Momo Baohaus, located in Johannesburg, South Africa, is renowned for its mesmerizing interior decor and fantastic culinary adventure. The unique dining area is a major draw for patrons, while the extraordinary service further enhances the dining experience at Momo Baohaus.

Momo Baohaus Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameMomo Baohaus
Cuisine TypeAfrican food
Opening Hours11 am – 10 pm
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Momo Baohaus Menu

Momo Baohaus offers a diverse menu including tapas, baos, bowls, sushi rolls, desserts, and drinks, all prepared with fresh ingredients and priced affordably under R300. Patrons receive a warm welcome and guidance on the restaurant’s seating options and unique dishes upon arrival.


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Korean Fried Chicken Wings(Hot) Crispy chicken wings, gochujang, Szechuan chili, spring onion, toasted sesame (6Pcs)R78
Fiery Green Beans(Hot)(V) Smoky woked green beans, garlic, dried chiliR72
Crispy CalamariCalamari, hoisin, toasted sesame.R85
Spring RollsFreshly rolled crispy wrapper, sweet chili dip (3PCS)from R62
Firecracker Prawn(Hot) Butterflied crispy prawn, puffed vermicelli, sriracha, togarashi, wasabi mayoR99
Gyoza Pot StickersPan-fried dumplings, gyoza dipping sauce (5PCS)from R78
Spicy Kalbi Beef(Hot) Thinly sliced kalbi short rib, smoky spice rub, dried chili, spring onion.R82
Firecracker Chicken(Hot) Crispy fried chicken, Szechuan chili oil, ginger, garlic, crushed peanut, sesame, spring onionR95
Umami Edamame(V) Wok-charred edamame beans in the shell, sesame oil marinade, sea salt, toasted sesameR72


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chairman BaoPulled lamb, hoisin, crushed peanut, QP mayo, spring onion, coriander, fried onion, toasted sesame.R109
Colonel BaoCrispy fried chicken, hoisin, pickled ginger, QP mayo, sriracha, spring onion, coriander, toasted sesameR99
Kung Pow Bao(Hot) Crispy Korean beef, kimchi, gochujang, QP mayo, spring onion, coriander, toasted sesameR99
Deep Sea BaoTempura prawn, hoisin, pickled ginger, QP mayo, sriracha, spring onion, coriander, toasted sesameR109
Greenway Bao(V) Crispy fried tofu, QP mayo, sriracha, hoisin, pickled ginger, spring onion, coriander, toasted sesameR89
BaohausTeriyaki beef, hoisin, QP mayo, spring onion, coriander, fried onion, pickled onion, toasted sesameR99
Mighty Duck BaoAmber roasted duck, hoisin, plum sauce, QP mayo, sriracha, spring onion, coriander, toasted sesame.R109


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
TokyoSweet teriyaki chicken or beef or tofu (V), pickled ginger, ramen egg, pickled shiitake, spring onion, Asian slaw, woked greensR109
Szechuan(Extra Hot) Spicy kung pow chicken or beef or tofu (V), cashew, red pepper, ramen egg, tingly Szechuan peppercorn oil, Asian slaw, woked greensR109
BangkokThai basil chicken or beef or tofu (V), mint, chili, oyster sauce, red pepper, ramen egg, Asian slaw, pickled shiitake, woked greensR109
Seoul(Hot) Crispy Korean beef, gochujang, kimchi, ramen egg, pickled shiitake, spring onion, Asian slaw, woked greensR109
ShanghaiCrispy sweet, sour chicken, red pepper, ramen egg, chili strands, Asian slaw, spring onion, woked greensR109
Kimchi Fried Rice(Hot)(V) Homemade kimchi, egg fried rice, soft-fried egg, spring onion, purple pickleR109
Wok Hey! Beef Noodles(Hot) High heat woked beef & rice noodles, dark soy sauce, chili crisp, freshly shredded cucumberR109


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Rainbow ReloadedSalmon & avo inside & outside, caviar, spicy mayo, teriyaki, sesame oil, spring onion, tempura crunch.from R85
Firecracker Rock ShrimpRock shrimp tempura on top, salmon & avo inside, tōgarashi spicy mayo, toasted sesame, and spring onion.from R96
Muay Thai KickPulled prawn on top, tempura prawn & avo inside, red coconut curry, toasted sesame, nori strands.from R96
Hot Rock ‘n RollSpicy tuna inside, avo outside, tempura crunch, teriyaki, tōgarashi, toasted sesame, spring onion.from R85
Volcano RollSpicy chopped salmon & caviar on top, salmon & avo inside & outside, spicy mayo, kimchi, tōgarashi, toasted sesame, chili oilfrom R96
Gardener’s Roll(V) Avo, cucumber & carrot inside, avo outside, pickled mushroom, QP mayo, teriyaki, tempura crunch.from R78
Sunset Roll(V) Avo, cucumber & carrot inside, avo outside, kimchi, toasted sesame, tōgarashi spicy mayo.from R78
Lime Green Roll(V) Avo & roasted red pepper inside, avo & microgreens outside, crispy quinoa, sesame spinach, ginger miso dressing, tempura crunch, nori strandsfrom R85
Salmon CrunchCrispy fried California roll, avo & crispy salmon inside, lemon cream cheese, savoury & sweet roasted seeds, spring onionfrom R85
Salmon RoseSalmon outside, sushi rice inside, caviar, QP mayoR89
Crispy OnigiriSpicy salmon, crispy rice onigiri, avo, spicy mayo, tōgarashi, teriyaki, tempura crunch.R132
Masa Fashion SandwichLayered seared salmon, avo, caviar, tōgarashi, teriyaki, spicy mayo.from R85
XO Fivers5 Firecracker Rock Shrimp + 5 Rainbow Reloaded.R149


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Deep Fried BunWith original sweet milk or salted caramel dipR58


ItemPrice (R)
Craft Iced Tea 330MLR40
Water 500MLR28
Cold Drinks 330MLR28
Lemonade 200mlR28
Appletiser 330MLR35
Grapetiser 330MLR35
Coconut Milk 245MLR38
Coconut Water 330MLR40

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