Tian Tian is a renowned Chinese restaurant in South Africa, offering a gastronomic adventure in the heart of the city. The ambiance is vibrant, with the rhythmic clattering of chopsticks and the soft buzz of conversation. Sunlight filters through bamboo shades, creating a serene atmosphere infused with warm scents of sesame seeds, star anise, and ginger.

Tian Tian Menu South Africa
Restaurant NameTian Tian
Cuisine TypeChinese food
Opening Hours9 am – 10 pm
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Tian Tian Menu

Tian Tian offers a fusion of vibrant maki rolls, delicate sashimi, and Sichuan flavors, blending East and West on a platter. Expert chefs transform simple ingredients into flavorful symphonies, inviting guests to explore new culinary boundaries and savor each brushstroke of culinary talent on their menu.

Tian Tian Appetizers

ItemPrice (R)
Vegetable Spring RollR23.00
Chicken Spring RollR26.00
Beef Spring RollR26.00
Crab Spring RollR26.00
Cheese Spring RollR26.00
Prawn Spring RollR33.00
Deep Fried Won Tun (8 Pcs)R40.00
Deep Fried Pork Dumpling (6 Pcs)R48.00
Pancake With Spring OnionR35.00
Sesame ChickenR74.00
BBQ Pork Steam Bun (1 Pc)R26.00

Tian Tian Soups

ItemPrice (R)
Vegetable SoupR32.00
Chicken Sweet Corn SoupR36.00
Hot & Sour SoupR36.00
Chicken Noodle SoupR36.00
Won Tun Soup (6 Pcs)R43.00

Tian Tian Chicken Rice Dishes

ItemPrice (R)
Sweet & Sour ChickenR85.00
Chicken Chop SueyR85.00
Chicken CurryR85.00
Chicken PineappleR88.00
Chicken Mushroom In Oyster SauceR88.00
Chicken Mushroom & Bamboo ShootsR88.00
Chicken Foo Yong (Omelette)R91.00
Chicken With Cashew NutsR98.00
Crispy Chicken (Dry)R94.00
Tai Curry Chicken (Mild Chili)R91.00
Spicy Crispy Chicken (Mild Chili)R104.00

Tian Tian Pork Rice Dishes

ItemPrice (R)
Sweet & Sour PorkR89.00
Pork Chop SueyR89.00
Pork CurryR89.00
Pork Dry Red PepperR89.00
Pork Mushroom & Bamboo ShootsR92.00
Pork With Chili Garlic SauceR92.00
Pork Foo Yong (Omelette)R95.00
Pork With Cashew NutsR102.00
BBQ Pork With Stir Fried VegetableR108.00
Spicy Crispy Pork (Mild Chili)R108.00
Spicy RibsR120.00

Tian Tian Beef Rice Dishes

ItemPrice (R)
Sweet & Sour BeefR89.00
Beef Chop SueyR89.00
Beef CurryR89.00
Beef Mushroom In Oyster SauceR92.00
Beef Mushroom & Bamboo ShootsR92.00
Beef With Ginger & Spring OnionR95.00
Szechuan Beef (Spicy)R95.00
Tai Curry Beef (Mild Chili)R95.00
Beef Foo Yong (Omelette)R95.00
Beef With Cashew NutsR102.00
Crispy Beef (Dry)R96.00
Beef Green Pepper In Black Bean SauceR96.00
Spicy Crispy Beef (Mild Chili)R108.00

Tian Tian Vegetable Rice Dishes

ItemPrice (R)
Vegetable Chop SueyR73.00
Stir-Fried Chinese VegetableR73.00

Tian Tian Duck Rice Dishes

ItemPrice (R)
Sweet & Sour DuckR107.00
Duck Chop SueyR107.00
Duck Mushroom In Oyster SauceR110.00
Duck With Cashew NutsR114.00

Tian Tian Prawn Rice Dishes

ItemPrice (R)
Sweet & Sour PrawnR104.00
Prawn Chop SueyR104.00
Prawn CurryR104.00
Prawn Dry Red PepperR104.00
Prawn With Cashew NutsR111.00
Prawn Foo Yong (Omelette)R108.00
Tai Curry Prawn (Mild Chilli)R108.00
Spicy PrawnR128.00

Tian Tian Calamari Rice Dishes

ItemPrice (R)
Sweet & Sour CalamariR98.00
Calamari Chop SueyR98.00
Calamari CurryR98.00

Tian Assorted Rice Dishes

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Combination Chop SueyWith chicken, beet & BBQ.R105.00
Assorted Chop SueyWith chicken, beef, and prawn.R101.00
Assorted Sweet & SourWith chicken, beef, and prawn.R101.00
Assorted Cashew NutsWith chicken, beef, and prawn.R110.00

Tian Tian Chow Mein (Fried Noodles)

