Cafe Extrablatt in Greenpoint, Cape Town, offers an all-day dining experience with a South African flair. Originating from Germany and Morocco, it boasts a large menu, local wines, and a welcoming atmosphere. Open seven days a week with free WiFi, it’s the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anything in between, with DJ entertainment on select weekends.

Cafe Extrablatt Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameCafe Extrablatt
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening Hours09:00 am – 01:00 pm
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Cafe Extrablatt Menu

Cafe Extrablatt is renowned for its international cuisine, offering delicious dishes like vegetable pizza, chicken schnitzels, and calamari. Guests praise the energetic staff, terrific service, reasonable prices, and spectacular decor, making it the perfect spot for a cozy dining experience.

Main Menu


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Hot and Cold Buffet BreakfastAll you can eat! Our breakfast buffets will have you coming back for more.
– Saturday (08:00 – 12:00)R139.90
– Sunday and Public Holidays Brunch (09:00 – 14:00)R159.90
Health Breakfast (V)Yoghurt, muesli, fresh fruit salad, drizzled with maple flavoured syrup.R78.90
Full English Breakfast2 Eggs (scrambled or fried), 2 rasher bacon, pork sausage, baked beans, and grilled tomato. Served with your choice of bread.R84.90
– (Can swap Pork or Beef) addR15.00
Breakfast Quicky2 Eggs, two rashers of bacon, one slice of toast (White or Brown), and a grilled slice of tomato.R44.00
Fast Track BrekkieA scrumptious freshly baked roll with any 2 of the following items: Cheese, brie, salami, ham, honey, and jam.R45.90
Eggs BenedictSoft poached egg and ham on a crisp roll or toast, covered with hollandaise sauce.R86.90
– (Replace roll / toast with a croissant for an extra)R17.90
– (Replace ham with salmon for an extra)R37.90
Basic Omelette (V)3 Egg omelette with cheese and one slice of bread.R56.90
Basic Omelette with cheese and a slice of toastChoose your toppings: Roast veg, ham, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, onions, bacon, feta.
– Basic omeletteR56.90
– With 2 toppingsR76.90
– With 3 toppingsR86.90
German Farmer’s BreakfastOmelette styled with onion, bacon, and fried potato, with serving of gherkin, mustard on the side, and sourdough bread.R86.90
FrittataCooked in a cast iron pan, fillings mixed in with the eggs.
– Feta, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and peasR54.90
– Chorizo, tomato, onion, and fetaR56.90
– Potato, bacon, onion, and cheeseR54.90
Savoury FeastTwo slices of bread, basted with fresh guacamole, savoury mince, jalapenos, and chilly flakes with two poached eggs.R99.90
ShashoukaPoached eggs in a tomato sauce spiced with garlic, cumin, paprika, chives, mixed peppers, and chili, served with your choice of bread.R92.90
– Freshly Baked CroissantR42.90
– Butter and jam (v)R52.90
– Nutella (v)R65.90
– Cheese and hamR68.90
– 3 PancakesR82.90
– BlueberryR92.90
– NutellaR98.90
Health Warning
Very Berry Smoothie Bowl (VG)Berry smoothie topped with chia seeds, muesli, coconut flakes, fresh strawberry, and banana slices.R79.90
Health BowlGrilled chicken, quinoa, brown rice, 2 poached eggs, avocado, lemon white balsamic vinaigrette, and a sprinkle of sunflower, flax, and chia seeds.R109.90
Vibrant Vegan Bowl (VG)Avocado slices, pan-fried scrambled tofu with spices of peppers and curry, roast veg, broccoli, pan-fried potatoes, and tomato and onion salsa.R98.90
Hangover RiceA stir-fried savoury rice, bacon, mixed veg, scrambled egg, and soy sauce medley with sriracha mayo.R85.90


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Classic (V)Slices of baguette with parmesan, basil pesto, and fresh tomatoes relish.R72.90
Cheese (V)Classic bruschetta with mozzarella, brie, cheddar, and parmesan.R82.90
HamClassic bruschetta with Parma ham topped with parmesan cheese.R86.90


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Tomato Soup (V)Love in a bowl….. Served with one fresh roll or a slice of sourdough country loaf.R55.90
Butternut Soup (V)Love in a bowl….. Served with one fresh roll or a slice of sourdough country loaf.R55.90
Goulash SoupLove in a bowl….. Served with one fresh roll or a slice of sourdough country loaf.R76.90

