Marble, located in Keyes Art Mile, Rosebank, is a celebration of quintessential South African cuisine, emphasizing the nation’s love for cooking with fire. The restaurant features a grand wood-fired grill from Grill Works in Michigan as its focal point, combining the international open-fire trend with authentic South African flair. Marble is positioned within the growing art and food hub, offering a unique culinary experience in Rosebank.

Marble Restaurant Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameMarble
Cuisine TypeClassic Steak house
Opening HoursNoon – 10 pm
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Marble Restaurant Menu

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Marble Restaurant Menu Prices


Menu itemsPrice (in ZAR)Ingredients and Description
SOMETHING TO NIBBLER105105Hummus, baba gannouj, smoked olive tapenade
ASPARAGUSR175175Pea & mint puree, mozzarella and edamame croquette, red wine vinaigrette
MARBLE ‘AVO RITZ’R165165Coal fired prawn tails, avocado, prawn mayonnaise, chives
MARBLE BITESR195195From the grill lamb ribs with chimichurri, smoked peri-peri chicken wings, short rib magwinya with kumquat jam, game skewer
FRENCH ONION SOUPR125125Deep rich classic onion broth, gruyère and emmenthal crouton
BEETROOTR115115Coal roasted beetroot, walnut and pumpkin seed brittle, shaved fennel, orange segments, goats cheese
TUNAR145145Seared yellowfin tuna, compressed and pickled watermelon, gem lettuce, soy peanuts and lime dressing
SALMONR175175Salmon gravalax, roasted beetroot, rocket, buttermilk and caper dressing
FILLETR145145Seasoned diced fillet, gherkin, tomato, onion, yuzu mayonnaise, green chilli
KUDUR185185Cured kudu, soy marinated aubergine, fired grapes, crispy kale, smoked bone marrow
DUCK LIVER PÂTÉR175175Duck liver parfait, kumquat jam, magwinya
OCTOPUSR185185Grilled octopus, tamarind curry, potato, coriander, lime yoghurt
DUCKR185185Tempura fried duck, coal grilled waffle, jalapeños mayo, asian slaw, rooibos tomato glaze
MARBLE SNAILSR155155Snails in the wood fired oven, tomato and garlic stew, herb butter, mozzarella and gruyère


Menu itemsPrice (in ZAR)Ingredients and Description
BURRATAR225225Buratta orange dressing, roasted sweet potato, grilled radicchio, toasted sunflower seeds and pomegranate
MARBLE CAESARR175175Pancetta, anchovies, iceberg, croutons, pine nuts, grilled lime, parmesan dressing
SUPER SALADR145145Fired and marinated cauliflower, iceberg, edamame, peas, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate, cucumber, mint and tahini dressing
COBB SALADR155155Bacon, Healey’s mature cheddar, soft boiled egg, avocado, honey and mustard dressing


Menu itemsPrice (in ZAR)Ingredients and Description
ROASTED CALABASH CAULIFLOWERR205205Roasted calabash cauliflower, tahini puree, pickled leeks zataar dressing
PORKR255255Grilled pork belly, miso & honey glaze, apple, celery, sultanas slaw, sweet potato, bokchoy, cashew nuts
FILLETR345345Flame grilled fillet, smoked potato, malt beer cream, gem squash, pickled courgette
BROCCOLIR225225Charred dukka broccoli, red pepper béarnaise, mushroom, edamame beans, chili oil, cranberry and almond salsa
SEABASSR325325Open fire grilled seabass, sundried tomato crumb, green peppercorn and lemongrass sauce, dill and sherry vinegar potatoes, feta cream, sugar snaps
SALMONR345345Coal roasted salmon with tarragon and fennel beurre blanc, confit potato, grilled gem lettuce, rocket pesto, pickled radish, peas
RIB-EYER365365Coal fired ribeye, hassleback potato, Jack Daniels & butter pepper cream, mushrooms, roasted garlic dressing, parmesan
CHICKENR265265Char-grilled chicken thighs, green mango atchar, lime rice, roasted cabbage, baby corn
LAMB CUTLETSR365365Grilled lamb cutlets, harissa roasted aubergine, marinated olives and goat’s cheese
RISOTTOR215215Roasted pumpkin, cranberry pumpkin seed crumble, goats cheese and crispy onions
GAMER315315Slow roasted shoulder of game, red wine onion jus, carrot and orange pickle, roast carrots & apricot, olive oil mash
SIRLOINR325325Coal roasted sirloin, red pepper pesto, porcini mushrooms, roasted aubergine and tomato bake
DUCKR305305Confit duck leg, thyme roasted peaches, butternut, smoked ricotta, bokchoy, duck jus
FIRED FISH AND SHELLFISH FOR TWOR1 4501,450Prawns, calamari, octopus, linefish, lime rice, shellfish butter, braaied greens
SELECTION OF GRILLED MEAT FOR TWOR1 0501,050Fillet, sirloin, lamb cutlets, marble fries, selection of sauces


Menu itemsWeight (grams)Price (in ZAR)Aging
PRIME RIB 800GR80058530 day wet aged
T-BONE 800GR80059530 day wet aged
TOMAHAWK 1KGR100089530 day wet aged


Menu itemsPrice (in ZAR)Description
ICE CREAM SANDWICHESR9595Brioche toast with peanut butter ice-cream, strawberry gel / Rose and hibiscus jelly with mixed berry sorbet, Turkish delight / Stroopwafels with mascarpone parfait, salted caramel, 54% dark chocolate
BREAD PUDDINGR125125Chocolate & orange bread pudding, coffee ice-cream, whiskey cream
BELLINI TRIFLER140140Prosecco foam, vanilla custard, poached peaches, almond sponge, peach jelly
PANNA COTTAR125125Coconut panna cotta, watermelon, gin compressed strawberries, strawberry and elderflower sorbet
BLUEBERRYR125125Blueberry mousse, hibiscus and berry jelly, shortbread, coconut and cassis sorbet
PAVLOVAR125125Mango mousse, passionfruit gel, meringue, passionfruit glass, mango and yuzu sorbet
CHEESECAKER125125Baklava cheesecake, crushed pistachios, milk and honey sorbet

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