ItemPrice (R)
Vegetable Chow MeinR73.00
Chicken Chow MeinR85.00
Beef Chow MeinR89.00
Pork Chow MeinR89.00
Calamari Chow MeinR98.00
Assorted Chow Mein – With chicken, beef, and prawn.R101.00
Mixed Seafood Chow MeinR101.00
Prawn Chow MeinR104.00
BBQ Pork Chow MeinR107.00
Singapore Style – Spicy rice noodles.R112.00
Duck Chow MeinR108.00

Tian Tian Chow Faan (Fried Rice)

ItemPrice (R)
Vegetable Chow FaanR73.00
Chicken Chow FaanR85.00
Beef Chow FaanR89.00
Pork Chow FaanR89.00
Calamari Chow FaanR98.00
Assorted Chow Faan – With chicken, beef, and prawns.R101.00
Mixed Seafood Chow FaanR101.00
Prawn Chow FaanR104.00
Yang Chow Faan – With BBQ & prawn.R111.00
Duck Chow FaanR107.00
Tai Pineapple Chow FaanR105.00

Tian Tian Others Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Boiled Dumpling (12 Pcs)R85.00
Fried NoodlesR32.00
Fried RiceR32.00
Deep Fried Ice Cream (1 Pc)R26.00

Tian Tian Sauces

ItemPrice (R)
Sweet & Sour Sauce 70mlR14.00
Sweet & Sour Sauce 350mlR35.00
Red Chilli Sauce 70mlR22.00

Tian Tian Sushi Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Maki (8 Pcs)R40.00
Hand Roll (1 Pc)R45.00
Nigiri (2 Pcs)R49.00
California Roll (4 Pcs)R42.00
Salmon House (4 Pcs)R68.00
Tuna House (4 Pcs)R68.00
Battleship (2 Pcs)R49.00
Rainbow (8 Pcs)R103.00
Dragon Roll (8 Pcs)R89.00
Tiger Roll (8 Pcs)R92.00
Sushi SaladR95.00
Fashion SandwichesR80.00
Salmon Sashimi (4 Pcs)R90.00
Salmon & Prawn Nigiri (4 Pcs)R76.00
Bean Curd Nigiri (3 Pcs)R71.00
Sushi Cake (8 Pcs)R114.00
Cucumber Roll (4 Pcs)R77.00
Roses (3 Pcs)R74.00
Prawn Tempura Roll (4 Pcs)R62.00
Sweet Chilli Tempura (4 Pcs)R68.00
Hanna Roll (4 Pcs)R90.00
Avocado Roll (4 Pcs)R68.00
Rainbow Fashion Sandwich (8 Pcs)R108.00
Lunch Box One (11 Pcs) – 4pc Salmon Rainbow Roll / 3pc Salmon Rose / 4pc Veg California Roll.R153.00
Yummy Platter (30 Pcs) – 8pc Salmon Fashion Sandwich / 8pc Salmon Califonia Roll / 8pc Crab Maki / 4pc Salmon Nigiri / 2pc Prawn Nigiri.R334.00
Lunch Bow Two (10 Pcs) – 4pc Strawberry Cheese Roll / 4pc Crab California Roll / 2pc Salmon Nigiri.R139.00
Mixed Platter (21 Pcs) – 8pc Salmon Maki / 8pc Cucumber Maki / 4pc Crab Califonia Roll / 1pc Veg Hand Roll.R159.00
Assorted Maki (24 Pcs) – 8pc Salmon Maki / 4pc Carb Maki / 4pc Avo Maki / 4pc Cucumber Maki / 4pc Prawn Maki.R128.00
Assorted California Platter (16 Pcs) – 4pc Salmon California Roll / 4pc Crab California Roll / 4pc Prawn California Roll / 4pc Smoked Salmon Cheese Roll.R179.00
Combo Roll Platter (28 Pcs) – 8pc Salmon Rainbow Roll / 8pc Salmon Maki / 8pc Avo Maki / 4pc Crab California Roll.R215.00
Special Platter (28 Pcs) – 8pc Salmon Fashion Sandwich / 8pc Prawn Fashion Sandwich / 8pc Avo Maki / 4pc Prawn California Roll.R249.00
Vegetarian Combo (21 Pcs) – 8pc Veg Fashion Sandwich / 8pc Avo Maki / 4pc Veg California Roll / 1pc Veg Hand Roll.R185.00
Assorted Combo (28 Pcs) – 4pc West Roll / 8pc Salmon Maki / 8pc Avo Maki / 4pc Salmon Nigiri / 4pc Prawn Nigiri.R315.00
Assorted Roll (24 Pcs) – 4pc Salmon California Roll / 4pc Prawn California Roll / 8pc Salmon Maki / 8pc Crab Maki.R174.00
Salmon Platter (16 Pcs) – 8pc Salmon California Roll / 4pc Salmon Nigiri / 4pc Salmon Sashimi.R255.00

Tian Tian Cold Drinks

ItemPrice (R)
Soft DrinksR20.00
Fruit JuiceR26.00
Coconut JuiceR30.00
Ice TeaR23.00
Passion Fruit and LemonadeR33.00
Lime & LemonadeR33.00
Chinese Green TeaR23.00
Red BullR35.00
Aloe JuiceR30.00

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