Baked Potato

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Baked Potato (V)Served with sour cream.R62.90
Fitness Plate (V)Baked potato served with sour cream and a side salad.R82.90
Top UpSautéed mushroomsR19.90
Cheddar Cheese, Bacon (each)R29.90
Chicken, savoury mince (each)R38.90
Smoked salmon with horseradishR66.90

Pita Bread

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fajita PitaFreshly baked, filled with our Special fillings, salad, tomato and served with our homemade sour cream dip and Cajuns.R108.90
Veggie Pita (VG)Freshly baked, filled with roasted vegetable and garlic mayonnaise.R108.90
American PitaFreshly baked, filled with our Special fillings, salad, tomato and served with our homemade sour cream dip and Cajuns.R108.90


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fajita WrapCajun chicken, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream.R103.90
Conzales WrapLettuce, tomato, avo*, bacon, and feta cheese.R112.90
Caesar WrapGrilled chicken, lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan, rocket, and Caesar dressing.R109.90
Vegan Chicken Delight Wrap (VG)Vegan curry mayo, lettuce, tomato, Vegan Chicken, and curried vegetables.R115.90


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Side Salad (VG)Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, and peppers.R29.90
Veggie Salad (V)Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, topped with roasted vegetables, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, olives, sour cream, quinoa, and balsamic reduction.R115.90
Cajun Chicken SaladLettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, peppers, grilled chicken breast strips, and avocado (seasonal).R115.90
Karoo SaladLettuce, tomato, cucumber, roasted peppers, red onion, grilled beef strips, and feta.R134.90
Paternoster SaladLettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, red onion, 2 grilled prawns, calamari, and salmon.R184.90

Pick ‘n Dip

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pizza Snail Buns (V)6 Classic margherita pizza buns with sour cream.R84.90
Add Extra FillingsHam or sautéed mushrooms (each)R19.90
6 Chicken StripsWith a pizza roll and mango chutney.R78.90
CalamariDeep-fried crumbed calamari with a pizza roll and sour cream.R82.90
‘Pom Fritz’ or CajunsFrench fries or our thick cut fries seasoned with homemade Cajun spice with any choice of 2 dips.R52.90
Crumbed MushroomsWith a pizza roll and sour cream.R78.90
Jalapeño Poppers (V)With a pizza roll and sour cream.R99.90
The DealAny Pick ‘n Dip Meal and either ‘Pom Fritz’, Cajuns or salad and a choice of 2 dips. **Extra toppings will be charged additionally.R105.90
BowlersA sizeable portion of fries dressed with decadent toppings.
Choose from:Garlic friesR52.90
Chili cheese friesR65.90
Cheese, bacon and mayoR72.90
Truffle friesR79.90
Tichuana: Guacamole, sour cream and tomato relishR82.90
DipsSour cream, barbeque, sweet chili, mayonnaise, curry, mango, and garlic mayo.R10.90


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Famous ExtraBlatt HamburgerHomemade 180g pure beef patty with our homemade smoky barbeque basting and burger sauce. Topped with tomato, onions, cucumber, and lettuce on a fresh sesame seed roll.R116.90
CheeseburgerClassic hamburger topped with a slice of cheese.R128.90
Bacon BurgerClassic hamburger topped with crispy bacon and a slice of cheese.R144.90
Caesar Burger180 Pure basted beef patty, sun-dried tomatoes, rocket leaves, parmesan cheese, and a Caesar dressing on a fresh sesame seed roll.R144.90
Biltong & Brie BurgerClassic hamburger with biltong shavings and brie cheese.R154.90
Feta, Peppadew & Avo BurgerClassic hamburger topped with freshly sliced avo*, peppadew, and feta.R149.90
Cranberry Chutney & Camembert BurgerClassic hamburger with an indulgent cranberry chutney sauce and rich camembert cheese.R149.90
The Luxury BurgerHamburger with savory mince, sour cream, and Avo(seasonal).R154.90

Basket Deals

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken WingsTasty juicy barbeque basted wings with ‘Pom Fritz’, Cajuns or salad. (Choose smoky barbeque or spicy basting)R85.90
Chicken CrispersHomemade ‘Crispy Crumb’ fried chicken with ‘Pom Fritz’, Cajuns or side salad.R92.90


