Cesco’s, located in Randburg, Strydompark, is a renowned Portuguese Pub and Restaurant known for its traditional cuisine and warm atmosphere. Established by the Fernandes Family in 1995, Cesco’s has been a favorite destination for excellent Portuguese dishes for 25 years. With a well-stocked bar featuring sporting memorabilia and big screens for live events, as well as an extensive wine list, Cesco’s offers a delightful dining and social experience.

Cescos Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameCescos
Cuisine TypeAfrican food
Opening Hours11 am – 9 pm
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Cescos Menu

Established in 1995, Cesco’s specializes in traditional Portuguese cuisine, featuring dishes crafted from the Fernandes Family’s authentic recipes. From seafood to vegetarian options, their menu showcases the rich flavors of Madeira, the ‘Pearl of the Atlantic.’

Cescos Starters

StarterPrice (R)
Prawn RissolesR69.00

Cescos Meat Dishes

Meat DishPrice (R)
Ribs 2 RacksR280.00
Ribs 1 RackR193.00
Drunken PorkR107.00
Lamb CurryR192.00
Pork ChopsR156.00
Lamb ShankR224.00
Oxtail CurryR224.00

Cescos Fish – Seafood Menu

Fish-SeafoodPrice (R)
Lovers Seafood PlatterR399.00
Fish and ChipsR126.00
Queen Prawns 1kgR421.00
Seafood PlatterR233.00
10 Medium PrawnsR211.00
Seafood PlatterR570.00
8 Queen PrawnsR227.00

Cescos Combos

ComboPrice (R)
Half Chicken PrawnR211.00
Half Chicken CalamariR192.00
Calamari PrawnR211.00
Half Chicken RibR211.00
Hake and PrawnR205.00

Cescos Chicken Menu

ChickenPrice (R)
Chicken for TwoR215.00
LM ChickenR178.00
1/2 ChickenR107.00
Crumbed Chicken StripsR121.00
Chicken and Prawn CurryR193.00

Cescos Prego’s Menu

PregoDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef PregoServed with chips and salad.R89.00
Chicken PregoServed with chips and salad.R84.00
Pork PregoServed with chips and salad.R84.00

Cescos Sides Menu

SidePrice (R)
Milho FritoR36.00
Boiled PotatoesR32.00

Cescos Sauces

SaucePrice (R)
Peri Peri 250mlR69.00
Peri Peri 750mlR130.00
Garlic and Parsley 250mlR69.00
Garlic and Parsley 750mlR130.00

Cescos Cool Drinks

CooldrinkPrice (R)
Coke 500mlR26.00
Coke Zero 500mlR26.00
Creme Soda 500mlR26.00
Sprite 500mlR26.00
Coke Light 500mlR26.00
Fanta Orange 500mlR26.00

Cescos Specials

DaySpecialDescriptionPrice (R)
MondaysPrawn Madness1 Kg Queen PrawnsR290.00
EverydayPortuguese Chicken for 2Served with Salad & ChipsR189.00
EverydayLovers Platter14 Prawns, Calamari, 2 Piece Fish, Mussels, Squid Heads, Rice & ChipsR349.00
Thursday LunchEspetada BraaiEat as Much as You Like: Beef, Chicken, Pork EspetadaR169.00
MondaysBrandy SpecialDouble Klipdrift & CokeR49.00

Cescos Dry White Wine

WinePrice (R)
Boschendal Brut NVR43.00
Boschendal Brut Rosé NVR43.00

Cescos Semi-Sweet White Blend

WinePrice (R)
Legacy JohannisbergerR138.00

Cescos Merlot

WinePrice (R)
Tall HorseR127.00

Cescos Red Blends

WinePrice (R)
Franschhoek CellarR196.00

Cescos Dry & Off-Dry White Blends

WinePrice (R)
Boschendal 1685R317.00
Haute CabriereR370.00

Cescos Chardonnay Pinot Noir

WinePrice (R)
Porcupine RidgeR252.00

Cescos Sauvignon Blanc

WinePrice (R)
The BeachhouseR215.00
Tall HorseR138.00

Cescos Blush Wines

WinePrice (R)
Nederburg RoséR143.00

Cescos Shiraz Wines

WinePrice (R)
Porcupine RidgeR175.00
Franschhoek CellarR196.00
Durbanville HillsR228.00

Cescos Chenin Blanc

WinePrice (R)
Franschhoek CellarR158.00
Drostdy Hof Extra LightR109.00

Cescos Cabernet Sauvignon

WinePrice (R)
Rupert & Rothschild ClassiqueR419.00
Kanonkop KadetteR225.00
Nederburg BaronneR170.00

Cescos Portuguese Wines

WinePrice (R)
Mateus RoséR230.00

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