Honchos restaurants in South Africa are renowned for serving some of the best flame-grilled chicken, marinated for 24 hours and cooked to perfection. The menu features flame-grilled chicken & Specials, Honchos Specials, full chicken, burgers & sandwiches. Complementing the excellent chicken, Honchos offers a diverse range of sides, including salads, rice and beans, sweet potato fries, and more.

Honchos Menu and Prices & Specials South Africa
Restaurant NameHonchos
Cuisine TypeFast Food
Opening Hours8 am – 6:30 pm
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Honchos Menu With Prices

Honchos Menu in South Africa offers a diverse and affordable range, including delicious flame-grilled chicken, burgers, and wraps to cater to various preferences and dietary needs. While menu prices may vary by location, Honchos ensures reasonable prices that reflect the quality and creativity of their offerings.

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Picked For You

Menu ItemsPrice
 Special OneR38.00
Full ChickenR80.00
 The Mucho Family MealR100.00
 Chicken SchwarmaR24.00
 One Cheeky BowlR27.00

Take X2 Meals

Menu ItemsPrice
Get X2 Chicken and Pepper BurgerR35.00
Get X2 Chicken and Pepper Burger (Take X2 Meals)R35.00
Get X2 Chicken, Cheese and Pepper BurgerR38.00
Get X2 Regular Beef and Cheese BurgerR28.00
Get X2 Jumbo Beef and Cheese BurgerR33.00
 Get X2 SchwarmasR33.00


Menu ItemsPrice
The BeffaritoR23.00
 The ChickaritoR23.00
 The EggaritoR20.00
Brave Burgers
 Double Brave BurgerR55.00
 Regular Brave BurgerR25.00
Cheeky Bowls
One Cheeky Bowl (Cheeky Bowls)R27.00
 We are Cheeky EverydayR45.00


Menu ItemsPrice
The Brekkie BurgerR22.00
 The Legend BurgerR29.00
 2x The Legend BurgerR50.00

Honchos Kiddies Meal

Menu ItemsPrice
Kiddies MealR50.00
The Mucho Family Meal
The Mucho Family Meal (The Mucho Family Meal)R100.00
The One and Only Big 1
 The One and OnlyR170.00


Menu ItemsPrice
Quarter ChickenR22.00
Half ChickenR43.50
Full Chicken (Chicken)R80.00
Wings and Strips
 6 Spicy WingsR55.00
4 Spicy WingsR40.00
4 Spicy Wings (Wings and Strips)R40.00
 Polo StripsR30.00
 Polo Strips and ChipsR26.00


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken and Mayo SandwichR29.00


Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Cheese SchwarmaR20.00
Chicken Schwarma (Schwarmas)R24.00


Menu ItemsPrice
Cheesy ChipsR18.00
 On the “Chip Side” of LifeR10.00

Hot Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Imported CreamyR8.90
Imported Creamy (Hot Beverages)R8.90
White CoffeeR8.90


Menu ItemsPrice
Special One (Specials)R38.00
 Quickie 1 – Killer DealR29.00

Cold Drinks

Menu ItemsPrice
300ml CooeeR9.00
1.25LT CooeeR15.00
2LT CooeeR21.00
 Reboost OriginalR15.00
 Honchos WaterR8.00
Bashews CanR9.00
Capri SunR9.00
2LT CokeR26,00
300ML CansR14.00
300ML BuddyR11.00
440ML BuddyR17.00
1.5LT CokeR21.00
Powerade Energy DrinkR16.00
 750ML Pump WaterR16.00
 500ML Valpre WaterR14.00

Sauce Bottles

Menu ItemPrice
Spicy Mayo 325MLR30.00

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