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
BolognaiseLike the Italian make it.R119.90
AlfredoChicken in creamy mushroom sauce.R109.90
Pesto Classico (V)Your choice of pasta fused with freshly made basil pesto and cream.R99.90
Classic LasagneA slow-cooked bolognaise with Italian tomatoes topped with mozzarella.R149.90

German Corner

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Schweinehaxe mit Sauerkraut & BratkartoffelnFried potato with onion and bacon.R192.90
Chicken Schnitzel mit ‘Pom Fritz’With pepper, mushroom, or honey mustard sauce.R124.90
Currywurst mit ‘Pom Fritz’ & MayonnaiseGerman sausage with a mild curry tomato sauce.R109.90
Roulade with Rotkohl & BratkartoffelnGerman rolled beef, with red cabbage and fried potato.R156.90
German MeatloafTraditional Leberkäse / Meatloaf topped with egg. Served with Bratkartoffeln (fried potato) and mustard sauce on the side.R119.90
Elsaesser FlammkuchenUltra-thin pizza dough topped with sour cream, onion, and crispy bacon pieces.R82.90
Koenigsberger KlopseTasty, savoury meatballs covered in a white sauce with capers and softly boiled potatoes.R124.90


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Oh Ma Ma Ma Margherita (V)Pizza base with homemade tomato sauce topped with mozzarella and cheese.R102.90
Crudo PizzaClassic pizza topped with Parma ham, parmesan cheese, and rocket.R164.90
Regina PizzaClassic pizza topped with ham and mushrooms.R134.90
Three Cheeses Pizza (V)Pizza topped with brie, mozzarella, and blue cheese.R154.90
Pizza FajitaPizza topped with BBQ chicken strips, BBQ sauce, and red onions.R149.90
Caprese Pizza (V)Classic pizza with tomatoes, Italian mozzarella, and basil.R162.90
Pizza HawaiiClassic pizza with ham and pineapple.R142.90
Vegetarian Pizza (V)Classic pizza topped with oven-roast vegetables, parmesan cheese, and rocket.R142.90
Columbian PizzaSavoury mince, peppers, onions, and avocado.R174.90
Bacon Banana PizzaPizza generously topped with crispy bacon and fresh banana.R134.90
Cheeky Chicken PizzaTopped with chicken strips, feta cheese, and peppadews.R152.90
Tuscan Village PizzaPizza topped with chorizo slices, caramelized onions, and jalapenos.R149.90
Confused DutchmanPizza topped with BBQ chicken strips, BBQ sauce, red onion, and dollops of French Hollandaise sauce.R159.90
Jazzy Chicken PizzaA toothsome combination of chicken, blue cheese, with a generous addition of Sriracha mayo.R162.90
Grazioso PizzaTopped with salami, goat cheese, and hot honey.R175.90
Perky Pork PizzaA quirky pizza topped with bacon and gherkins.R139.90
Big Bad Wolf PizzaScrumptious pizza topped with caramelized onions, corn, pulled pork, and peppers.R163.90
Big Pizza40cm classic pizza with a choice of any 4 toppings except Italian mozzarella and Serrano ham.R255.00
Extra Pizza ToppingRed onion, mild pepper, rocket, ham, pineapple, olives (each)R19.90
Mushrooms, avocado, jalapeño peppers, peppadews, roast vegetables, feta cheese, bacon (each)R29.90
Extra cheese, salami (each)R33.90
Savoury mince, biltong, chorizo, BBQ chicken (each)R38.90
Italian mozzarellaR39.90
Parma hamR59.90

Gourmet – Meaty Magic

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef FilletWith homemade smoky BBQ sauce.R234.90
Served with French fries, Cajun, or a side salad.
Beef SirloinWith homemade smoky BBQ sauce.R163.90
Served with French fries, Cajun, or a side salad.
Ostrich FilletWith olive and onion relish.R185.90
Served with French fries, Cajun, or a side salad.
Lamb CutletsGrilled in rosemary and garlic.R245.90
Served with seasonal vegetables and potato bake.

