescriptionPrice (R)
Creme BruleèSmooth and creamy custard topped with caramelized sugarR75
Passionate Lemon CheesecakeHeavenly match of passion fruit and lemon cheesecake with lemon curd on a golden gingerbread crumble base, topped with granadilla and lemon fruit coulisR75
Salted Caramel Baked CheesecakeDecadent thick cream cheese and double cream baked to perfection on a golden oat biscuit base, topped with silky salted caramelR75
Boston BrownieBoston-style chocolate brownie made with tree nuts, cocoa, and fresh eggs, topped with a milk chocolate-flavored ganache and cocoa crumbleR75
Chocolate VolcanoRich chocolate-flavored dessert with a molten center baked to perfection, self-saucing with a generous amount of chocolateR75
Ice Cream & Chocolate SauceIce Cream & Chocolate SauceR50

Hot Beverages

BeveragePrice (R)
Decaf CappuccinoR35
Red CappuccinoR35
Flat WhiteR30
Cafe LatteR35
Chai LatteR35
Decaf CoffeeR32
Single EspressoR25
Double EspressoR30
Hot ChocolateR35
Ceylon TeaR25
Rooibos TeaR25


BeveragePrice (R)
Coke, Coke Lite, Coke Zero, Fanta Orange, Cream Soda, SpriteR25
Appletizer / Red GrapetizerR30
Soda Water, Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Dry LemonR23
Tonic Water, Pink Tonic (Sugar-Free)R29
Red BullR50
Still or Sparkling Water 440ml / 750mlR25 / R35
Fruit Juice: Cranberry, Mango, Orange, Fruit CocktailR25
Iced CoffeeR35
Lipton Iced Tea: Peach, LemonR25
Milkshake: Chocolate, Strawberry, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, LimeR45

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