Gaucho offers a fusion of tropical and Latin American cuisines, inspired by the Amazon and Asian-Mediterranean communities. Specializing in Peruvian, Chilean-style seafood, and grilled meats, the restaurant transports diners to South America with vibrant ingredients and traditional techniques. A must-visit for steak enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, Gaucho boasts high-quality meat sourced from top suppliers, expertly prepared by chefs.

Gaucho Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameGaucho
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours11 am – 10 pm
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Gaucho Menu

Gaucho impresses with nicely cooked ribs, sea bass, and steaks, complemented by a versatile wine list and delicious coffee. Guests praise the energetic staff and remarkable service, alongside reasonable prices and a relaxed atmosphere with beautiful decor. The sophisticated atmosphere, attentive staff, and extensive Argentinian wine list complete the dining experience.

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ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Freshly Made Empanadas (3 per portion)
Beef with root vegetablesR85.00
Chicken with root vegetables and fresh herbsR85.00
Spinach with creamy Danish fetaR85.00
Cheese and CornR85.00
Prawn and Cheesy béchamelR85.00
Gambas Pil PilPrawns in a spicy tomato and onion salsaR120.00
Peri-Peri Chicken LiversLivers in a peri-peri sauce and onion salsaR90.00
Chimichurri or Peri-Peri Chicken WingsWings marinated in chimichurri or peri-peri sauceR95.00
Peruvian Style CevicheTiger’s Milk, crispy ciabattaR110.00
Lamb RibletsOpen flame cooked lamb ribletsR125.00
ChorizoCooked in sherry with onions and olivesR98.00
Cubed RumpServed in a red wine sauce with onionR115.00
Deep Fried SquidDeep fried squid, peri-peri emulsion, grilled lemonR110.00
Queso CamembertBaked camembert with a sweet onion jam. Served with ciabattaR125.00
BurrataWith marinated roasted red peppersR145.00

Open Flame Specialities

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Gaucho Loaded FriesA bed of golden crispy fries topped with roasted brisket slices. Drizzled in chimichurri verdeR180.00
Chicken EspetadaBoneless chicken thighs with choice of peri-peri, lemon butter or chimichurri marinadeR180.00
Fillet Loaded Fries – AddR35.00
Picanha Espetada450g of Beef with choice of peri-peri, lemon butter or chimichurri marinadeR248.00
Whole Spring ChickenMarinated in chimichurri rojoR220.00
Grilled CalamariServed with olives, red peppers, roasted cherry tomatoesR205.00
Add chorizo sausageR25.00
Grilled Chilean Sea BassServed with toasted almond salsaR295.00
Cauliflower SteakCauliflower puree, pomegranate, almond and pumpkin seed saladR110.00
Cooked over an open flameServed with a side of your choice
Fillet 300gR270.00
Rump 300gR199.00
Sirloin 200gR175.00
Sirloin 300gR210.00
Picanha 600gR365.00
Costillas (Beef Short Rib)R220.00
Lamb Chops 400gR295.00
T-Bone 450gR255.00
Pork Steak 300gR145.00
Parrillada300g Rump, Lamb Riblets, Chorizo, Costillas, Chicken served on a ParrillaR695.00

Sides and Sauces

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chimichurri VerdeR55.00
Chimichurri RojoR55.00
Mushroom SauceR55.00
Pepper SauceR55.00
Red Wine SauceR55.00
Skin-on Potato FriesR38.00
Skinny FriesR38.00
Creamed Spinach with Sautéed Onion and Parmesan CheeseR45.00
Smashed Baby Potatoes with Butter, Garlic and HerbsR45.00
Honey Roasted Root Veg with Goat’s CheeseR54.00
Bean, Corn and Avocado SaladR54.00
Sofrito RiceR45.00
Sweet Potato AsadaR45.00
Sweet Potato FriesR38.00
Mac and CheeseR65.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Village GreekRoughly cut cucumber, tomato, red onion, olives and fetaR105.00
GauchoGrilled halloumi, pomegranate and rocket salad with toasted honey glazed walnuts and lemon vinaigretteR125.00
Steak Tagliata Salad200g Sirloin salad with rocket, parmesan shavings, and crispy capersR210.00

Burgers and Sandwiches

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
250g Classic Chicken / Beef Cheese BurgerServed with fries and fresh chimichurri mayo on a fresh bun
Roast Brisket SandwichThinly sliced roasted brisket on a Turkish roll with red cabbage slawR165.00
Lomito SandwichSirloin OR chicken breast with pancetta, gypsy ham, fried egg, mixed leaves and aioliR198.00
Argentine ChoripanArgentinian-style pork-and-beef chorizo roll with salsa and chimichurri served on a baguetteR129.00
Add melted cheeseR20.00
Traditional Chicken OR Fillet PregoBeef or chicken prego with peri-peri marinade served with fries
Buttery Brioche Fried Buttermilk Chicken Burger SlidersTwo sliders served with hot sauce, cheddar, slaw and picklesR185.00
Brioche Lobster RollLobster cooked in butter, tossed with kewpie dressing, chives and celery. Served on two Brioche buns with buttermilk dipR210.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef RaguSlow-cooked beef ragu with pappardelleR150.00
Lamb RaguSlow-cooked lamb rigatoni, roasted cherry tomatoes, torn fior di latte and basilR160.00
Basil PestoCreamy basil pesto pasta with cherry tomatoes and Danish fetaR130.00
Add chickenR35.00
Spinach and Feta RavioliWith either creamy béchamel OR slow cooked beef raguR175.00
Mushroom GnocchiCreamy parmesan sauce loaded with buttery garlic mushroomsR145.00
Macaroni and CheeseR110.00
Milanesa a la NapolitanaChicken/beef schnitzel on cheesy napolitan tagliatelleR185.00
Prawn, Mussel and Chorizo Seafood PastaR240.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Vanilla Double Cream Ice CreamR65.00
ChurroChurros stuffed with dulce de leche and the ends dipped in chocolate sauceR75.00
SopaipillaArgentinian style doughnut with dulce de leche, Bar-One sauce or homemade jam and creamR65.00
Scoop of Ice Cream: Salty Vanilla OR Caramelised Milk. Father Coffee EspressoR75.00
Add Shot of LiqueurR29.00
Bread and Butter Pudding (Serves 2)Baked and topped with raisins and vanilla soft serve gelatoR90.00
Cookie Skillet (Serves 2)Large chocolate chip cookie, baked in a skillet, served with dulce de leche OR Bar One Sauce. Served with two scoops of ice cream – salty vanilla OR caramelised milkR135.00

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