Gourmet – Land & Sea Combo

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Rib and CalamariR179.90
Rib and Chicken WingsR179.90
Rib and PrawnsR189.90

Gourmet – From The Sea

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Seafood PlatterHake, calamari, prawns and mussels served with savoury rice or salad.R199.90

Side Orders & Sauces


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SauceDescriptionPrice (R)
PepperPepper sauceR32.90
MushroomMushroom sauceR32.90
Honey MustardHoney mustard sauceR32.90
ChakalakaChakalaka sauce (a South African relish)R32.90

Side Orders

Side OrderDescriptionPrice (R)
Pom FritsFrench friesR29.90
CajunsCajun-seasoned friesR29.90
RiceSteamed riceR29.90
Side SaladGarden salad with dressingR29.90
BratkartoffelnFried potatoes with onion and baconR35.90
Red CabbageBraised red cabbageR35.90
SauerkrautFermented cabbageR35.90
KaesespaetzleTraditional German egg noodles with cheese toppingR49.90


DessertDescriptionPrice (R)
Apple StrudelApple strudel served with warm custard or ice cream and creamR65.90
Peppermint Cheese CakePeppermint cheesecakeR69.90
Dom PedroAmarula, Frangelico, Kahlua, or WhiskeyR52.90
MilkshakesVanilla, chocolate, or strawberry milkshakeR42.90
Special MilkshakesBar One, Cookies & Cream, or Vanilla Chai milkshakeR58.90
Gourmet MilkshakesPeanut butter & brownie, Peppermint crisp cheesecake, Salted Caramel Popcorn, Nutella and Chocolate Cookie, Oreo’s Cookie and white Chocolate, Toasted marshmallow milkshakeR72.90
Chocolate BrownieChocolate brownie served with ice cream and creamR69.90
Chocolate VolcanoChocolate volcano cake with a soft oozy centre served with ice creamR69.90
Ice Cream1 Scoop of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice creamR21.90
2 Scoops of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice creamR29.90
3 Scoops of chocolate, vanilla, and/or strawberry ice creamR39.90

Hot Drinks

BeverageDescriptionPrice (R)
Schumli CoffeeFreshly ground and brewed on demandR27.00
Hot ChocolateR32.00
Jumbo Hot ChocR44.00
EspressoSingle or DoubleR20.00 / R28.00
Espresso MacchiatoR21.00
Jumbo CappuccinoR46.00
Chai Tea LatteR42.00
Latte MacchiatoR39.00
SchocmocHot Chocolate, EspressoR42.00
Hot LemonInfusion of freshly squeezed lemon juiceR25.00
Flavoured Latte MacchiatoCaramel, Vanilla or HazelnutR46.00
Amarula CoffeeR45.00
Irish CoffeeR49.00
Irish CoffeeR48.00
ExtrasDecaf or Red espresso add, With Oat milk add, Extra shot espresso addR5.00, R10.00, R10.00
Tea5 Roses / Rooibos served by the glassR22.00
Imported Speciality TeaEnglish breakfast tea, Earl grey, Green Dragon, Peppermint, Chamomile, Sweet berry, Masala chai tea, Jasmine green teaR29.00

Cold Drinks

BeverageDescriptionPrice (R)
Coca Cola / Fanta / Sprite / Coke Zero300ml in a Glass BottleR29.00
SchweppesDry Lemon, Soda Water, Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, Lemonade (200ml)R27.00
Fitch and LeedesTonic Water, Pink Tonic (200ml)R27.00
Appletiser / GrapetiserR42.00
BOS Ice TeaLemon, PeachR40.00
Red BullEnergy Drink, Sugarfree, Red Edition: WatermelonR44.00
Mineral WaterStill or Sparkling (500ml), Still or Sparkling (1Litre)R26.00, R39.00
CordialsLime, Passion Fruit, Kola TonicR10.00
JuiceApple, Orange, Granadilla, Pineapple, Mango, Cranberry, StrawberryR29.00, R36.00
Freshly Squeezed Orange JuiceR42.00
Extrablatt ApfelschorleRefreshing drink of Cloudy apple juice and soda (500ml)R44.00

Beer / Cider

BeverageDescriptionPrice (R)
Black LabelR36.00
Castle LagerR34.00
Castle LiteR36.00
Windhoek draughtR46.00
Castle Milk StoutR37.00
Erdinger Non AlcoholicR47.00
CBC Raspberry WeissR47.00
CBC Pale AleR47.00
Hunters Dry / GoldR42.00
Rekorderlig CiderStrawberry and Lime, Mango and RaspberryR85.00
Savannah Dry / LightR48.00

