Fishaways is a beloved fast-food chain in South Africa, celebrated for its delectable seafood selections. Their diverse menu includes everything from classic fish and chips to grilled seafood platters, catering to various tastes and dietary needs. Crafted with care and using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, each dish promises maximum flavor and satisfaction for seafood enthusiasts nationwide.

Fishaways Menu and Prices 2022 South Africa
Restaurant NameFishaways
Cuisine TypeSeafood
Opening Hours10 am – 10 pm
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Fishaways Menu Prices

Discover Fishaways’ extensive seafood menu, featuring a variety of starters, main courses, burgers, wraps, salads, sides, and kid-friendly options. With unique flavor combinations and accessible prices, Fishaways caters to seafood enthusiasts across South Africa, offering something for everyone to enjoy.

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Fishaways Menu List

Picked For You

Hake, Rice, Chips & Coleslaw MealR 88,90
Hake and ChipsR 100,90
Hake and RiceR 86,90
Squiggly PopsR 49,90
Calamari StripsR 102,90

Fishaways Online Deal Menu

Crunchy Hake Strips BoxR 119,90
Crunchy Fish Pops BoxR 119,90

Fishaways Better Deals Menu

Hake SaladR 101,90
Platter for 4R 349,50

Healthier For You

Hake PotR 71,90
Prawn SaladR 101,90
Large Garden SaladR 56,90
Large Greek SaladR 68,90
Grilled Hake MealR 101,90

Fishaways Single Eats

Grilled Hake MealR 68.9
Hake WrapR 44.9
Basa WrapR 44.9
Calamari WrapR 46.9
Prawn WrapR 54.9
Burger Meal with ChipsR 46.9
Good Life MealR 62.9
Platter For OneR 109.9
Hake Meal (small)R 39.9
Hake Meal (medium)R 59.9
Hake Meal (large)R 79.9
Seafood Hot PotsR 44.9
Seafood PaellaR 79.9
Hake & Calamari TubesR 89.9
Hake & Calamari StripsR 86.9

Fishaways Spicy Hot Pots Menu

Spicy Hake PotR 73,90
Spicy Prawn PotR 80,90
Spicy Seafood Pot For TwoR 179,90
Spicy Veggie Pot (Fried)R 59,90
Spicy Seafood PotR 106,90
Spicy Calamari Pot ( Fried)R 69,90

Better for Sharing

Hake & Prawns PlatterR 230,90
Hake, Chips, Coleslaw & Onions Rings MealR 182,90
Family PlatterR 329,90
Trio Family MealR 230,90
Platter for 4R 349,50

Fishaways Kids Meals Menu

Kiddies Crunchy Fingers & ChipsR 56,90
Nuggets and ChipsR 56,90

Fishaways Snacks Menu

Pop PrawnsR 103,90
Calamari StripsR 102,90
Hake NuggetsR 88,90
Onion RingsR 42,90
Squiggly BoxR 86,90
Prawn BoxR 93,90
Squiggly PopsR 49,90
Crunchy Fish PopsR 42,90
Crunchy Veggie PopsR 36,90

Meals Under 500cal

Basa & Pine WrapR 49.9
Honey Soy Fish WrapR 49.9
Grilled Hake & Veg Stir FryR 52.9
Fishcakes & Green SaladR 54.9
Honey Soy Fish PotR 54.9
Rainbow Shrimp SaladR 76.9

Fishaways Sides Menu

Veg Stir-FryR 32.9
Hake Fillet (regular)R 31.9
Hake Fillet (medium)R 42.9
Hake Fillet (large)R 59.9
Coleslaw (regular)R 27.9
Sriracha Coleslaw (regular)R 29.9
Green Salad (regular)R 32.9
Green Salad (large)R 34.9
Greek Salad (regular)R 38.9
Greek Salad (large)R 45.9
Extra SauceR 4.9
Chips (small)R 22.9
Chips (medium)R 27.9
Chips (large)R 32.9
Chips (extra large)R 45.9
Rice (small)R 22.9
Rice (medium)R 27.9
Rice (large)R 32.9
Burger RollR 11.9

Fishaways Sauces Menu

SaucesR 10,90

Fishaways Beverages Menu

Full Sugar CanR 21,90
Sugar Free CanR 20,90
Full Sugar BuddyR 24,90
Sugar Free BuddyR 24,90
Soft Drinks 1.5LR 34,90
Sugar Free Soft Drinks 1.5LR 32,90
WaterR 19,90
TisersR 29,90

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