Hooters, a trademark owned by Hooters, Inc. and Hooters of America, Inc., presents a vibrant dining experience in South Africa. Offering a diverse menu appealing to sports enthusiasts, foodies, and those seeking a casual atmosphere, Hooters ensures a memorable feast. From flavorful wings to a fun ambiance, Hooters in South Africa is your destination for a delightful and diverse culinary adventure.

Restaurant NameHooters
Cuisine TypeFast food
Opening HoursNoon – 11:00 pm
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Hooters Menu

Discover the renowned Hooters Menu in South Africa, blending casual dining, sports entertainment, and distinctive service. With a diverse range of flavorful dishes, the Hooters experience goes beyond ambiance, providing a unique culinary journey for diverse tastes.

Hooters Menu Prices

Starter Menu

Menu itemsPrice
Hooters Original Buffalo PlatterR196.99
Onion RingsR44.99
Chicken Breast StripsR79.99
Hooters Original Buffalo Shrimp (10 pc , 20 Pc)R128.99 , R224.99
Sliders (4 Pc , 6 Pc)R129.99 , R173.99
Tex Mex Nachos (Chilli,Chicken,Cheese)R119.99 , R116.99 , R96.99 
Totally Cheesy QuesadillaR85.99
Buffalo Chicken QuesadillaR106.99
Fajita Style Quesadilla (Chicken, Steak)R95.99 , R109.99


Menu itemsPrice
Hooters Original Style Wings (6Pc,10Pc, 20Pc, 50Pc)R88.99, R112.99, R207.99, R482.99
Boneless Wings  (6Pc, 10Pc, 20Pc, 50Pc)R63.99, R99.99, R174.99, R393.99
Hooters Daytona Beach Style Wings (6Pc , 10Pc, 20Pc, 50Pc)R94.99, R115.99, R215.99, R496.99
Naked Wings (6Pc, 10Pc, 20Pc, 50Pc)R88.99, R112.99, R207.99, R482.99


Menu itemsPrice
Bacon Mac & CheeseburgerR99.99
Western BBQ BurgerR119.99
Big HootieR136.99
Twisted Texas MeltR106.99
Buffalo Chicken BurgerR89.99
Build Your Own Burger (MEAT, BUNS, GARNISH)R99.99

Sandwiches & Tacos

Menu itemsPrice
Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich (Philly Cheese Steak, Chicken, Texas Style)R119.99, R99.99, R109.99
Smothered Chicken SandwichR99.99
Chicken Speed Way SandwichR109.99
Baja Fish TacosR109.99
Baja Shrimp TacosR134.99
Hooters Original Buffalo Chicken TacosR94.99

Combos & Steaks

Menu itemsPrice
Rack of RibsR219.99
Ribs and Wings ComboR209.99
Rump SteakR119.99
Texas T-BoneR169.99


Menu itemsPrice
Fish and ChipsR118.99
Steamed Shrimp (1/2 Kg, 1/4 kg)R346.99, R189.99
Baja Shrimp TacosR134.99
Baja Fish TacosR109.99


Menu itemsPrice
Hooters Original Buffalo Chicken SaladR95.99
Chicken Garden SaladR93.99
Chicken Caesar SaladR95.99
Taco SaladR109.99
Greek SaladR89.99


Menu itemsPrice
Curly FriesR49.99
Mac & CheeseR34.99
Onion RingsR44.99


Menu itemsPrice
Malva PuddingR59.99
Choc Brownie with Ice CreamR69.99
Ice Cream & Choc SauceR39.99

Kids Menu

Menu itemsPrice
Mac & CheeseR34.99
Cheesy Toasted SarmieR35.99
Chic & Mayo Toasted SarmieR39.99
Crispy Fish FingersR44.99
Kids Chicken WingsR52.99
Kids Chicken StripsR44.99
Grilled Dipping DogsR44.99
Training BurgersR54.99

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