Beers On Tap

BeverageSizePrice (R)
CBC Lager300mlR39.00
CBC Lager500mlR50.00
Castle Lite300mlR36.00
Castle Lite500mlR47.00
Black Label300mlR36.00
Black Label500mlR47.00
CBC Amber Weiss300mlR40.00
CBC Amber Weiss500mlR60.00
Erdinger Weiss300mlR48.00
Erdinger Weiss500mlR72.00
Guest TapInquire
Stella Artois300mlR38.00
Stella Artois500mlR53.00

Wine Menu

Sauvignon Blanc

WineSizePrice (R)
Durbanville HillsCarafeR60.00
Durbanville HillsBottleR180.00
Three PeaksCarafeR50.00
Three PeaksBottleR150.00
Springfield “Life from stone”BottleR329.00


WineSizePrice (R)
Three Peaks UnwoodedCarafeR50.00
Three Peaks UnwoodedBottleR150.00
Mount VernonBottleR349.00

Chenin blanc

WineSizePrice (R)
MAN family wine free run steenBottleR199.00
Mulderbosch “Steen up hout”BottleR209.00


WineSizePrice (R)
Unbelievable SweetCarafeR42.00
Three Peaks RoseCarafeR50.00
Pink Valley RoseCarafeR52.00
Hermanuspietersfontein BloosR249.00

White Blends and Others

WineSizePrice (R)
Haute Cabriere Chardonnay/Pinot NoirBottleR249.00

Cabernet Sauvignon

WineSizePrice (R)
Haute Cabriere Chardonnay/Pinot NoirBottleR249.00


WineSizePrice (R)
Three PeaksCarafeR50.00


WineSizePrice (R)
Delucius SyrahCarafeR50.00
Ernst Gouws & CoBottleR349.00


WineSizePrice (R)
Three PeaksBottleR150.00
Ernst Gouw & CoBottleR289.00

Red Blends

WineTypeUnitPrice (R)
Delucius BlendMerlot / Cabernet Sauvignon BlendCarafeR50.00
Nedernburg BaronneCabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz BlendCarafeR60.00
Rupert & Rothschild ClassiqueBottleR469.00
Ridgeback Cabernet FrancBottleR475.00
Mount Vernon MalbecBottleR625.00

Sparkling Wine / Bubbly

WineUnitPrice (R)
JC le Roux Sauvignon BlancFluteR39.00
JC le Roux Nectar Demi SecBottleR219.00
Pierre Jordan BrutFluteR64.00
Pongracz BrutBottleR399.00
Pongracz RoseBottleR399.00
Pongracz Noble Nectar Demi SecBottleR399.00
Bottega Millesimato Extra DryProseccoBottleR359.00
Bottega GOLDBottleR1250.00


WineUnitPrice (R)
Veuve Cliquot RichBottleR2600.00
Veuve Clicquot Yellow LabelBottleR2050.00
Moet & Chandon Nectar imperialBottleR2050.00
Dom PerignonBottleR7000.00

Cocktail Menu

CategoryCocktailIngredientsPrice (R)
ClassicsCosmopolitanVodka, triple sec, lime, lemon, cranberryR55.00
Cuba LibreHavana Club rum, fresh lime, CokeR58.00
Tequila SunriseOlmeca Tequila, orange, grenadine, lemonR64.00
White RussianVodka, café liqueur, creamR54.00
Mai TaiWhite and dark rum, triple sec, Amaretto, pineapple, grenadineR78.00
MarguaritaFrozen or shaken; 100% Agave Tequila, lime, lemon, Triple SecR78.00
NegroniGin, martini rosso, orange, campariR55.00
ManhattanBourbon, vermouth, angostura bittersR55.00
Danger ZoneKiller Kool AidVodka, lime, melon, amaretto, cranberryR78.00
ZombieA lot of Rum, peach brandy, lime, orange, pineapple, grenadineR78.00
AK 47Ginger ale, brandy, vodka, rum, triple sec, whisky, gin, lime juice and mintR86.00
CreamyPiña ColadaWhite rum, coconut, cream, pineappleR64.00
Strawberry ColadaWhite rum, strawberries, cream, coconut, pineappleR69.00
African coladaWhite rum, amarula cream liqueur, cream, coconut, pineappleR72.00
Screaming OrgasmVodka, amaretto, amarula cream liqueur, café liqueur, creamR66.00
CaribbeanCaipirinhaCachaca, fresh limes, brown sugarR62.00
PainkillerDark Rum, Orange juice, Pineapple juice, CoconutR74.00
Caipirinha Very BerryCachaca, fresh lime, brown sugar and mixed berriesR70.00
Classic MojitoHavana Club Rum, fresh lime, mint, soda, brown sugarR62.00
Mojito RaspberryHavana Club Rum, fresh lime, mint, soda, brown sugar, raspberryR72.00
Mojito BlueberryHavana Club Rum, fresh lime, mint, soda, brown sugar, blueberryR72.00
Mojito MangoHavana Club Rum, fresh lime, mint, soda, brown sugar, mangoR72.00
Mojito CucumberHavana Club Rum, fresh lime, mint, soda, brown sugar, cucumberR72.00
Young, Fresh & BeautifulVodka, blue curacao, lemon, lime, dry lemonR65.00
FlamingoGin, Peach Brandy, strawberry, lemon, lime, granadillaR65.00
El DiabloOlmeca Tequila, crème de cassis, lime, ginger aleR65.00
Bahama MamaWhite rum, banana liqueur, pineapple, coconut, lemon, limeR74.00
FruityLady KillerGin, triple sec, Peach Brandy, lemon, granadilla, pineapple, grenadineR65.00
Sex on the BeachVodka, Peach Brandy, orange, grenadineR62.00
SoleroVodka, Passoa passion fruit liqueur, lemon, granadilla, pineappleR65.00
Frozen Strawberry DaiquiriWhite rum, lime, lemon, strawberries, iceGlass R72.00 1l Jug R169.00 1l Jug in happy hour R139.00
Frozen Mango DaiquiriWhite rum, lime, lemon, mangos, iceGlass 72.00 1l Jug R169.00 1l Jug in happy hour R139.00
Frozen Raspberry DaiquiriWhite rum, lime, lemon, raspberry, iceGlass R72.00 1l Jug R169.00 1l Jug in happy hour R139.00
Frozen Blueberry DaiquiriWhite rum, lime, lemon, blueberries, iceGlass R72.00 1l Jug R169.00 1l Jug in happy hour R139.00
MocktailsCoconut KissCream, coconut, pineapple, grenadineR52.00
Baby ElephantGinger, lemon, lime, apple, ginger aleR52.00
Virgin MojitoFresh lime, mint, brown sugar, soda, lemonadeR52.00
Cape Town StadiumOrange, pineapple, lemon, granadilla, grenadineR52.00
Summer coolerStrawberry, granadilla, lemon, dry lemonR52.00
Virgin Strawberry MargaritaStrawberries, lime, lemon, strawberry syrupR54.00
JumbosLong Island Iced TeaVodka, gin, white rum, Olmeca Tequila, triple sec, lemon, lime, coke.R79.00
Spiderman Long IslandLong island ice tea with cranberry and blue curacaoR88.00
The HurricaneWhite and dark rum, Peach Brandy, lemon, lime, orange, pineapple, grenadineR79.00
Incredible Hulk Long IslandVodka, gin, white rum, tequila, triple sec, lemon, lime, granadilla and blue curacaoR88.00
Models FlashGin, vodka, white rum, Peach Brandy, coconut, pineapple, granadillaR79.00
Stress FreeVodka, Passoa passion fruit liqueur, Peach Brandy, triple sec, granadilla, grenadineR79.00
SparklingAperol SpritzzAperol, sparkling wine, orangeR62.00
HugoElderflower, fresh mint, fresh lime, sparkling wine, sparkling waterR62.00
IngeGinger, fresh mint, fresh lime, sparkling wine, sparkling waterR62.00
Watermelon Gin BullFresh lime, Gin and Ice with Red Bull Red Edition:WatermelonR62.00
SpringbokCrème de menthe, amarula cream liqueurR26.00
Blow JobCoffee liqueur, amarula cream liqueur, creamR26.00
Suit CaseWhiskey, passion fruit cordialR36.00
Chocolate CakeVodka, FrangelicoR28.00
B-52Coffee liqueur, amarula cream liqueur, tequilaR28.00
Liquid CocaineVodka, blue curacao, lime cordialR26.00
Flat LinerSambuca, silver tequila, tabascoR28.00
Sowetan ToiletBanana liqueur, amarula cream liqueur, chocolate liqueurR28.00
Flaming LamborginiCafé liqueur, sambuca, blue curacao, amarula cream liqueurR88.00
Redheaded SlutJaegermeister, Peach Brandy, cranberryR26.00
OreoSambuca, coffee liqueur, creamR26.00
The OysterVodka, tabasco, lemon, pepperR25.00
Kleiner KeilerSpicy cherry liqueurR32.00
Caramel VodkaR26.00
Strawberry lipsR22.00
Porn StarSweet passion fruit, smooth vanilla cream and zesty citrus.R25.00
NikolaschkaBrandy , lemon , coffee , sugarR50.00

Summer Drinks 2024

DrinkDescriptionPrice (R)
Oreo White Choc FrappeDelicious frappe consisting of white chocolate, Oreo, milk, ice, and creamR60.00
Barbie’s Lemonade“You can be anything” with this lemon, dragonfruit, strawberry, raspberry, and soda lemonadeR46.00
Ginger Lime FusionFresh ginger, lime, and soda make this wonderful thirst quencher.R42.00
Mum’s LemonadeHomemade lemonade with lemon, fresh lime, and water.R42.00
Berry Coconut Crush Ice TeaGlorious mix of berry ice tea with coconut, fresh lime, and mint.R48.00
Kiwi Blackcurrant LemonadeLemonade made with kiwi, lemon squash, blackcurrant, and water.R44.00
Rooi Berry CoolerHomemade lemonade, strawberry puree, rooibos tea extract, lemon, and water.R44.00
Mango/Grapefruit LemonadeA sparkly lemonade made with grapefruit, mango, lemon squash, and water.R42.00

Summer Lunch 2024

DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Lunch Squid HeadsDeep-fried gently spiced squid heads served with Tzatziki sauce and a slice of lemon.R79.00
Mozzarella CroquettesCrispy cheesy Panko-crumbed potato croquettes, deep-fried with a mozzarella center. Served with chili mayo.R79.00
Thai Mushroom DelightA vegetarian feast of black and white mushrooms, peppers, and fettuccine pasta tossed in a Thai curry sauce. Served with crispy chickpeas and coriander.R79.00
Fried HalloumiA generous portion of deep-fried halloumi cheese served with a tzatziki sauce.R79.00
Chickpea BowlA textured bowl with crispy chickpeas, pickled ginger, and cherry tomatoes. Served with a vinaigrette sauce.R79.00
Chicken McrostiCrunchy German roesti (hash brown) & crispy chicken schnitzel, served with our secret spice pink sauce, pineapple, and crunchy munchy salad greens.R79.00

Summer Main Specials 2024

DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Summer Beef FilletJuice-grilled beef fillet on a bed of savory rice, with a cream white wine roasted red pepper sauce and crispy fried onion rings.R299.00
Chicken Soul BowlGrilled chicken breast toasted in a green curry paste & coconut milk sauce with edamame beans, bok choy, broccoli, roasted cashews, coriander, cherry tomatoes, and a Thai sauce.R95.00
T-Bone SteakTender T-Bone steak grilled to perfection, with crispy batter-fried onion rings and savory rice served with a spicy chili mayonnaise.R309.00
Vitamin SaladA cheerful toasted green salad consisting of baby spinach, kale, cucumber, carrot, broccoli, strawberries, Feta cheese, mixed seeds, cherry tomatoes, and pickled red onion.R120.00
The ArnieA lip-smackingly good concoction of grilled chicken breast, sautéed baby spinach, scrambled egg white, cherry tomatoes, chives, and Danish Feta.R112.00
Kickstarter of the DayA poached egg on a bed of stir-fried Halloumi cheese, sweet potato fries, zucchini, baby spinach, and cherry tomatoes, topped with classic Hollandaise sauce.R130.00
OystersThree freshly shucked oysters on a bed of ice. Served with a slice of lemon.R60.00
Salmon BowlDelicious smoked salmon bowled up with crunchy fresh semi-rye toast, avocado, cucumber, and carrot. Served with a spicy chili mayo and vinaigrette.R140.00
Aglio el GrecoA traditional Italian feast of grilled halloumi cheese, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and parmesan shavings combined with spaghetti.R120.00

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